An Analytical Study of Feminism

Introduction to Feminism In the sixties, an explosion of print had disseminated a message of liberation. For women, said the brochures, the lesson was obvious. To be free, she must actively resist her conditioning by being sexually assertive, ambitious, and a doer. The ideology underlying the message of liberation was called feminism. Efforts to clarify and propagate the new creed … Read More

The Concept of Fifteen-Minute Cities

Introduction The main motivation for the proposal was to use the pandemic as a catalyst to propose a comprehensive solution for cities all over the globe including UK and USA, Canada and New Zealand that moves well beyond tweaks to the current habit of building more of the same onto the urban fabric. The proposal is therefore organized into five … Read More

What image should I use on my website? 

There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  There is some truth in that but there are some pictures that do and some that are of no purpose at all!  So how do you go about getting the right one?  Studies show that listings that include real people are more persuasive than those without.  People engage … Read More

How to deal with tailgaters

Tailgating. It’s dangerous. It’s annoying. It’s intimidating. It can be frightening. And it can happen at any time while you’re driving. If you’re on the road and another car is driving much too close to the back of yours, that’s tailgating. It greatly increases the risk of collision. In fact, one in six drivers have reported damage to their cars … Read More

How to Apply for Council Planning Permission

How to Apply for Council Planning Permission in the UK One day, you may feel like building an extension to your house. Maybe you need a few extra rooms for work or play. Maybe, if you have the land, you’d like to build a new house from scratch. Perhaps you already own a building, and you want to change its … Read More

Risks of Drinking Fluoride

Beware of what you are drinking from your tap water! A more balanced view – both ways! Fluoride is a natural mineral found in water in various amounts, depending on whereabouts in the UK you live. It is said to be useful in helping to prevent tooth decay and fortify your bones, hence its presence in many brands of toothpaste … Read More

Arguments for and Against Euthanasia in the UK

The word euthanasia means a gentle and easy death. In practice, it is the deliberate ending of a human life for compassionate reasons. At present, it is illegal in the UK and carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. Assisted suicide is perhaps the most well-known and controversial form of euthanasia, in which the patient takes the fatal overdose … Read More

How to protect against Online Scams

Tutorial on how to protect yourself against Online Fraud If there is one thing people do not like, it is being taken advantage of, especially when it results in the loss of money. Online scammers are becoming more creative in their ways of manipulating people and cheating them out of money and sometimes their personal details as well. They are … Read More

How to make extra money online

How to make a better living online for yourself! Everyone needs to make money. It’s a simple fact of life. In the age of the Internet, the opportunities to make money have steadily increased. Many methods are now available to us, but not all are safe or reliable. It is all too easy to fall victim to scams or misadventures. … Read More

Photography for Beginners

Have you ever looked through a photo album and marveled over particular pictures? Have you ever gazed upon a particular photo and considered it so uniquely attractive that you wished all your photography could be of that quality? Maybe you get a thrill from capturing a moment in time and preserving it for eternity. Maybe you just like going places … Read More