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Distance learning is education in one form or another offered to you over a distance. In other words you learn, you study and qualify in your chosen subject through the post or online without having to attend an exam centre or an actual bricks and mortar college building or university campus.

For the purposes of (us) Open College UK Ltd distance learning is simply enrolling on a course, any course on our website, receiving it through the post or in an attachment via e-mail, if applicable. You then study it over a period of time generally six months and then submit your coursework to us either through the post or via e-mail or attachment.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded an Open College UK Ltd diploma certificate in that subject. This will be sent to you through the post.

Distance learning, distance education, e-learning, dlearning also known as homestudy, home learning, open study, open learning, open correspondence learning is a mode or method of delivering tutorials, education and instructions through the post for you to learn and gain knowledge on a specific subject in a structured way without leaving your home. A distance learning example of this would be our course in counselling studies located here.

Usually through one or more series of modules to individuals/students on a one-to-one basis without the actual physical attendance of a visit to a classroom.

Distance learning provides access to you the student/distance learner in a way that closes the space which separates both you from us through time and space/distance.

Some courses, not ours require a mixture of both distance learning or the home theoretical side and the actual attendance physical on site visits to undertake an examination. These are often referred to as blended or hybrid type courses of study.

Distant or distance learning for our purposes and offerings are carried out from start to finish at your home or workplace without any visits to colleges or campuses.

Distance learning ensures flexibility and fits in well with most people’s busy and hectic lifestyle and allows just a few hours per week to study in your own time as and when it suits you. All Open College UK Ltd courses are easy-going and completed without any pressure on you. All our course fees are more than reasonable and very competitive in comparison to others.

There are no lectures to have to attend, no travel or accommodation overnight hotel costs.

The course comes direct to you, to your doorstep through the post in one complete package which is signed for at your doorstep. Many of our courses are easy to follow and contain one or more textbooks some contain CDs and DVDs along with written paper work contained within your work folder.

Please see each course subject page description for content and description.

Support is available for the duration of your course which is usually six months and in some cases 12 months. Please see course description for duration times of that particular course. If you have any problems at any stage or need any guidance or advice, simply contact us.

Details on your contact person will be included within your course pack. All Open College UK Ltd courses come with student support which is available between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

If you’d like to know more or for unsure of the procedures involved in distance learning then please feel free at any time to contact us. You are welcome to ask any questions and our response time is usually within a few hours. We look forward to joining us

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