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This is the Official Website of Open College UK Ltd. Our commercial business premises address is located in the heart of Bromsgrove town centre at Open College UK Ltd, 2 Holt Studies, 49 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. B61 0DR. We are an established UK based GDPR and ICO compliant VAT Registered Training Company with over 17 years distance learning and online course provider experience in serving over 40,000+ verifiable students and members on our Company books with the addition of hundreds of UK Companies, Organisations, Schools, Colleges and Universities that have used us.  These can be viewed here under company clients along with Open College UK™ Contractual Work.

We have over 1,000+ courses on offer for the UK & Overseas Worldwide through the Open College™ with Qualifications and Accreditation’s available from various recognised Colleges & external awarding bodies.

Qualifications available through us vary from Open College™ Diploma, Certificate, A Level, AS, GCSE, City & Guilds, NVQ, VRQ to name a few. (QCDA) Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency and approved external national awarding bodies such as the NCFE, OCN, Aset & Ascentis etc.

We offer a ‘faultless’ and safe money back guarantee and excellent student support with all Open College UK Courses™ booked with us. Response times are fast between the hours of 9am to 530pm week days.

All Open College UK™ course packs automatically come with two FREE six month Memberships and two A4 size wall mounted Certificates into both the Open College UK™ and SFTR – Copyright. This is only available through us from this website only and nowhere else. A unique route of eligibility is available to all new students of our diploma awarded homestudy courses for these two Free Memberships & automatic Registration with the National UK Therapists Register if you should need it, located here SFTR.

Enrolment is open and ongoing all year round 365 days without any entry requirements. Anyone can book a course now online off this website and receive it via UPS or DHL with fast delivery times within a few days. Read more . . . .

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1. “I am proud to have studied with Open College.  I love the experience and mode of study – flexibility.  They offer loads of courses which are interesting and relevant.  Also, their customer service is superb and are very helpful, showing empathy.  I have bought 4 courses so far, and I am planning to buy more in the future.  Thumbs up! ” – O OLU

2. “Easy to follow, clear concise instructions and a good introduction to Supervision” – Dee Johnson

3. “Materials provided are very good and easy to follow and test papers give you the opportunity to reflect on the topic and apply your understanding.” –Jane A

4. “I registered for a diploma course last year at the college and I have received brilliant and consistent support at all times. The response time is exceptional, the coursework is great and straight forward. I also enjoy the method used by the college as we submit the entire work on a set date which allows us to study at our own pace and improve our time management skills without the of feeling pressure. My experience has been excellent and therefore, I am looking forward to apply for future courses once I complete the current Diploma.” Thank you very much for the great assistance.” – S Raston

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Fast DEEP Relaxation Technique in 10 Minutes!

Mediation Teacher CourseLearn how to achieve deep relaxation is ten minutes!
Even when you are sleeping or relaxing and your body is becoming heavy and limp, you still have a certain amount of microscopic tension in your body and all of your limbs. This is basically a microscopic clenching or tightening of the muscle fibers. It is this microscopic clenching and tensing of the fibers that you need to become aware of and then release.

Effective Clicker Training Techniques for Dogs!

Dog Training CourseThe problem for dog owners is they don’t understand how dogs learn bad habits.
The dog is constantly taking on-board information throughout the day developing likes and dislikes. What inexperienced dog owners do without knowing it, is reinforce and strengthen the faulty behaviour thus making it worse. This is where the other half of the dog training problem develops, the dog is doing one thing and the owner is doing another.

Can the mind really heal the body?

Psychology CoursesProven psychological techniques to heal your body & mind using your unconscious mind!
The hidden part your mind is working for you all the time in the background, non-stop and it is controlling all your body functions including your breathing, blinking, blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature without your knowledge or involvement. Can the mind heal the body and the answer is yes as long as you can set up a pathway of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind. Here are some ways to heal your body and mind!

Dangers of Sugar Addiction!

Therapy CoursesSugar is death in a bowl & if you eat it you are at risk of bad health!
If you eat foods with high amounts of sugar in them then you are unknowingly addicted to sugar and it is the body’s demand of more sugar that you are chasing after when you get hungry. Diets don’t work in the LONG RUN otherwise people would not be overweight. Dieting is very difficult for some and leads to failure mainly because of the addiction to sugar that needs replacing! Learn how to cut down on sugar.

Ten Effective Ways To Stop a Child Tantrum!

Childcare CoursesConditioned behavioural responses!
Setting up a situation that can work for you with the successful reduction of child anger tantrums takes considerable effort and forethought on your part but with some practice, patience and perseverance you will have excellent results if you can just break the cycle of the child tantrum/needs/demands/angry/want it now/ignoring them and not feeding it etc. Here are some effective and productive ways to stop a child temper tantrum.

How to Write a Perfect Curriculum Vitae!

Business CoursesLearn the psychology of creating a perfect curriculum vitae!
Are you one of those people who have sent out hundreds of applications with a copy of your CV and had no luck or interview response? If so, then there’s certainly something not quite right especially if all the positions being applied for have been taken by other applicants. Your CV will be viewed and if it doesn’t aesthetically please the eye, it will be put in the bin there and then with attitude! Learn how to create a perfect CV.

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