How to Treat Lipoedema

How to Treat Lipoedema Lipoedema occurs when an excess amount of fat builds up in your legs and, less commonly, in your arms. It is more often found in women and generally has an equal effect on both sides of the body. The process of building up is gradual. To begin with, the legs will appear heavy, the waist will … Read More

How to Improve a Child’s Mental Health

How to Improve a Child’s Mental Health Today, around one in ten children suffer with some kind of mental health problem, including depression and anxiety. The root cause of these problems is generally found in what is happening in their day to-day lives. Disturbingly, around 70% of these children and young people will not receive adequate levels of intervention and … Read More

Frequency illusion Explained

Frequency illusion Explained Imagine, for a minute, that you have just learned Tehran is the capital city of Iran. Prior to this, you knew absolutely nothing about Iran, its culture or its history. Now, virtually everyone you meet just so happens to be from Tehran. A strange phenomenon, to be sure. It all has to do with the memory and … Read More