Benefit of using a Vibration Plate (Vibro-plate)

Health benefits of Exercise Vibration Plates!

If you are someone who is keen on maintaining their physical fitness, you may be aware of exercise vibration plates or vibro-plates. Perhaps there are a few in your gym now. You can incorporate its use into your warm-up, use it to further intensify your workout, or as a cooling-off exercise.

A vibration plate works by sending vibrations through all the muscles in your body at high speeds. This results in your muscles being stimulated at a higher rate than they normally would. Usually, your muscles will contract and relax no more than twice a second. With a vibration plate, however, this increases to between thirty and fifty times a second.

Vibration plates were originally developed in the 1960s for Soviet cosmonauts to keep their muscle mass while experiencing weightlessness in space. Prior to the vibration plate, they were required to spend around eight hours every day carrying out weight-bearing exercises. The plate helped to reduce this time by half.

Let us now consider some of the benefits that vibration plates offer. First, they can cut down the amount of time you spend exercising since your body has to work harder. Consequently, you will find yourself unable to maintain a position on the plate for as long as you would on other gym equipment, but this is offset by being able to attain your goals quicker due to your muscles’ increased rate of contraction.

Vibration plates are a low impact exercise. This means they are suitable for use by a wide range of ages, although eighteen years is the recommended minimum age, and levels of fitness. A vibration plate is an ideal way of building up your strength at a gentle pace and with a minimum risk of injury, since low impact exercises do not put weight on joints such as knees, hips and ankles.

If you are looking to lose weight, the use of a vibration plate is a useful aid in this regard. Even ten minutes a day can be enough. Since using a vibration plate is an intense workout, fat is burned at a higher rate due to your metabolism being boosted. It also strengthens the fibres in your muscles which results in an increased amount of energy being used during the exercise. When more energy is burned than consumed, fat from fat reserves begins to be used up. Nothing happens overnight, however, so get into a good routine and make sure you maintain a healthy diet too.

If you want to strengthen and build up your muscles, a vibration plate may come in handy. They are great alternatives to exercises such as weight training as they stimulate the muscles to contract at an accelerated pace, but without having to lift a great mass such as weights.

These are just some of the benefits offered by vibration plates. There are more. Why not ask at your local gym for advice and instructions on how to use the vibration plate, if it has one? See what it can do for you.


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