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Open College Accreditations

Recognised UK Online Qualifications available directly through us on this website which vary from ETA Awards, Gatehouse Awards, IOSH, CPD, IATP, IIRSM, NVQ and ILM. RoSPA Approved, endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, Recognised Training by the Institution of Fire Engineers to name a few. See each course for qualification!

SFTR Logo Accreditation All of the Open College Diploma Courses that are listed on this site and any one of our other Open College UK Ltd sites around the UK are SFTR accredited. All Diplomas are issued by the Open College UK Ltd and SFTR – National UK Therapists Register. All of the Open College Diploma Awards carry the SFTR Accreditation and stamped Open College seal. Which reads on all Diploma Certificates. (SFTR Accredited Course) The Open College Diploma in association with the SFTR allows you the use of these letters after your name, applicable to the course you have studied. Example: Dip.Hyp or Dip.Couns etc. Along with the College letters MOC.

Complementary Medical Association

CMA Any Open College Course listed on this site that displays either the name CMA or the Logo next to the course description has been registered and approved by the CMA. CMA Recognised & Registered Open College Diploma Courses. The CMA website can be visited at this address.

SHTC Accreditation

This service provider & Membership is currently unavailable and closed.


(NOW Closed – unavailable) Any Open College UK Ltd or related course from any other college or course provider listed on this website that displays the letters SHTC within its description entitles you to apply for Associate Practitioner Membership with the SHTC providing you meet their Membership requirements and be subject to their approval and acceptance first. You must be accepted first as you will need to meet their criteria for Membership, and this may be based on you already holding other related qualifications. Applications are made upon successful completion of your course studies. Associate Practitioner Membership is the SHTC starting professional practitioner grade available. Applications may require that you already hold other background qualifications in order to be accepted at the minimum entry level. If in any doubt, please contact us first. Full SHTC details will be provided upon request after completion of your course on how to apply. Please note. The SHTC is an external Membership from us and is separate from the SFTR as outlined above at the top of this page. The SFTR is FREE and automatically comes with all courses booked upon through the Open College. The SHTC and the SFTR are two separate organisations.

Association of Coaching

Association for Coaching Logo(NOW Closed – unavailable) Open College UK Ltd are organisational Members and a training organisation of the Association of Coaching. Any Open College Course listed on this website that displays either the name of the Association of Coaching or its logo is externally recognised or accredited by them.

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