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Distance Courses

All courses on this page below are open and distance learning packs containing materials in hard back format posted to you within the UK and globally internationally.

Animal Courses

Advanced Dog Training
Flower Remedies for Dogs
Canine Anatomy
Dog Nutrigenomics Nutrition Studies
Canine Aggression
Dog Fitness - NEW!
Dog Agility Training - NEW!
Sheep Dog Training - NEW!
Scent Dog Training - NEW!
German Shepherd Training - NEW!
Service Dog Training Skills - NEW!
Dog Boarding Kennels
Canine Breeding
Dog Groomer Qualification
Dog Homeopathy - NEW!
Barking Dogs
Canine Holistic
Dog Body Language
Dominance in Dogs - NEW!
Canine Massage
Canine Nutrition
Dog First Aid Skills
Dog Psychology - Most Popular!
Dog Training - Popular!
Dog Trick Skills
Dog Whisperer
Puppy Whisperer - NEW!
Puppy Dog Training
Clicker Training for Dogs - NEW!
Pet Loss Counselling - NEW!
Pet Sitting Business
Cat Training & Care

Business Courses

Coaching in your Business
Wedding Planner
Advertising Skills
Business Management
Digital Marketing Media
Training in Journalism

Computer Courses

PC Repairs
Web Designing
Start a PC Repair Business
Internet Crime Studies

Counselling Courses

Counselling for Abuse Course
Counselling Alcohol Course
Counselling Anorexia & Bulimia Course
Counselling Anxiety Course
Counselling Couples Course
Counselling Depression Course
Counselling Debt Course
Counselling Existential Therapy Course
Counselling FGM Course - NEW!
Counselling Gambling Course
Counselling GID
Counselling Online Course
Counselling Psychology Course
Counselling PTSD Course
Counselling Suicide Course
Counselling Course - Most Popular Subject
Counselling Grief & Bereavement Course
Child Counselling Course
Counselling CBT Course
Counselling Cancer
Counselling Oncology NEW!
Cancer Care
Career Counselling
Multicultural Counselling
Miscarriage Counselling - NEW!
Spiritual Counselling
Narrative Counselling
School Counselling
Body Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy Course
Counselling Certificate - NEW! (SALE FEE)
Supervision Course

Childcare Courses

Attachment Theory
Anger Management for Children
Child Care
Childminding Business
Childminder Care
Child NLP Course NEW!
Counselling Children Skills
Child Play
Child Primary School
Child Development Psychology
Paediatric Studies Course - NEW!

Healthcare & Beauty

Nail Technician

Holistic Courses

Aromatherapy Course
Ayurveda Course
Body Massage Therapy
Cupping Therapy Course - NEW!
Crystal Healing Therapy Course - NEW!
Aura Healing Course - NEW!
Indian Head Massage
Reiki Training Course
QiGong Course - NEW!
Reflexology Course
Hand Reflexology Course - NEW!
Shiatsu Course
Traditional Chinese Medicine Course - NEW!

Psychology Courses

Psychology Course
Body Language
Eating Disorder Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Addictions Psychology
Biological Psychology
Baby Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Customer Psychology Course  - NEW! 
Health Psychology
Racism Psychology
Relationship Psychology
School Psychology - NEW!
Psychiatric Studies
Elderly Psychiatry
Military Psychiatry
Jungian Analysis
NLP Training
Leadership Courses
Interviewing Skills
Social Work Studies
Difficult People Skills

Mental Health

Alzheimer Disease
Asperger Syndrome Course
Autism Course
Charles Bonnet Syndrome Studies - NEW!
Dementia Care Diploma
Health and Social Care Course
 - NEW!
Mental Health Studies
Paranoia Studies
Transactional Analysis
Disability Care

Mind, Body & Spirit

Buddhism Studies
Funeral Celebrant - NEW!
Shamanism Teachings
Dream Analysis
Ghost Hunting
I Ching
Psychic Development - NEW!
Paranormal Psychology
Tarot Card Reading Skills - NEW!
Ufology Studies – UFOs

Mind Sciences

Anthropology Course - NEW!
Astronomy Studies
Climatology Course - NEW!
Chemistry Course
Consilience Course
Counselling Genetics
Darwin’s Evolution Theory
Quantum Physics Studies
Neurology Course
Human Nutrigenomics - NEW!
Neurophysiology - NEW!

Sports & Nutrition

Vitamins & Minerals Studies - NEW!
Nutrition Sugar Free Diets
Anatomy & Physiology
Personal Fitness Trainer
Autophagy Training - NEW!
Self Defence
Sports Coaching
Sport Psychology
Weight Loss
Body Building Muscle Growth
Yoga Training

Therapy Courses

Alcohol & Drug Addiction
Naturopathy Course - NEW!
Suicide Risk Management - NEW!
Virology & Corona Virus - NEW!
Tourette Syndrome Management - NEW!
ADHD Therapy - NEW!
Anger Management
Anxiety Management
Jealousy Management
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Bipolar Disorder Therapy
Borderline Personality Disorder Therapy
Creative Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Colour Therapy Healing
Hypnosis Course - NEW!
Hypnotherapy Course
IBS Therapy
Family Therapy
EFT Therapy
Dialectical Therapy – DBT
Narrative Therapy
EMDR Therapy
Laughter Therapy Course - NEW!
Life Coaching Skills
Migraine Therapy - NEW!
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
PTSD Therapy
Schema Therapy
Schema Therapy with Mindfulness NEW!
Psychosexual Therapy
Sexual Addictions - NEW!
PLR Therapy
Stop Smoking Therapy
Sleep Disorder Therapy
Social Anxiety
Cancer Care
Confidence Building
Conflict Resolution
Depression Management
Stress Management
Self Harm Management Therapy NEW!
Domestic Violence
Meditation Teacher Training

DIY, & Garden

Bricklaying Courses
Feng Shui
Garden Design
Horticulture Course - NEW!

A Level Courses

Environmental Science

Others General

Level 2 Food & Hygiene
Cookery Course - NEW!
Hand Writing Graphology
Beginners Photography - NEW!
Plumbing Course - NEW!
Car Mechanics - NEW!
Carpentry Skills - NEW!
Acting Course
Politics Studies
Orthodontics Dentistry
Equality & Diversity Studies - NEW!
Endodontics Dentistry
Paediatric Dentistry
Public Speaking Skills - NEW!
History Studies
British Sign Language Course - NEW!
Level 3 Proofreading Course
Proofreading Diploma Course - NEW!
Teaching Assistant
Level 3 Clinical Science
Level 4 Community Mental Health
Level 3 Counselling

Practical Training Courses

City & Guilds Courses
NVQ Training Courses

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