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  •  SFTR Accredited Open College Diploma Course
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Course Description

Racism is the dislike or hatred of another person or group of people who are from a different race to themselves. Racism appears because others are different.

The human race is not a race; it is a species that divides other people into groups or categories who have a different appearance such as skin colour, dress, culture, background and religion. These are placed into convenient groups such as blacks, whites, mixed or Asian, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc.

Racism is the actual negative treatment towards someone differently or unfairly because they belong to a different group, religion or ethnic community.

Racism has always been here and it probably always will be to some extent because all people world over are different and when people are different they can be perceived as a threat to others in one form or another.


  • Racism takes many different forms and includes abusive and insulting or inappropriate language, name calling and insults.
  • Written letters, e-mails or telephone calls expressing a wish to cause harm or threat to intimidate, terrorise or just scare are common.
  • Physical assault or attacks on individuals or groups including violence and murder.
  • Ridicule, mocking, humiliation and jokes.
  • Damage to personal possessions such as property, places of worship, houses, cars.
  • Graffiti, slogans or offensive symbols.


There are many reasons for racism or racist behaviour. Some individuals might have a personal vendetta or a need to cause upset and hurt stemming from past personal experiences from someone who was of a different skin colour or background whilst with others it can be a belief that a particular ethnic group or community is perceived as superior or better or a threat to their community and can result in attacks and abuse.

There are many unseen reasons for racism both consciously and unconsciously from internal psychology, past personal one-to-one experiences built on top of other experiences, each experience reinforcing the next, feeling of hate, anger, a sense of threat or ignorance and fear due to misunderstandings or misinterpretation enhanced by stereotypes or faulty absorbed information.

Racism or racialist behaviour comes from our views and beliefs that we develop within our life experiences and each experience reinforces the next, confirming the next and so on until eventually we develop behaviour or a hate of others that can lead to certain actions or treatment of others who are different.

Our beliefs can be strengthened and reinforced from the news we watch on television, newspapers, family and friends and anything in society.

Each reason or racist behaviour appears to be similar to other racist views but each person is unique in what makes them feel and think the way they do towards others who are different to them.

Prejudice is certainly based around lack of knowledge or ignorance and can be accompanied by fear and incorrect or faulty views leading people to develop opinions and ideas with which they lack knowledge on, such as others religions and cultures.

Anyone who has experienced racism such as abuse, intimidation and threat of any kind can lead a person to feel that they have been bullied and can affect them severely emotionally and psychologically resulting in fear and avoidance of others or places.

Enrolment of this course in the study of psychology of racism is open for anyone to join. This course is ideally suited to people who work with victims of abuse, prejudice of any kind or anyone who is just interested in learning more about the psychology, beliefs and thought patterns of people who are racist and most importantly, why?

This is a very clear and stimulating introduction to the psychology and analysis of racism. A look at the different ways that racism plays a part in our social institutions and practices.

A very complex and global issue explained in a simple way.

Course Provider:

Open College UK Ltd


This course is set in the English language and is entirely coursework based. All notes and reading materials, including text book/s are supplied by us direct in one complete package. There are no other required text or materials, books to purchase. We supply everything for you within your course package for the low fee shown. There are no hidden or additional fees to pay.

Method of Learning:

This is a home study, distance learning course. All of your course study materials are posted to you in one complete study package. All of your coursework is to be completed within the outlined period. This course is structured in an EASY LEARNING and user friendly way.


Upon completion of this home learning programme, students should be able to understand the basics of many key areas within this subject. Participants of the course will have acquired an overall basic understanding of the subject matter and will have achieved a sound basis to summarize important topics and be reasonably competent to make further progress and educational development in this field with a range of theoretical skills and insights to assist with any short or long term goals.

Grading Assessment:

This course is assessed upon the successful completion and submission of coursework with a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Distinction is 90%. All content is course work based, home study through the post or online, depending on the subject being studied. NO attendance or visits to any exam centre is required on this subject.

Entry Requirements:
There are NO entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round. You are expected to be able to read and write or type/word process your coursework and be able to understand the English language.

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