Side Effects of Too Much Erythritol

Are you Consuming Too Much Erythritol? Erythritol is an amazing sugar substitute with very little difference from real sugar with NO calories. Erythritol is an artificial sweetener found in low-sugar and sugar-free foods. Its job is to replace sugar and calories in foods to make them more diet-friendly. It does not contribute to weight gain since the body does not … Read More

Treatment for Ligamentous Laxity

Help for Ligamentous Laxity – also known as knocking knees! Ligamentous laxity is a condition that gives people a greater degree of flexibility in their joints than usual. It can be advantageous for some people such as gymnasts and dancers, but for others it causes pain and other issues. The risk of dislocations is greater for example, there is instability … Read More

Natural Ways to Treat Body Odour

Non chemicals Ways to remove smelly Body Odour Body odour is something we are all conscious of having. It is unappealing, distracting and can deter people from wanting to spend time with us. Many of us opt for deodorants and similar products to combat it, but there are other, more natural ways, of treating body odour. First, consider wearing clothes … Read More

How to Treat Mildew on Apple Trees

Treating Mildew on Young Apple Trees! Powdery mildew is a constant threat to apple trees. While it won’t kill its host, it will cause severe damage to all component parts of the plant, including buds, blossoms, leaves and the fruit itself. If left untended, you run the risk of producing no fruit at all, so how do you combat this … Read More