An Analytical Study of Feminism

Introduction to Feminism In the sixties, an explosion of print had disseminated a message of liberation. For women, said the brochures, the lesson was obvious. To be free, she must actively resist her conditioning by being sexually assertive, ambitious, and a doer. The ideology underlying the message of liberation was called feminism. Efforts to clarify and propagate the new creed … Read More

Factors Influencing Pricing in Extortionate Veterinary Care – Who disagrees?

Introduction Many studies measure determinants of success and survival across different types of private and government-based veterinary services, but none with factors that can influence the changes in prices. Not for the market concentration, not for the market share of the main firms in the main market, and either including that last variable or not, not for the economy and … Read More

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Introduction The late Dr. Milton H. Erickson is often seen as the father of (modern) Clinical Hypnotherapy, and his many direct and conversational approaches give practitioners from a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches the chance to explore pieces of his methods. Building up a recognition and appreciation of the basic tenets and principles of hypnotherapy offers a flexible set … Read More

Understanding Binge Eating

Causes, Consequences, and Treatment Options! Introduction Binge eating is one of the most common types of disordered eating behaviours. In extreme cases, binge eating leads to obesity, which is associated with numerous health risks. While obesity is relatively easy to identify and measure, the identification of binge eaters is often more difficult due to masking behaviours. Many people who are … Read More

The Health Benefits of Consuming Oregano

Introduction to Oregano Please note: Please see disclaimer far below. Before making any changes to your diet or medicine please first consult your doctor or GP. Oregano is available fresh or dried for cooking, and as an oil for health conditions. Researchers have identified compounds in oregano that may help in the treatment of some medical conditions. Oregano is a … Read More

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Introduction to Acupuncture Please note: Acupuncture is a protected title in the UK and the practitioner is required to be fully trained and qualified. When acupuncture as a standalone therapy does not produce the desired relief of symptoms, a blending of multiple modalities by the TCM practitioner can be more effective. Combination TCM modalities (and, to some extent, allopathic techniques) … Read More

The Concept of Fifteen-Minute Cities

Introduction The main motivation for the proposal was to use the pandemic as a catalyst to propose a comprehensive solution for cities all over the globe including UK and USA, Canada and New Zealand that moves well beyond tweaks to the current habit of building more of the same onto the urban fabric. The proposal is therefore organized into five … Read More

What image should I use on my website? 

There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  There is some truth in that but there are some pictures that do and some that are of no purpose at all!  So how do you go about getting the right one?  Studies show that listings that include real people are more persuasive than those without.  People engage … Read More