Level 3 Proof Reading Course

Course Overview

This Level 3 Diploma course provides instruction in the basic skills that are required of a freelance proofreader.


COURSE FEES:  £349.99 


Course Description

Whether you intend to do proofreading on a professional basis or simply wish to improve your knowledge, this course will allow you to earn a valuable certification, based in part on assignments that you will be required to complete.

There are eight chapters in total, each containing instructional material as well as assignments. You will also be assigned a tutor, who will provide remote assistance with any queries you may have regarding the course and who will correct the assignments you complete.

Chapter 1 addresses the distinction between copy-editors and proofreaders. It also provides an introduction to the symbols used when marking hard copy and the procedures followed when marking electronic copy.

Chapters 2, 3 and 4 offer a review of basic grammar. You will learn reliable means of identifying the basic parts of speech and will also learn how to resolve common grammatical problems. Chapter 2 covers nouns and pronouns, Chapter 3 covers verbs and other parts of speech, and Chapter 4 looks at clauses and sentences.

Punctuation is the topic of Chapter 5, which covers use of the apostrophe, comma, semicolon, quotation mark, and other well-recognised forms of punctuation.

Chapters 6 addresses common problems that the proofreader is likely to encounter with regard to the choice of vocabulary and ends with a comparison of differing practices in British and American English.

Chapter 7 follows with a discussion of common problems that occur at the phrase or clause level, including the split infinitive, and offers advice for resolution of these problems.

In Chapter 8, the function of a style sheet is explained and you are given practice in developing this handy aid. This chapter also addresses page layout and other formatting issues that affect the look of an entire text. Finally, the Conclusion offers some helpful tips for keeping you up to date in an ever-changing environment and lists recommended sources for the further development of your skills.

The course materials also include Appendix I, a glossary of grammatical terms; Appendix II, a list of standard symbols used in proofreading; and a Bibliography listing helpful references, including relevant websites.

Our aim is to provide you with the best deal available, therefore registration fee, certification fee and full tutor support is included in the course price for you.

No Previous Knowledge Required

The course does not require previous background in proofreading, copy-editing, or publishing and so is suitable for beginners. If, however, you already have some experience of proofreading you should still find benefit as the course will allow you to address any areas of weakness, refine your existing knowledge, and develop your professional skills.

Tutor Support

You will receive the course manual, assignments and study guide plus tutor support by mail and email. Our student support team are also available for any other queries that you may have whilst completing your course. You can be assured that unlimited support is available for your home study course, so there is no need to struggle or feel isolated during your studies.


Theoretical information is provided throughout the course, followed by a series of exercises that are to be completed and marked by your personal tutor.

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