The Merkaba Explained

The word “Merkaba” is derived from a Hebrew word meaning “chariot”. When it is broken down according to an ancient Egyptian translation, it phonetically means “light, body, spirit”. When both meanings are combined, it refers to the process of connecting with light, body and spirit via this vehicle or symbol.

The three-dimensional symbol itself consists of two triangles facing away from each other and either connect or overlap in the middle. The bottom triangle is a representative of femininity and rotates counter-clockwise, while the top is masculinity and rotates in a clockwise direction.

The Merkaba can trace its origins back to ancient scripts such as the Bible and seems to have been especially inspired by visions and experiences of figures like the prophet Ezekiel when conversing with God.

In Chassidic Jewish terms, the Merkaba represents a multi-layered perspective on the nature of man, the world and its ecosystem and the symbol is viewed as a means of pondering and contemplating how to become better people.

Even if you’re not especially religious, the Merkaba can still be used for meditative purposes to enter a higher realm of consciousness and to surround yourself with a protective force shield.

This shield is very powerful and can enable you to gain valuable spiritual insights and when it is partnered with meditation and breathing exercises it can help you to unlock and unleash your personal power.

When the triangles spin in different directions, they create a Merkaba star which simultaneously pulls power up from the earth – this is the femininity aspect – and draws energy down from above through the masculine side.

The two combined forces are said to attain balance through the subsequent energy field. When the actual energetic power of a star in the sky is taken into account, the symbolism becomes even more potent.

Whether represented three dimensionally as a piece of jewellery or worn on a piece of clothing, the Merkaba is sure to get you thinking about the connection between light, the body and the spirit.


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