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SFTR  Registered Open College Diploma Course

  •  SFTR Accredited Open College Diploma Course
  • Upon completion of this course you will be entitled to the use of these Designatory letters after your name: Dip.Anthropology which will be printed upon your final Diploma Certificate under your name.

Additionally you will receive these 2 Certificates within your course package:

  • A4 size Membership wall display certificate into the Open College. Allowing you the use of MOC after your name.
  • A4 size Membership wall display certificate into the SFTR. Allowing you the use of MSFTR after your name.

This diploma course is currently available for the temporary reduced low fee of only £245.00 UK.

Course Description

Anthropology Diploma Course

What is anthropology?

Anthropology course is the studying of humankind, the study of human culture and societies along with their development.

This course provides you with an in depth study into where human life began, what first human organisations, societies and cultures and even language were actually like and how they grew.

Step-by-step detailed explanations on how early primitive man in small villages have grown into us – states and empires across the planet.

Humans began millions of years ago and through anthropology it aims to explore the whole spectrum of evolutionary time, geographical locations of all of human existence and its progress through time. Anthropology offers this understanding!

Some of the burning questions anthropology aims to answer:

  • Did the earliest humans have light or dark skins?
  • Are human beings violent by nature?
  • How are we related to monkeys and chimpanzees?
  • How did language develop?
  • Is the human body/brain still evolving or is this it?
  • Why are we all different sizes and shapes?
  • What is reality itself?

If for example the whole world was the colour blue and everything was shades of blue would we have an understanding or a grasp of all concepts of colour?

If everything was one colour would we know otherwise? Without the other colours how can we find comparison or contrast?

This can also be applied to time and space and all objects of form within it. What else is there that is here but we can’t see it because we need opposites to gain contrast, that which is all around us but we can’t identify it because we still evolving and have not developed the sense to it yet!

What is DNA? How did it get here? Did it evolve and grow?

The whole solar system is a mass of DNA travelling through space and our senses are the outward tentacles to interact with our surrounding environments.

We are so advanced, sophisticated and intelligent so how did this all happen, did it just happen through the law of  cause-and-effect or a chain reaction of endless events, one thing leading to the next, therefore all is dependent origination, the vehicle that carries us through our development as a species.

Could the human eye/lens have developed all on its own or was it created by a supernatural intelligence? Anthropology aims to explain this and many more. If we were created by a supernatural intelligence then were did that supernatural intelligence come from?

Anthropology works to understand the internal thinking and logic of other cultures and societies and come to grips with differing behaviours, arts, paintings, and rituals on life.

Anthropology aims to turn normal every day views of the world around to be shown and seen in a new light of understanding from a different angle.

This course is open to anyone with or without any background training and offers an easily digestible introduction to the whole area of anthropology and is an ideal starting point for all beginners and novices interested in learning more about this anthropology course subject without any complex text to struggle through.

  • Includes areas on contemporary anthropological research.
  • The connecting of theories to real-life issues.
  • Demonstrating various links to globalisation.
  • An in depth look at language and communication.

This course would make an ideal introduction to anyone interested in learning the subject from high school students, college students to university students.

This anthropology course is an ideal entry-level programme to satisfy the curiosity of those wishing to learn more about the subject.

Course Provider:

Open College UK Ltd


This course is set in the English language and is entirely coursework based. All notes and reading materials, including text book/s are supplied by us direct in one complete package. There are no other required text or materials, books to purchase. We supply everything for you within your course package for the low fee shown. There are no hidden or additional fees to pay.

Method of Learning:

This is a home study, distance learning course. All of your course study materials are posted to you in one complete study package. All of your coursework is to be completed within the outlined period. This course is structured in an EASY LEARNING and user friendly way.


Upon completion of this home learning programme, students should be able to understand the basics of many key areas within this subject. Participants of the course will have acquired an overall basic understanding of the subject matter and will have achieved a sound basis to summarize important topics and be reasonably competent to make further progress and educational development in this field with a range of theoretical skills and insights to assist with any short or long term goals.

Grading Assessment:

This course is assessed upon the successful completion and submission of coursework with a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Distinction is 90%. All content is course work based, home study through the post or online, depending on the subject being studied. NO attendance or visits to any exam centre is required on this subject.

Entry Requirements:
There are NO entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round. You are expected to be able to read and write or type/word process your coursework and be able to understand the English language.

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