Level 3 Clinical Science Course

Course Overview

This Level 3 course provides instructions in the basic skills that are required within clinical science.

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Course Description

Clinical science incorporates the basics of biology, chemistry, medicine and science. For the majority of these practices they involve the use of laboratory work which includes tests determining blood and bodily fluids, the analysing and evaluating of various cells under certain specific controlled conditions which also investigates medical principles, methods and treatments.

Additionally clinical science research is a field of medical science that evaluates and tests the effectiveness of various medications for treatments, treatment regimes for the sole use on the improvement of sicknesses and illnesses leading to the prevention and diagnosis or reduction of diseases in one form or another.

Clinical science is a branch of scientific methods and techniques which allows you to help people recover and improve through medical research and pharmaceutical discoveries.

In this course you will undertake a study in coursework in medical terminology, immunology, microbiology and chemistry.

Enrolment for this diploma course in clinical science is open to anyone without any background training or qualifications. It’s also ideal for complete beginners and anyone interested in gaining a clinical science diploma.

The modules within this course work package specifically relate to the systems of the human body. Included are in depth explorations of many conditions and treatments which are relative to the functionality of human physiology and anatomy also covering all of the entire systems. Further studies can be explored within this additional course programme.

Also contained within the course are seven additional modules related to holistic approaches.

The course is throughout very easy and enjoyable to follow. The modules are formulated allowing the student to use them has a useful dip-in or reference point.

Once this coursework is completed it will lead to an external online examination that you will need to attend. Full details will be included within your course.

The final outcome of the course leads to a level 3 diploma in clinical science Studies.

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