Level 4 Community Mental Health Course

Course Overview

This Level 4 course provides instruction in the basic skills that are required of of a Mental Health Practitioner.



Course Description

Mental health issues within the community are worse now than they’ve ever been. Mindfulness and awareness on mental health issues is however increasing and more help is becoming available.

Mental health issues or psychological problems are amongst us everywhere in society and a large proportion of mental health problems are concealed and guarded from prying eyes.

An example of mental health and psychological issues within society would be a normal everyday regular person who becomes stone drunk and engages in violence, threatening menacing behaviour on a regular basis, a respectable and upstanding man, a pillar of strength amongst the community who goes home and controls, beats and threatens his wife, again concealed psychological and mental health issues at work.

Then there are people who suffer from bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide or self harm or drink themselves to sleep on the night as a way of escaping from the way they are feeling, again psychological problems and then there are people who engage in a anorexia and bulimia. Other people suffer from OCD obsessive-compulsive disorders and so on.

In many ways we can improve our mental health and well-being. For some people there is a permanent and persistent issue or psychological problem in their awareness at all times and are crossing the line with a misuse of drugs or alcohol which can be more than enough to exacerbate the mental health issues a person may have.

Improving on the following lifestyle changes may or may not help but will certainly reduce or stop things from getting worse if you didn’t engage in the following.

There are links between what we eat and how we behave and generally how we behave is the result of how we are feeling and how we feel is usually how we think or react to circumstances around us. Eating more healthily can help to minimise any further negativity if we are already suffering or experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety, insecurities and anger and so on.

The reduction of sugar and especially caffeine from our diet will always be beneficial. Even reducing or eliminating the use of recreational drugs such as cannabis which a lot of people use daily, will help. Many users of cannabis report it creates a calmness and chilling out. There is also a downside to the use of cannabis such as side-effects like severe paranoia which in itself is more than enough to have to deal with on top of already existing mental health and emotional issues.

Openly and honestly talking about your feelings or revealing mental health issues to the right person can have an excellent effect similar to that of counselling where you can discharge both the thoughts and feelings and mental tension. Taking control by talking and expressing feelings and emotions reduces the chance of outbursts and anger and other associated unwelcome behaviours.

Talking with others can help solve problems and will help to give you more angles on how you can look at or deal with things that are taking place within your thoughts.

Taking proper care of our health and sleep, diet, exercise is also important to Well-being.

Taking up new anti-stress practices such as relaxation techniques, meditation, massage, Alexander technique, autogenic relaxation and even yoga will all help reduce mental tension, stress and anxiety.

This course in community mental health practice is open to anyone with or without any background experience. This course will also be suitable for complete beginners and even those who are suffering mental health issues and want to learn more about themselves and what they are experiencing.

This course is ideally suited to professional healthcare workers such as therapist’s counsellors, psychotherapists and anyone who is people orientated working within community health practices.

This course takes the learner step-by-step through the stages of mental health issues, trauma and abuse and provides insights into what employments might be available in the future and includes various working roles that could be applied for as a result of undertaking this course.

This course covers many mental health conditions, disorders and disturbances under the title of mental health which includes various personality disorders such as paranoia and schizophrenia, delusions, eating disorders of various kinds, anxiety and depression, especially anxiety being the most common of all mental ill health.

On completion of the course you are required to submit your work to your tutor for your assignments to be assessed and marked for feedback with the year.

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Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Classifications

Unit 3: Mental Health

Unit 4: Abuse and Trauma

Unit 5: Crisis Working

Unit 6: Legislation

Unit 7: Practical Skills

Unit 8: Schizophrenia

Unit 9: Paranoia

Unit 10: OCD

Unit 11: Phobias and Psychosis

Unit 12: Depression

Unit 13: Eating Disorders

Unit 14: Anxiety

Unit 15: Personality Disorders

Please see Covers section.

You have one complete year to complete this course.  These courses vary from between 150 – 350 hours approximately.

Please feel free to email us for further clarification on individual hours involved.

Access to friendly online support is available 9am to 5pm week days for the complete duration of your course study period.

Support contact details are included with your course once booked.

Please feel free to view our most commonly asked Questions and Answers section here: Questions and Answers

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