Does carbohydrates dependency exist?

Carbohydrate Addiction Overconsumption of carbohydrates will cause untold amounts of problems within the system. With the consumption of bad fats, sugars and fast carbohydrates along with all the processed foods in packets and cans off your supermarket shelves; you are heading for a health disaster. A combination of bad carbohydrates, packets of nasty processed foods and all types of sugar … Read More

Dealing with Guilt & Shame

All emotions within the human being serve a purpose and are all related to fight or flight through our social evolution. For example, social paranoia, looking over our shoulder or thinking someone is talking about us, thinking badly about us or even them knowing something we would rather they did not know. This has its origins in fight or flight … Read More

How to Treat Canine Separation Anxiety

How to treat canine separation anxiety It really doesn’t need any dog behavioural expert to tell a dog owner that their dog’s suffering from separation anxiety as its reactions will be most obvious. The most common indication of dog separation anxiety is quite simply excessive barking and squawking often known as squealing vocalisation or in other words doggy crying when … Read More

The Psychology of Trolling

In the last 25 years life of the Internet, online abuse, online bullying, online hate and extreme criticism to others has grown explosively. Tens of thousands of youngsters all over the world have turned to suicide and ended their lives over online bullying and verbal abuse and most of this in the form of text, keystrokes in message forums and … Read More

Is Running Bad for You?

Running is an excellent form of exercise that will keep you fit and healthy provided you have no existing physical ailments and conditions. Running will enhance every part of your physical body and mind if carried out correctly. Does running cause knee injury? The answer is yes and no. If you have worn damaged or weak knees in the first … Read More