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Of course I can make a review, please see below: (22/2/16)
“I registered for a diploma course last year at the college and I have received brilliant and consistent support at all times. The response time is exceptional, the coursework is great and straight forward. I also enjoy the method used by the college as we submit the entire work on a set date which allows us to study at our own pace and improve our time management skills without the feeling of pressure. My experience has been excellent and therefore, I am looking forward to apply for future courses once I complete the current Diploma.”

Thank you very much for the great assistance.
Kind Regards,
S Raston

Dear reader
I have just completed five courses from Open College UK Ltd.  I have been impressed not only by the rigorous courses that they offer, but also by their willingness to listen to their students.  They work very much on a one-to-one basis in supporting their students, and take any concerns with the utmost seriousness, working hard to resolve any problem the student might have as quickly as possible so that the student is able to successfully complete the course.  In addition to this, I’ve discovered that they enjoy a unique stamp of approval from SHTC due to the high standards they have for the courses that they offer.

I can without reservation recommend them to anyone who wishes to supplement their current skills or gain further skills.  They work hard to ensure the utmost professionalism and accuracy in their course books, and have the same high standards that I do for what that entails.  Anyone who has any qualms about standards from an open college can be assured that Open College UK Ltd is far and away the best online resource for obtaining new skills or updating old skills.

Let me know if that covers adequately what you need people to know about you when they’re reading reviews.  If there’s anything that I’ve missed, that you feel might be important, I welcome the suggestion.  Please don’t hesitate to mention anything that you’d like me to cover, as I won’t view it as you scripting the review, but rather as our joint effort to get the fullest possible coverage in the review.

Thanks again for all of your hard work in my behalf.
Best wishes,
S Brown

Dear Sir
Please find enclosed all my test papers with regards to my Diploma Counselling Course.

I should like to add that this was a very enjoyable course and refreshed my skills/knowledge as a psychologist.

I should also like to say, that I shall/have recommended you to some of my colleagues at work/college, who are interested in a range of courses that you offer.

Finally, I look forward to receiving my certificate in the post in the near future and please feel free to quote my recommendations in any of your further marketing.

Once again, many thanks for a very stimulating course, and may I take this opportunity to wish you every success in the future.

Yours Sincerely
Trevor P Dunn BA MSc PGCE FRSA

Dear Open College 
Hello!. Yesterday I received my last test paper & Diploma for the completion of my Psychotherapy Course. I was so pleased with all your comments. I am now in the process of finishing my last test paper for your Counselling course and i would just like to say how much i am enjoying studying with the college.

I left Secondary School at sixteen and have studied at Birkbeck College, University of North London and ICS. I have found that not only is your College extremely efficient but also very professional in the provision of excellent course study materials and encouragement.

After i have finished my Counselling course I will take a short break and then I will be continuing my studies with you, I can see myself studying with you for quite some while yet!. There are lots of courses I am interested in doing and you have new one’s on your website too!. This will all go towards putting together a really good portfolio too.

Thank you for everything!
Yours Sincerely,
Miss Lau (

Dear Mike 
I am thoroughly revelling in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy course, along with the counselling and NLP free courses; although I am attempting to concentrate on the first before properly undertaking the other two.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to put together such a splendid course and introduction to an extremely fascinating (pun intended) topic.

I’m going to be cheeky and very much hope to take you up on your offer (on the tapes) of both the Book (of scripts) you mentioned and the tape regarding Past Life Regression you also offered if anyone asks. Both of which items I very much look forward to receiving!
Apologies for troubling you, but you *did* say to go right ahead and ask!

Note; please feel free to use anything from within this email for a testimonial – it’s a great course!
K Green (Derbyshire)

Hi Mike
Thank you so much for those golden pearls of wisdom. Your words really struck a chord with me and I shall keep them to give me encouragement and guidance as I walk this new and exciting path.

I will take your advice and take the courses you recommended including the NLP as this subject fascinates me and believe it is a healing tool that can dramatically change people’s lives.
Yes, I am forming a mind map that will take me to my ultimate goal of counselling sufferers of eating disorders. I have held this vision for so long and it was instrumental in achieving my own arduous recovery from anorexia. My sail has always been strong Mike and, despite being buffeted by many storms along the way, it has maintained its direction and continues to do so.

At times my motivation has waned due to the exhaustion of the journey but my belief in my ability to realise my dream continues to grow from strength to strength. Studying with the Open College is going to help me attain my goal and I am sure, under your guidance, I will continue to steer in the right direction until I reach my journey’s end. And what a beautiful vista that will be!

“Procrastination is the thief of time” and I have procrastinated enough!

Yes, I agree, we do “have to look deep into ourselves and make changes”. This is something I have done enormous work on and will continue to do so enabling me to make that deeper connection with clients one day and help them to facilitate the necessary changes to take control of and reclaim their lives. We can’t change the past but we can change how we react to it and eliminate the power and control it has over us. We have to reprogram the programming hence NLP and embrace the freedom and peace of mind this will allow us.

Thank you again Mike for these powerful thought provoking words and for inspiring me to continue in the pursuit of my goals. I am going to write that mind map and along with that, my strong sail, udder and compass, I am going to reach my final destination and enjoy the journey and its many lessons on the way.


Hi Luke 
Just introducing myself as a new recruit to the Counselling Diploma course!
I hope to post the forms etc to you today.

I have read the prospectus and studied the website and would like to say how very impressed I am with the courses, the high standards the Open College assumes and the esteem in which it is held by certain professional bodies. I am very happy to be a part of such a respected learning establishment.

I have noted other courses that interest me and that I will consider doing following the counselling diploma to boost my knowledge and profile. Currently, I give voluntary support to sufferers of eating disorders both individually and within a group that I facilitate. As I’m sure you’ll agree practical experience is equally as important as academic.

I look forward to hearing from you Luke and receiving my course material in the near future.

Many thanks

Hi Luke 
I just wanted to confirm receipt of the course material and, having looked through it today, to express how impressed I am with the content. I am very excited about this move into open college study and relieved to have found a means of study that will compliment my busy lifestyle as a mother of three children and a support worker for sufferers of eating disorders. I am impressed at the prompt response to my application and I thank you for this.

Once again, many thanks for all your help so far and I look forward to hearing from you and being a student of the OC. Please extend my very best wishes to Mike.

Kindest regards,

Many thanks Mike for your comments and answers to my questions.
I look forward to receiving the course material and being a student of the Open College. I have every confidence it will be a positive and rewarding experience.

Kind regards

Dear Mike 
I will be taking up a part-time post as a counsellor in a local secondary school in mid-September (chn. & youths 11-18 years old). The counselling course was embarked upon to refresh my skills and update information as I have been in numerous counselling situations throughout my working life.

May I add that I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and will certainly recommend it to colleagues. The text book was very readable, practical and inspiring and the sort of book that can be picked up for reference points at any stage when help is needed. THANK YOU.

I feel well ‘refreshed’ and will feel additionally confident in starting my new post.
Kindest regards
A Laine (Teacher)

Hi there all 
Just to say thanks for my first test paper results, I seemed to have done well according to my marks which is great!!! Just to let you know I have sent off the second batch of test papers to you – which are chapters 3&4. would you let me know when you receive them.

I am enjoying my learning at the minute and I am well on my way on the 3rd batch of chapters 5, 6 & 7. thanks for your help this far, much appreciated!!!!
N Atherton

Dear Luke
Thank you for the great feedback I am very pleased.
This may be more appropriate for the admin department:

I have enjoyed this course a lot and learned a lot I would like to do more. I am interested in Hypnotherapy (do you think Professional level is Ok straight away?).
Thank you for your feedback and look forward to your suggestions.

Best wishes

Hello there 
“Just a short note to thank you for all your help and for an inspiring and interesting course. I recommend it highly to anyone interested”. Doctor McStravick, Lancs.

“Mike, You made my day, wonderful!!! Thanks so much for the Diploma received this Morning. Really enjoyed the studying”. Julie B, Interpreter, Worcester.

“We don’t realise our full potential until we study hypnosis! It has opened my eyes about what lies beneath the surface of our minds and why we are the way we are. Thanks for an educational course”. Susan Fletcher, Aromatherapist, Blackpool.

“I’ve learnt lots about myself since enrolling on the Psychology course”. Martin Huxley, Social Worker, Yorkshire.

“Although I was very skeptical at first, I had to learn about hypnosis, it has assisted me enormously with my personal problems”. Karen Dooley, Self Employed Caterer, Torquay.

“Can’t thank you enough Mike for a great course. Your curative approach to symptom eradication is fascinating”. Sasha, Stress Consultant. Bath, Bristol.

“Thank you very much Principal for the very kind words of thought that you have left for me. The course is very informative and enlightening. I’ll never forget this”.

A Shore

Many more letters available on file.

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