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How to pay for your course

Payment is either by:

  • Electronic, Debit, Visa, Credit Cards. All Course Fees
  • Cheque.
  • Special Delivery Cash (Via the Post Office).
  • BACS. (Email us for details).
  • Postal Order.

Course Extensions Periods

Extensions are available and are charged for each additional month.
For Legal Reasons and fairness to all those who have requested extensions there is an extension period available for those in difficulty. Extensions are available and charged for EACH ADDITIONAL MONTH at £45.00. This charge applies to everyone.


Please Note: The Company does not wish to profiteer from extension periods and would prefer that you completed your 6 month course on time. Extensions were introduced on the 15/11/11 as a result of the amount of people requesting them due to their inability to meet the 6 month deadline.

If you wish to obtain an extension period, please POST to us in writing a clear covering letter including your full contact details and student number outlining your extension request with cheque payment (Payable to Open College UK Ltd) anytime before your expiry date to the above address and your 6 month course will be automatically extended for you. Extension requests must be made before the 6 month deadline.

Extension Fees:

£45.00 for one month.

£90.00 for two months and so on.

Limit 6 months.

The extension periods will start exactly from the course expiry date as stated on your Membership Certificates.

No Certificates or Memberships will be issued for the extra extension periods. Extensions apply only to the course/s and not to the MOC or SFTR Memberships.

You can pay for additional extensions here.



How to pay by Card


Simply select your chosen course/s from the All Courses page or as displayed on each course title/description page and CLICK the ‘Add To Cart’ Button. This will take you to the payment and checkout page which also allows you to view and add or remove your shopping cart contents. Follow the instructions and fill in your payment details. Once secure payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with details. The whole process with us is swift and straightforward. That is it!


How to pay by Cheque, PO or cash


Simply print off a Printable application form by clicking the print application form logo image.


Post the form in to us with either a Cheque, Postal Order or Cash payment. Alternatively feel free to email us for instructions or help.

Please note:
‘Special Delivery Cash’ via the post office ensures a rapid 24/48 hours course package despatch. Applicable to UK Express times.

Alternatively you can email the Open College for an order form to be sent to you through the post.

Full email contact and postal address details can be viewed here on the Contact Page.
Open College UK Ltd often makes changes to all its services, therefore we reserve the right to alter & change all course fees, course descriptions & contents as & when necessary without giving any prior notice.

All Open College course fees listed on this website are currently up to date at all times.

All cheques and other payments are made payable to:
Open College UK Ltd and sent to us by post to the below address:

Open College UK Limited
2 Holt Studies, 49 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. B61 0DR

All orders are attended to promptly.

We accept all overseas International students.

Anyone from any other country is welcome to enrol upon any Open College UK Limited Diploma Course.

Please feel free to enrol upon your course choice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enroling onto any course from your Country.

Many Thanks
Customer Support

The Open College has many established long running contracts in place with companies and government/public services/agencies etc.

Please feel free to email or post in writing your proposal for consideration. All contract work will then need to be discussed with you over the phone.

Please Note: The companies that we have contracts with are confidential and not listed on this website or public domain.

Applications are accepted from Eire.

Please Note: All UK low fees apply. There is however an extra £45 added to any application from Eire.

All payment from Eire must be made in UK Sterling – GBP only. (Not Euro)

We have hundreds of British Forces students on our books. This includes, Army, Marines, Navy and RAF.


All BFPO applications/enrolments are accepted.

Please Note: The Open College does not return telephone calls outside of the UK. (Support is online only). Other than this, enrolment is the same as it is within the UK.

If you are unemployed you may be eligible for financial assistance. Applying for a PCDL – Professional & Career development loan can be made here:

Type this link into your browser

Please Note:
The Open College is unable to help or assist with obtaining a loan. All applications for loans are made direct to the above link and all applications are subject to their acceptance and terms.

The Open College operates a policy of continuous enrolment so you can start anytime you want to.

Yes it is. Many establishments, organisations and employers around the UK that know of us recognise the OC Diploma Award. Here are just a few that use us Company Clients. We also have many members and current, past Open College students on the SFTR National UK Register.

All of the Open College UK Ltd courses are SFTR Accredited.
More here: Accreditation

Your work is processed at the end of your course. You are required to submit your test papers to us in a large envelope that we provide in your course material pack at the end of your studies.

Unfortunately no. Due to the ‘current & temporary low fees’ in place we are unable to provide any instalments/financial support or any further reductions at this time.

There are currently no entry requirements. Only the serious minded need apply. Anyone can study a course with us subject to acceptance.

No, all your work is carried out at your home. The course work folder is then sent to us through the post at the end of your course period in one go. All Diplomas Courses are studied via distance learning – at your home only so that no attendance is required. A Level courses, however differ and do require attendance at an examination centre near you. See A Level Courses for further details. (This only applies to A Level Courses and not Diploma Courses. Each page description is specific to the course you are enroling onto. If in any doubt please telephone or email first.

Just 30 mins per eve would be ample for most of our courses. Small study periods/chunks at a time is more than enough. There is no dead lines to meet or pressure. Courses vary from 75, 100, 150, 200 hours study time.

All courses are valid for 6 months from the date of enrolment.

Expiry dates are printed on all student membership certificates which are enclosed within course material packs.

Most courses can easily be completed within 3 to 6 months.

You have six clear months to complete your course. Most courses can be easily completed in 2, 3, 4, up to 6 months.

Your course material pack and enrolment with us will expire and become invalid. To earn your Diploma with us you would be required to complete your course within the outlined 6 months deadline unless you apply for an extension. Details on extensions are included within your course pack study guide.

Beginners/inexperienced are ideally suited to our courses. All other experienced therapists from varied walks of life are also ideally suited to the courses including the ‘highly experienced’ out of touch.

All our courses have been reduced from several hundred pounds for the low promotional period. The quality of the course is more than excellent. You will receive more TOP QUALITY materials from us than many other well known course providers. This we know is a fact. Often we have had to tidy up the mess and pick up the pieces that other course providers have made with some of our clients and students. We can bring our courses to you for the low fees simply because we have special deals on certain course materials with certain publishers, stationers and suppliers. We also have an excellent and successful national business marketing structure in place. The more students we receive the lower we can bring our fees to you!

We cannot say exactly except that we review our courses and fees each month. Please note: Prices can change at any time without any prior notice.

It will only be a few days/a week. Upon payment clearance. If you enclosed an email address on your order form then you will be notified of despatch and expected arrival times.
If you wish to pay by P.O or ‘Special Delivery’ cash then the course despatch will be much quicker, usually 24 hours. If you want to pay by ‘Special Delivery’ we can arrange this over the phone so that as soon as your enrolment form and cash is received we can despatch your course that very next day. This speedy despatch can be discussed and arranged upon prior.

You won’t fail with us. All our students pass, we make sure you are up to scratch and those that cannot can be issued with a Certificate of completion as opposed to a Diploma award. So you are in safe hands. Please don’t worry about this. We will make sure all our students are satisfied with what they have paid for.

Some courses take a few months on average. Most learn our courses in 1, 3 up to six months.

Yes you can, as many as you wish within reason of course so as not to cause you information overload, but whatever you feel comfortable with.
You are free to contact the Open College anytime by email or telephone on (+44) 0152 787 54971. If no one is available to take your call it would help if you would leave any questions you may have on our answer machine and someone will get back to you as soon as they can or at the time that you state. This makes the process efficient as we can be very busy in working hours.

During each week we can be extremely busy receiving many thousands of website visitors and hundreds of telephone calls. As we operate mainly over the internet worldwide we attract many enquiries. Normally we can respond to telephone calls within minutes to a few hours. If you are unable to reach us and would like to chat about your course interest, please leave your message and we will return your call as soon as we can or at a time that suits you. In the meantime support is available to take your enquires through email between 9am to 5 pm.

For obvious reasons we are not going to promote or advertise other organisations the same as they would not wish to promote or advertise us. The only courses external to us that we do recommend is the Open University.

A number of changes have now been made in the industry and we are no longer allowed to send out insurance application forms. You will need to contact the insurers onsite – direct for a quote.

This is automatic, your membership, certificate is free and will be sent to you with your course through the post.

MOC stands for ‘Member Open College’. SFTR stands for ‘Member Sherwood Foundation Therapists Register’.

None. The full course costs are shown and is the only amount payable. College membership is FREE to all who purchase an Open College course.

None. All Diplomas Courses are studied via distance learning – at your home only so that no attendance is required. All tapes, CD’s and course content contains all the info and instructions that you will need. A Level courses, however differ and do require attendance at an examination centre near you. See A Level Courses for further details. (This only applies to A Level Courses and not Diploma Courses. Each page description is specific to the course you are enroling onto. If in any doubt please telephone or email first.

Hypnosis Related questions

No, just a series of very effective established psychological techniques & language structures that can be learned by anyone wishing to succeed.

There’s been no recorded deaths within hypnosis or hypnotherapy sessions but many within the medical profession.

We will not engage in religious delusional and ignorant beliefs. We are therapists using psychological techniques to help, heal, cure and or correct if we can the way people negatively think and feel in their lives and to alleviate their symptoms. Lack of understanding and fear causes so many misconceptions. To learn more about what hypnosis is not read about hypnosis lower down in the hypnosis course section.

Hypnosis is described in the above link section. Hypnotherapy however is the application of an applied therapy using hypnosis in various forms.

Hypnotists have to be successful to survive.

No, not if you don’t want to, but you are advised to. Becoming a member of a professional body such as the SFTR gives you protection in the event of anyone making a malpractice claim against you in a court of law. Any professional governing body can act as an umbrella if ever you should need it. Also when applying for professional insurance cover you will be asked within the proposal, application what professional body you are a member of.

Hypnotists and hypnotherapists charge around £40 to £60 for a 30, 40 to 60 minutes session in the UK, this is the average and going rate. If you charge £45 per client for an hour session, and receive one client per night from Monday to Saturday that will earn you £270 per week, that’s £1,080 per month extra income that’s £12,960 per year or double if you see two clients per day! This is within the grasp of any newly starting out hypnotist, just one or two clients per day or evening as a start.