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Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

Medical Concerns

Caution: Regarding therapy: Epileptics should not enter hypnosis or anyone diagnosed as having a psychotic, mental illness in person or in CD, audio or video cassette tape form. We accept no responsibility whatsoever. Under no circumstances including but not limited to negligence shall Open College UK Ltd (OC) or it’s principal & Company Director Mike Sherwood or the SFTR or any of his staff members be liable for any special or consequential damages in any way whatsoever now or in the future that result from the use of or the inability to use hypnosis/advanced hypnosis techniques/hypnotherapy/counselling/relaxation therapy/regression therapy/NLP/PLR therapy or any other therapies or courses whether in person/audio/video tape cassette/CD rom/text manuals/books/e-mails/website/s or any downloaded software material/s even if the Open College UK Ltd (OC) or the SFTR or the company director or any of his staff members or its representative/s of any kind has been advised of the possibility of such damages in any way whatsoever. The information, techniques, methods and recommendations by us is not intended to substitute for the diagnosis and care of a qualified physician / GP nor to encourage the treatment of illness by persons not recognizably qualified. If you use hypnosis or any complementary/alternative health therapies & are under medical care for ANY condition do not make ANY adjustments to ANY prescribed medication without the approval of your doctor. If in any doubt you should seek your GPs advice.

Confidentiality GDPR & ICO

You should satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with the Privacy Policy adopted by us which supports & advocates all ethical policies with regards to your privacy and data protection.

Open College UK Ltd is a fully GDPR compliant and ICO annually registered Company.

ICO Registration number: ZA361896

Registered Organisation: Open College UK Limited

Date first registered: 9th of May 2018

ICO – Wycliffe House

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Telephone Number: 0303 123 1113 F. 01625 524510

You’re personal data and how we use it

At the checkout there is a tick box and upon ticking that box you are informing us that you have read these T&Cs and Privacy Policy located here Privacy Policy  and that you have given us legal consent (your permission) to use your details (the details you provided on your application form at the checkout) for us to serve you with the service and goods you have paid and signed up for.

This includes (anything that we sell) posting out your course pack in hard back from, any other related materials such as any replacement items, books, folders, letters and or documents now or in the future including the posting out of your qualification or diploma certificates or even replacement documents many months or years later if you should request such.

Please read our Privacy Policy for full details on this including how you can request the removal of your details.

Cancellation & Returns Policy

Under the Consumer Protection (DSR’s) Distance Selling Regulations 2015 you have a statutory right to cancel an order/the service (contract) for a course placement up to 14 working days starting from the day after your course package/goods are delivered to you. This is the day after you receive your course package and sign for it.

Statutory right of cancellation – Distance Selling Regulations

You may cancel an order/the service (contract) and obtain a full refund by notifying us in writing by post up to 14 working days starting the day after the delivery of the goods to you. This must be put in writing and posted to our Company address as displayed on this website. We will refund you the cost of the course/goods paid plus the cost of our delivery to you within 14 days of the cancellation.

Open College 14-day money-back guarantee

In addition to your statutory rights shown above we offer a 14-day money back guarantee, which allows you to return a course package for any reason within 14 days of receipt for a full refund, so long as it is unused and unmarked. These 14 working days also start the day after you receive and sign for your course package. Refunds will not be given outside of this 14-working day period for ‘ANY Reason’, (NO reason will be accepted) irrespective of personal circumstances or difficulties (Strict). You are signing and agreeing to this.

Once you receive your course package/the goods through the post, you will be free to inspect and sample the goods/the service. If within this period, you are not satisfied with your course package/the goods/the service or any of our products you are entitled to return the goods and obtain a full refund from us. You are required to return all the goods back to us (unmarked, as new) at your own expense. (You are required to pay for the return of any unwanted goods). Any damaged materials such as marked textbooks will be charged for/deducted.

We request customers return the products with their original packaging and to ensure that the package is sufficiently wrapped up to minimise the risk of transit/postal damage. Please follow our simple ‘Returns Procedure’ detailed below.

Returns procedure

Please contact us first for the returns address. Do not return unwanted goods without informing us first in email.

If you do not wish to keep the course package or any of the products and simply want a refund, return the complete product within 14 days of delivery, and we will process a refund according to your original method of payment. Please note that customers who have received their order and are not happy with their purchase will need to return their package at their own expense unless the course package/product is faulty, damaged or has been sent by us to you in error. If you are in any doubt, please telephone 0152 787 5497 or email us for further advice and instructions. You MUST contact us first for the returns address which differs from the address shown on this page.


Open College UK Ltd (the company) is both a profit and non-profit College which exists to promote responsible, ethical, professional complementary health teaching practices such as the correct use of complementary therapies to the public and the conventional medical profession as required. We ensure that an awareness within the Open College UK Ltd and through all our members has a strict code of ethics, a disciplinary procedure and that members are insured to practice.

The Open College UK Ltd is private and independent of any other organisation or political group/s. All our home study courses are for educational, self-advancement, self-development, self-improvement purposes only. We do not promise or imply in any form whatsoever that any student will achieve any kind of paid (PAYE) or self-employed employment or any type of future qualified career as a result of undertaking our home study courses.

This fully lies with the student as it is very possible but down to each individuals’ capabilities to learn and advance in their chosen subject once our courses are complete. We are a distance learning ‘home study’ theory-based course provider of courses in complementary health subjects and various alternative therapies. We are an ‘internet-based business’ (Limited Company Registered in England with Companies House).

We operate through correspondence, mail order, online & distance open learning only. We are not associated in any form, shape whatsoever to any government nor do we suggest or imply in any way whatsoever that we are attached to any government agencies, associated organisations or government regulating bodies other than what is stated within all of the website pages of namely Open College UK Ltd and all our other duplicate mirror and related Open College UK Ltd websites. We do not imply that we are a small or large college like brick building establishment as in the respect of a campus based college or university. Definition: college (EDUCATION) noun1 [C or U] any place for specialized education after the age of 16 where people study or train to get knowledge and/or skills:

We operate from our Midlands based commercial business premises which is our official Registered Bromsgrove office as stated on this website and is available on our contact page and at the top of this page.

We do not intend to misrepresent ourselves for profit or gain or to appear more or other than what we are, we do not intend to mislead, trick, coerce, imply, suggest, invent, falsify, pretend or associate ourselves with anyone else whatsoever other than the SFTR or as stated within this website page and the pages of all our other websites under the Company name of Open College UK Ltd.

We are a self standing, self regulating organisation who stands private and alone. We are totally independent of anyone else. We are answerable and totally responsible for all our dealings with our customers and students and clients. We operate within the private sector and follow basic government ‘good practice’ and UK trading standard guidelines (with full 14 day money back guarantees) that we regulate and fully govern ourselves in the best way we can.

We and no other’s are the only organisation that award’s anyone, members, student’s studying and passing our courses with our own private Diploma and Certificate awards which is now becoming recognised and more respected as we grow.

All paying and free course students and customers that use us and all our other services should satisfy themselves that they are in full and total agreement with this disclaimer before proceeding with us in any form. All students who enrol onto any of our courses fully understand and agree to this.

All students and customers, private individuals, organisations and any type of other business in any form who enrol onto any of our home study courses and use any of our services ‘sign with their signature’ to this disclaimer on the foot of the enrolment form that they have fully understood and agree fully to all that is in this full disclaimer & terms and conditions online and all that is stated and offered in all our literature and in every single page of our prospectus and Web Pages before applying for any of our services irrespective of any textual/word changes that may appear in this disclaimer and terms and conditions after an enrolment has been made.

All who sign and agree to our terms and conditions/disclaimer understand that this disclaimer is reviewed and amended as often as each week. It is also understood that amendments can take place at any time without any prior notice whatsoever.

This is fully agreed and signed to. According to the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 all courses offered by Open College UK Ltd carry a full 7 day money back guarantee. You have a cooling off period of 7 working days from receipt of goods giving you 14 days for a full refund.

This period allows your right to cancel, provided you inform us in writing. If you are not in anyway satisfied then we would refund your money by cheque in full within 14 days and only upon the safe return of all our course materials in a good and unused condition.

Opened and played DVDs, Videos and CDs that were originally sealed/packaged will incur a charge if they become second hand/used. We reserve the right to charge a payment for any missing or damaged goods. You also agree that in the event of your unexpected death, your course application/enrolment with us becomes automatically dissolved even within the guarantee period.

You agree that in the event of your death we will not provide a refund either in part or full to any family members requesting such. You fully understand that any refunds will only be issued to you, the applicant within the outlined 14 day period whilst living.

The Open College UK Ltd and SFTR National Therapists Register is very fair and considerate in all it’s dealings in most situations but in negative and problematic situations that may arise we absolutely reserve the unconditional right to cancel/terminate ANY enrolment/application as we see fit at anytime including any requests for an enrolment by anyone at anytime without further explanation and to not reply or engage in any form of debate/argument/correspondence by telephone, email, land, sea to air postal network, text or any other form of communication with any student or customer for any reason as we see fit at any stage.

The Open College UK Ltd reserves the right to deny/decline any application for enrolment by anyone under the age of 21 at any time.

All applications for enrolment are at our sole discretion. All students and customers sign and fully agree to this Claus and that you fully understand and fully agree that in the unlikely event this will stand fully in our favour in a UK Court of Law. We reserve the right to decline/deny the supply of any free literature such as our course prospectus, free audios, videos, CDs and any accompanying free promotional goods or free offers at any time without any explanation.

The Open College UK Ltd or the SFTR is not obliged to offer any compensation in any form whatsoever for any course materials lost in the postal network or in the event of delays at any stage. If in the event that any student receives course material from us that has been damaged in transit then we will replace this free of charge immediately.

In order to do this we will require the original item/s returned to us before replacement goods/stock/course materials and so forth are sent out again. This applies to faulty CDs, blank audio or video cassette tapes, manufacture problems discovered later for example such as missing pages from brand new text books and the like. If upon receiving your course pack you find any item/s that are missing (see website course content list as a check list), you agree to notify us within the outlined 14 days period and not there after.

We must be notified of all missing items as soon as possible and reserve the right to not replace items at our discretion outside this 14 day home inspection/approval period. We do not under any circumstances provide replacement items after the six month membership period is up or after courses have been completed. Completed means after the Open College Diploma certificate has been issued.

It is also understood and agreed to by the customer/student that in the event that any course package that has been dispatched by us to the customer/student which becomes severely held up in the postal network or lost due to the postal service (their fault) which is not our fault or the customers, then we will either return the students enrolment fee or send out another replacement course material package promptly at our expense. It is also understood and agreed to by the customer/student that all course packs that are posted out/despatched have had the postage costs paid for by us.

Postage on all course packs sent out to all customers is free. However in the event that any course package that has been despatched by us to the customers address which becomes non-deliverable or who is out at the time or unable to answer their door when the post person knocks for any reason then there will be a re-despatch and admin charge which includes re-packaging/labour/work time involved if that parcel is returned to us.

This is currently charged at £15 or higher at the Companies discretion as we see fit at all times. We will not re-send out returned undeliverable course packs to the customer without this charge being paid to us. Anyone refusing to pay this charge will have their course placement terminated and be refunded in full. All course packs sent out require a signature at the doorstep.

All new customers/students are notified of this in hardback letter which is sent out through the post outlining despatch times. It is also stated within that letter that an email will also be sent out to the customer 24 hours prior to their course pack despatch. Anyone unavailable to receive delivered goods/course packs at their door for any reason whatsoever must notify us in writing prior to course material despatch.

It is the customers responsibility at all times to make all necessary arrangements that someone will be available to receive delivered goods. You agree fully to all this.

Please note that in the event of any unwanted course package to be returned to us the student/customer agrees to pay for this themselves. All returned unwanted goods/materials/course packs are returned to us at the students expense using recorded delivery. To ensure the goods/materials are returned to us safely we suggest the use of recorded or registered delivery everytime. All test papers returned to the student through the postal network are returned using standard postage only.

We do not use any recorded delivery for the return of student papers etc. The student agrees to make copies of all materials such as test papers, thesis/essays etc. This responsibility lies with the student and customer. We accept no responsibility for any lost course paper work though the postal network. The student agrees and fully understands this.

The Open College UK Ltd ensures that it will provide at all times online customer support for each individual student within normal working hours. Normal working hours are currently between 9am and 5pm weekdays only. In exceptional circumstances we may be flexible to this rule if one of our students is in trouble or is in urgent need of assistance. The customer support provided by us will only be available via Email/online support.

Email support only applies to Open College ‘self teaching’ coursework based Diploma courses. (Full one to one tutor support is available for other courses such as A Levels, NVQs etc). Upon the completion and submission of all finished ‘coursework’ (these are not exam based courses) we provide one private awarded Diploma certificate and one company letter stating the final coursework results. We do not provide any feedback or an interpretation/breakdown of submitted coursework. We do not provide this service. We only provide the final results.

Due to manipulation of some past students we no longer disclose the exact marking procedure involved. We only provide feedback and interpretation of submitted coursework in the event of a fail. Once a student course has been passed, that students time with the company comes to an end with the issue of the final Diploma. We do not return submitted coursework or folders.

Due to the Open College UK Ltd daily demands and rapid growth of the company with several hundred current students all working with us at the same time we do not provide telephone support. All students sign and agree that email/online support is the only main form of support now available.

The Open College no longer runs chat forums or message boards for students and members. Any forum or message board run will only be housed on the Open College UK Ltd domains/websites by it’s own staff and not externally by members or students. No message forum/chat rooms will be allowed to be set up by any of our members or students without our full permission first. Any student/s setting one up without our permission will have their membership/s and course/s studies with us terminated. The temporary suspension of all our running forums was solely due to the huge uncontrollable amount of spammers and abuse we were receiving.

All students sign and agree to this. Once a course has been started there is a six month time limit to course studies or to when a course must be completed.

All paying students have six months from the time/date of enrolment as dated on their membership certificates to begin and complete their course studies. All enrolments are terminated/invalidated after 6 months. We can no longer make exceptions or allow for any free extensions of time if a student take’s longer than the 6 month dead line. Under exceptional circumstances there will be full course fee charges for the re-registration of expired courses. This is at our discretion at all times.

All students booking onto any Videotile-video-based tutor led e-courses, e-learning course, online course located on this website are aware that these qualifications/certificates have an average valid period of about 3 years and other subjects less. See your certificate award qualification for your expiry date or contact us first to ask before booking a course. Any Videotile e-learning course is not valid for life and may be renewed after the expiry date printed upon the certificate. This is optional. Courses such as ‘asbestos training’ are valid for 1 year and would need annual updates of this qualification due to the risk and changing nature of this industry.

All e-learning online or video based courses do not come with free Memberships to the Open College of SFTR or Membership certificates as offered on Open College Diploma course subjects.

All open college Diploma courses, in-house awards are valid for life, notwithstanding the law of the land. As long as the UK law does not change or say otherwise.

All ‘free course’ students of our counselling or any other course must submit their first test paper within the first 3 months from the enrolment date otherwise the course will become invalid and terminated. If the first test paper has been received by us within this 3 month period they then have a 6 month time limit to complete the free course. If in this time the student has not ‘started’ their studies in any form whatsoever or made contact explaining otherwise, their enrolment will be closed and all details of the student removed from our books.

In this case a new enrolment with fees would need to be re-applied for. The Open College UK Ltd & SFTR reserves the right to cancel or terminate any student or member at any time without explanation as we see fit. All memberships to the Open College UK Ltd and SFTR are at our sole discretion. All paying and non paying free members and students agree to this fully. All students are fully aware of our privacy policy and that we do not pass on any members details to any third parties. All students are aware that upon their enrolment onto any course with us all students automatically receive one free six months listing on the SFTR National UK Therapists Register (student status) for that period of membership.

All students agree to have their name listed on the register in the public domain. We reserve the right to include or not include a name at our discretion. No other personally identifiable information will be displayed unless we are asked to display it such as web address, email and business details. This must be put in writing.

All students FULLY understand this and agree that their name may be displayed in the public domain as an open college student. Any student or member that chooses not to be displayed on the register must return their SFTR membership certificate to us. Anyone wishing to hold and display the SFTR membership certificate must be listed on the register in at least one form. All students understand and agree to this fully.

The Open College UK Ltd cannot guarantee that it will at anytime return overseas telephone calls due to the high amount of calls we receive and the expense involved. All students should note that all the Open College UK Ltd courses are theory based homestudy courses only and do not, no longer come with any practical training. All practical training/face to face supervision and one to one training will need to be obtained elsewhere independently of the Open College UK Ltd. All students should satisfy themselves that they understand that all our courses are devised in their entirety as complete homestudy, non practitioner foundation courses only.

All students may need to pursue practical training elsewhere with other establishments at a later date if they should require it. All students should be aware of current and changing legislation regarding the setting up in private practice within the field of complementary health therapies.

Currently there is no UK legislation prohibiting any student with us or other course providers setting up in private practice in many of the course subjects we and other similar course providers provide and have listed. It is understood and agreed and signed to by all students that all students are fully aware that we do not promote or encourage any irresponsible or inadequately trained setting up of therapy practices or business or offering therapy services to the general public of any kind as a result of undertaking any of our courses. Currently UK legislation is poor and needs serious attention to bring into play more restraint and control over those that are setting up in practice without any kind of training or certificate whatsoever.

It is currently possible for anyone in the UK to learn certain subjects such as counselling and hypnotherapy and gain professional insurance and set up a private practice without any training/qualification or supervision whatsoever. Although reference to, ‘you can set up in private practice if that is your wish’ is stated to some extent in our prospectus/websites and in other literature we do not encourage or promote this whatsoever. All students fully agree with their signature on the enrolment form and fully understand that the Open College UK Ltd only provides basic low cost homestudy course/s and does not offer post or career advice or guidance in any form whatsoever. We are unable to offer guidance or advice for setting up in private practice or to gain self employment or for mobile therapies. We only provide the course and certificate/diploma.

All students fully understand and fully agree to this by signing with their signature that they understand all our courses are foundation courses making way for further specialist study. For example our psychiatric studies courses, psychology courses, homeopathy courses, sociology, child Psychology courses do not qualify one as a psychiatrist, psychologist, homoeopathist, sociologist or child psychologist etc. All courses support and prepare the student for further specialist study with us or elsewhere with other establishments. All our courses do not carry points/credits for CPD.

All students fully agree and sign to this understanding. Our ‘Meditation Teacher’ courses allows the certificate award holder to teach meditation techniques at a basic level only. This certificate allows the teacher of meditation to provide general sitting, breathing and mind focus techniques only. All students of the Meditation Teacher Course sign and fully agree to this understanding upon enrolment.

All students that complete any of our courses understand that we expect that they will obtain professional malpractice insurance cover if they choose to practice any subject that they hold a certificate or diploma for with us. The Open College UK Ltd does not give certificates and diplomas away for free or paid for. We do not, under any circumstances back date or alter our issued qualification certificates/diplomas to suit any students preferences. All course diploma awards are earned by hard work.

Every student will need to undergo a detailed hardback course of study involving course book/s and test paper folders involving answering questions and writing thesis/essays. The Open College UK Ltd does not provide degrees in the UK or for overseas, either online or in hard back form. All our Diplomas are private and are issued upon the satisfactory submission of the assignment test paper folder.

There is only one test paper folder per course subject. We only send out one course package that contains all materials. No further materials are despatched. Once you submit your coursework folder to us your course is completed. All course cancellations must be made before we bank any cheques. Once a cheque has been banked within 24 hours of receiving it there will be a bank and company administration charge of £15 for late or non cancellations. Any student/customer that does not inform us of any cheque or course cancellation will be charged and invoiced accordingly within 28 days. Any unpaid/outstanding charges will be handed over to a collection agency after 30 days who will charge daily interest on money owed.

All student/customer fees/cheques for courses/materials and any service we provide that are returned to us by our bank as unpaid or bounced will carry a business bank charge and administration charge of £15 payable to us within 28 days. All students and customers sign and agree to this upon the foot of the enrolment/order form/s. All students and customers who enrol onto any of our courses who have ANY FORM of learning difficulties; Autism; Dyslexia; Paralysis; Blindness; Mental Disorder/s; Syndromes and or conditions of ANY KIND that may affect learning or studies with us must notify us prior to course enrolment.

Anyone not informing us of any of the above conditions who start to encounter learning difficulties may result in a course termination at our discretion at any time. This is signed, agreed to fully and understood upon enrolment. All of the Open College courses are text book based in their layout and structure and may not be suitable for everyone or for anyone suffering from certain conditions or learning disabilities as laid out above. All students must discuss their learning difficulties or conditions over the telephone with us before any enrolment begins.

All students, customers purchasing any of our products/services should satisfy themselves that the quality of all of our audio, CDs and video tapes if applicable to their course/s is in our opinion to be of good quality and that we do not make any claims whatsoever that they are of a professional top quality production standard. We are not professional recording artists nor do we use their services. All our products are made at the address herein.

The Open College UK Ltd or it’s mirror websites as mentioned in this disclaimer has no duty or policy to update any information or statements contained on this page and therefore such information or statements should not be relied upon as being current as of the date you received our prospectus or read this disclaimer.

Moreover any portion of the above may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. The student agrees to the entire contents of this disclaimer. All paying and free course students and customers that use us and all our other services should satisfy themselves that they are in full and total agreement with this disclaimer before proceeding with us in any form whosoever.

Under no circumstances including but not limited to negligence shall the Open College UK Ltd (OC) or it’s principal & Company Director Mike Sherwood or the SFTR or any of his staff members be liable for any special or consequential damages in any way whatsoever now or in the past or future that result in any students or customers use of any of our courses or services. The Open College UK Ltd accepts no responsibility.

All students and customers of the Open College UK Ltd having read and signed to this disclaimer fully agree and understand ALL our Terms & Conditions FULLY. The following statement is displayed on the foot of each enrolment form along with all customer signatures and will be kept on file in hardback form.

The following is stated on the foot of the enrolment form

I fully understand, agree & sign to the Open College UK Ltd Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy which I have fully read as displayed on the Open College website. I understand that all of the Open College UK Ltd course/s are devised in their entirety as complete home study/distance learning courses within the UK only. (Not Overseas). Any disputes about ‘anything’ relating to the said course/s or services we offer shall be concluded by the Company whose decision will be final and binding on both student & course provider at all times.

I understand the Open College UK Ltd reserves the right to refuse to accept/decline any applications for enrolment even after acceptance within the valid period at its sole discretion without offering any disclosure of reasons. I understand that all unpaid cheques (bounced cheques carry a £15 bank & admin charge).

I understand that all courses enrolled onto are valid for six months only (strict) and must be completed within this fixed time period unless an extension has been applied and paid for before the six months deadline/expiry date. I understand any extension I apply for is charged for and is not given to me for free. Extensions were made available for all who enrol onto a course after the 15/11/11. I have fully read, understand and agree completely with all of the course material content and course content descriptions as displayed on the Open College Website.

I fully understand the home study/text book method/s of learning. I am fully aware of all the exact course materials that I am paying for. I fully understand and agree with all of the Open College money back guarantee and returns process as outlined on the website. I fully understand that in the event of any dissatisfaction/disappointment or un-met expectations of course/s/materials that I will address and raise any issues or concerns immediately without any excuse, reason or delay within the outlined guarantee period only and not at anytime in the future after this period. I understand that course material packs/goods cannot be returned or refunded after the outlined 14 days. (Strict). I fully abide by this rule.

I am in full understanding and agreement of this. Refunds will not be given outside of this 14 working day period for ‘ANY reason’, (NO Reason will be accepted) irrespective of personal circumstances or difficulties (Strict).

I understand that all course test papers/folder must be submitted in one complete submission only through the post (not individually sent) anytime within the valid six months enrolment period. Any test papers/folder submitted after six months will expire. This I fully understand. In the light of course content improvements the Open College reserves the right (in very rare cases & only when it is essential) to alter and change all course fees & course contents as and when necessary without giving any prior notice.

I confirm that before my enrolment begins I have or I will take full and total responsibility to undertake proper in-depth and adequate research into the suitability of the course/s that I am enroling onto and I personally ensure that any decision I make to enrol onto a course will be made by me alone who is of sound, clear and sober mind without coercion, persuasion or influence by what I read on the website or any literature.

I take full and total responsibility for ensuring the course I am enroling onto is right for my needs. I also state that if I have enroled onto the wrong course or made a mistake or misjudgement in enroling for any reason whatsoever, I shall take full and total responsibility for this and not blame, criticise or accuse the Open College in any form whatsoever for any errors in my decision and judgment at the time of the enrolment. I also understand that the Open College does not advice, assist or imply at any stage that I will or can enhance my career prospects or gain employment in any form whatsoever by undertaking a private diploma course or obtaining the final Open College diploma certificate.

I am fully aware that I am placing my personal handwritten signature on this enrolment/application form which will be kept on record by the Company and understand that this signature requirement is a signed legal declaration that I have fully read and downloaded/printed off all Terms and Conditions from the website which I will keep a copy of. This shows I fully understand and agree to the open learning diploma course status, (the status means the type of course/s and the level of credibility & recognition), course material content, full money back/refund guarantee and cancellation period (strict), returns procedure and privacy policy and that I alone take full and total responsibility for my decision rightly or wrongly to enrol onto a course which has been displayed to me clearly without any misrepresentation or misleading statements.

I have made all the necessary enquires and checks for course suitability before enroling, both with the Open College, via email or telephone and or externally by consulting others for their opinions and or advice where required, that the course/s and services I am buying are right for me and my personal needs.

I also fully understand that in the event of any confusion, misunderstandings or errors in my judgement to enrol onto a course and or understand any of these Terms and Conditions, the Open College will quote all these Terms & Conditions to me in writing so that I am made fully aware of any area that I may have overlooked or misunderstood or signed to blindly without reading or understanding. I confirm that I have fully read what I have signed up to above. I am in full understanding and total agreement of all of the above information.

Any customer (before or during a course enrolment) who expresses either in writing or verbally in person or over the phone any form of objection, argument or refusal to accept or agree with any of the above Terms and Conditions this includes every single part of the above agrees that they understand we will if we choose cancel or terminate any course placement or application at our discretion as we see fit.

The Company reserves the right to update/change/omit/add any part of the above terms of enrolment at any time without notice.

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