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SFTR Registered Open College Diploma Course

  •  SFTR Accredited Open College Diploma Course
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Course Description

What is an actor?

The definition of an actor is someone who for art or occupation carries out or performs acting roles as a character which are imaginary, pretend and fictional in scenes such as film, theatre, plays, radio and television productions.

Most aspiring actors often struggle at the bottom rung of the ladder to make it successful and will usually start out in small basic productions performing in adverts or as walk on extras in television soaps, stage productions shows and films.

It is well-known and agreed upon by most successful actors that it is a very difficult industry to be successful in and only the very few and the best reach the very top of this profession such as famous Hollywood actors in successful mega-films have done.

Having said that, most actors have a successful acting career and never actually makes it to television or into films and will simply work in theatres, on stage and/or in bit parts, advertising as and when called for. Others however will become an instant overnight success leading to a well-known household name brand thus becoming more sought after.

What is an actor’s job?

An actor’s job is to simply play a role or represent a character who is known or unknown, present or past and to successfully convince the audience that not only is this character completely real but the actor has the ability to touch feelings and emotions within the audience and to bring the audience into the role they are playing.

An example of a well-known actor who does this beautifully is Anthony Hopkins. Anthony Hopkins is well-known for his brilliant ability to totally become the character he is playing. He also personally teaches that, to be good actor you have to become that character completely.

Becoming a character in a role must become second nature, to absorb oneself into the belief that you are now that role could even be bordering on a delusion that you really are somebody else or in some other reality. Some actors who do this often reveal that it does affect them when back in their own personal life and it takes a couple of weeks to get that role or the character that they were playing out of their mind and system.

Another example was in the film called Schindler’s list. Some of the actors reported being emotionally and psychologically affected by not only the storyline and the content but the actual effect it had on them by becoming the people they became within that film. Therefore, if this is what it takes to becoming a brilliant actor then this is exactly what it takes – so be it.

A good actor can instantaneously become this other character.

To test yourself on your ability to change character and shift out of your own comfort zone now, try to cry upon demand; try to cry now as you read this, can you get into touch with an emotion. Some people can, some people are so in touch with their own feelings and emotions that they can invoke a response straight away.

It’s down to each individual to find a way of accessing the tools that lie within you to make things happen upon demand which just plain simple good acting practice and will also help you gauge and measure your own skills and abilities, because in the real acting world you will be required to get into character and get into a role within minutes by pushy, critical and highly expectant staff.

The same can be said for producing fear and anger or to become instantly excited and happy or low and depressed or even scary and violent. All actors are good at playing and evoking different states of emotion or a state of mind that relates top their own ego.

Each individual student of acting, YOU will need to find your own particular state or a state that works best for you.

For example some people could drop into an angry state automatically and play it really well even though they are not angry simply because they are personally and intimately aware of such anger in themselves privately. It may even be a psychological part of their makeup or be an issue they have and often runs in the background of their mind but not really causes many problems in the life. So each aspiring actor will have their own niche and state to find what works best for them within themselves.

Likewise, some people might be confrontational and argumentative or have big dominant egos and love to prove that they are right all the time especially when they are challenged, therefore someone with this dominant state or trait may work well for them so that they can automatically drop into that character of a confrontational and argumentative person upon demand.

What’s yours?

Find it and cultivate it.

Irrespective of any negative or problematic states within your own self, it can work for you as an actor as opposed to, against you in your private life and let’s face it we all have negative unpleasant states within us and we’ve all experienced situations where we have expressed that side of our character which may have been ugly and unpleasant.

Once you know the character or traits that work best for you then that’s the type of role you may want to consider leaning towards for that character trait to be best expressed in.

Another example would be the actor Vinnie Jones. Vinnie Jones plays a good aggressive, violent and angry powerful character and he does it really well, but can you see him playing a soft gentle role? It is possible but probably not because behind-the-scenes of everyone’s expression there is the real actor within you, bursting to get into role, that particular role, your alter ego or even the real you depending on which way you look at it.

Vinnie Jones plays his roles well because he naturally comes from that particular and unique expression from within his own character which may never surface in real life but does in acting because there is a need for it to surface and be expressed and acting allows that to manifest. It is real, his acting is real, even though acting it is REAL This is really his own unconscious psychology at work that must not surface in his real private life the same as many of us have sides to us that will never surface fully. Acting is the door to allow this to flow through.

Understand this.

Therefore an actor’s role is to fully and completely represent or become the character they are playing without any doubt or criticism from the audience. Convince the audience. You can’t do that if you are internally monitoring or deliberately driving your outward behaviour or acting. It must flow naturally because you make it real because it is real.

Your success as an aspiring actor starts with you opening the correct door within yourself to find that character within you. The rest will follow.

Additionally your own personal appearance and face or look is important in the role or type of roles you play. Can you imagine Mr Bean playing an aggressive football fan and leading a crowd of supporters to an away match for a street brawl such as in the film Green Street?

Actors often have to lose weight or put on weight to play a character that fits the role including makeup, clothes and hair colour changes and some will even go as far as taking muscle enhancing drugs such as steroids to build more muscle for a film whilst others will lose so much weight to play an anorexic or a prisoner held in a prisoner of war camp and so on.

Acting can involve moving to a different location, changing physical appearance including a state of mind or emotional expression. Some do this completely naturally and effortlessly whilst others have to constantly make the effort and work hard at it.

If you attend an interview or audition for a leading role and you are one of 100 people and you are asked to get into character and become a grieving mother who just recently discovered her child has been killed. Could you do this upon demand especially with your nerves jingling around?

Some people can do this and get into role straight away simply because they know what it is like to naturally play a particular role and it is those people, characters that are successful actors. Actors who have actually experienced a particular storyline in their own life would be best at playing that role because they know it from within and they may never reveal that they have experienced such and such in their own personal life. It will be this dramatic demonstration of what becomes natural in that audition which will get you the role over the other 99 applicants applying for that position or employment as an actor. It is the knowing of this that will make you successful as an actor.

You must realistically and intimately know and understand with conviction the emotions that are involved within the character you are playing or are asked to play.

Can you do this?

This course provides you with an open door any pathway leading to a better understanding of what is required of you to become an actor.

This is an easy to dip into illustrated course text throughout and will provide instruction and empowerment along with understanding of what you need to do.

If you know you can act, then it’s just the making of it that needs to happen.

It all starts with an audition and the person sitting in front of you will decide within 10 seconds if they are going to bother paying any more attention to your three-minute debut.

These people want you to be absolutely brilliant and they want you to blow them away with your dramatic three minute demonstration of acting. If this is your goal or your dream and you want to become an actor, this course would be a good start in teaching you all herein.

An essential guide including Stanislavski technique to get you on your way providing comprehensive instruction on character preparation, objectives taking you through the stages of auditioning to be better than all the other 99 applicants.

Enrolment is open and on-going all year round. You are welcome to book onto this course with or without any background training or experience. This course is ideally suited to the complete beginner to acting. Ideally suited to someone who believes they have an acting ability and who wants to know how to take that further.

This is a stimulating course and will better prepare you for your new career ahead.

Course Provider:

Open College UK Ltd


This course is set in the English language and is entirely coursework based. All notes and reading materials, including text book/s are supplied by us direct in one complete package. There are no other required text or materials, books to purchase. We supply everything for you within your course package for the low fee shown. There are no hidden or additional fees to pay.

Method of Learning:

This is a home study, distance learning course. All of your course study materials are posted to you in one complete study package. All of your coursework is to be completed within the outlined period. This course is structured in an EASY LEARNING and user friendly way.


Upon completion of this home learning programme, students should be able to understand the basics of many key areas within this subject. Participants of the course will have acquired an overall basic understanding of the subject matter and will have achieved a sound basis to summarize important topics and be reasonably competent to make further progress and educational development in this field with a range of theoretical skills and insights to assist with any short or long term goals.

Grading Assessment:

This course is assessed upon the successful completion and submission of coursework with a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Distinction is 90%. All content is course work based, home study through the post or online, depending on the subject being studied. NO attendance or visits to any exam centre is required on this subject.

Entry Requirements:
There are NO entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round. You are expected to be able to read and write or type/word process your coursework and be able to understand the English language.

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