Is There Life After Death?

What you can be sure about is what you DON’T know about death! What you can be guaranteed of is that you will die, this experience of dying which you see and hear of others along with seeing funeral cars with a coffin in its rear passing you in the street is going to happen to us all, we are … Read More

Dangerous House Flies

The danger of the house fly is real! Question: Why do you think the common housefly is called a common housefly? Answer: Because it commonly lives in your house! Musca Domestica is the flies real name! Once you learn about the bacteria’s and diseases that the common housefly can bring to you and your family you may think differently about … Read More

Conspiracy Theories on 911

The definition of a conspiracy theory is that it is a belief that a secret, hidden and influential group or organisation has carried out or was responsible for an unexplained event or tragedy. According to applied psychology, people who believe in conspiracy theories otherwise known as conspiracy theorists carry a sense or lack control over their own lives. The amount … Read More

Fracking Extraction Dangers

Most people would now have heard of fracking and what it’s about. Most people would have got the gist of both sides of the argument where one side is saying it’s safe and it has been approved to go ahead and the other side is saying it is dangerous and can cause long-term deadly effects on the environment. The government … Read More

Ways to avoid a Speeding Fine?

First and foremost the police are essential to our everyday life, safety and security and this includes everybody in all walks of life irrespective of whether they agree with this or not. There are people who do like and respect the police and there are people who hate them for various reasons, often for good reason and many just because … Read More

Climate Change Argument

Are we really destroying the planet, or is it happening naturally anyway? We know that the billions of years the planet has gone through amazing catastrophic changes including the ice age, incredible heat events, meteorite damage, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis to name a few. Most publicised political and scientific reports regularly confirm that the human race is destroying our planet … Read More

The dark side of insurance

Does the dark side of insurance relate to insurance or human nature? Insurance companies today are regulated and required by law to comply with strict codes of ethics and good practice on many levels. Whichever way you look at it insurance practices have a dark side that members of the public don’t see. Take for example typical car insurance. Prior … Read More

Will Artificial Intelligence Awaken?

Will computers become self-aware? Is self-efficacy within AI a real concern? Will computers with a consciousness be realistically created? Stephen Hawkins believes we have something to be worried about and he fears this will happen! There are arguments for and against this possibility coming about! A possibility or fact – who can say? Artilects, artificial intelligence, self efficacy, self consciousness … Read More

We create our own monsters!

We do create our own monsters! What is it going to take for politicians to change the way they treat members of the public, their voters? Most politicians would argue that they don’t need to change much and that they believe they’re doing a pretty good job to the best of their abilities. Politician’s world over and especially in the … Read More