Does carbohydrates dependency exist?

Carbohydrate Addiction

Overconsumption of carbohydrates will cause untold amounts of problems within the system.

With the consumption of bad fats, sugars and fast carbohydrates along with all the processed foods in packets and cans off your supermarket shelves; you are heading for a health disaster.

A combination of bad carbohydrates, packets of nasty processed foods and all types of sugar and chemicals in most cases will lead to physical health conditions including excessive weight gain and unnecessary fat storing.

Most of the junk food people are consuming during the morning, afternoon, evening and night times and in between all these times, often called snacking will lead to terrible health conditions for many including blocked arteries, heart disease, unhealthy cholesterol levels and diabetes to name just a few.

Categories of food including nasty processed foods.

Natural wholesome food that has been untouched and unaltered is called class one food such as vegetables and chemical free meats.

Class two foods would be a mixture of natural wholesome food with sugars, flavourings and/or spices etc.

Class three foods would be foods like pizza, bread, sandwiches and filings.

Class four foods would be products such as spray cheese or spray cream in a can, fake sugary drinks that you mix with water, powdery packet potato mix, gravy, sugary chocolate bars, sweets and similar junk.

This category four food is the unhealthiest and is in reality NOT a food.

Category four food is a laboratory created mass of toxic poison that you put into your bloodstream and it contains fake or artificial sugars, salts, lab created flavourings such as monosodium glutamate, sucralose, aspartame, nasty artery blocking animal fats and other stroke inducing substances all mixed and congealed together to create a crunchy, gluey, sticky substance which messes about with our hunger triggers, hormones and plays havoc with your blood sugar and insulin levels and will lead to diabetes in a matter of years especially if you live on this type of poisonous junk food.

These types of carbohydrates over a period of a lifetime will often prove fatal.

Eating white refined carbohydrates daily such as white flour based in the form of pasta and bread will cause your naturally rising and falling blood sugar levels to crash and every time you experience a blood sugar drop you will end up craving more carbohydrates and sugars combined, thus leading to further problems including repeating this cycle in setting off further hunger triggers and so this cycle continues.

Living on this type of food will make you ill with serious health conditions such as blocked arteries/diabetes with many other knock-on effect symptoms all for the sake of the pleasure of the tongue.

Category one type foods such as wholesome vegetables and grains, whole grain rice, fruits and salads are the only carbohydrates you should be eating along with healthy proteins such as lean chicken and fish especially oily fish or plant-based foods if you’re a non-meat eater such as a vegetarianism etc.

If the bloodstream is clean and you’re eating category one or class one type foods then you shall have no cravings but any ingestion of sugar cane-based foods and bad carbohydrates will increase your hungers throughout the day.

The more you eat bad carbohydrates the more your blood sugar levels will drop and then you will crave more carbohydrates and more sugars to bring your blood sugar levels back up.

This is a automatic process operating in your system, the more sugars coming into the bloodstream from excessive carbohydrates and sugars then the more insulin is introduced into the bloodstream to clean out, flush out the excess carbs and sugars which are converting to blood sugar which will results in fuel for your body.

What are the negative effects of excess bad carbohydrates?

To many bad carbohydrates in an already overindulged body will certainly lead to excessive weight gain and high cholesterol which has a knock-on effect with heart disease, blocked arteries and the often warned about dreaded diabetes.

Carbohydrates ingested in excess immediately places a heavy metabolic load on your system and the demand placed on the rise and fall of blood sugar and insulin process becomes overloaded in the system which will in turn exasperate and accelerate what should be a naturally occurring hunger, triggers more hunger signals for you to eat.

These signals should be slow but become exaggerated so immediate cravings for satisfaction and gratification is imminent leading to gorging and snacking between meals.

People who are addicted to this process are likened to the addiction of heroin and will often be feeding the sugar and carbohydrate addiction every two hours throughout the day.

The worst type of carbohydrates and sugars you can put into your body are cans of fizzy fake sugar drinks with 1200 or 1500 cal per can and that goes higher for some of the energy drinks also loaded with caffeine.

The end result of excessive and constantly high levels of blood sugars maintained by gorging on junk food will result in excessive weight gain, excessive fat storing, low or very poor metabolic health and heart problems.

All carbohydrates differ and overconsumption of carbohydrates especially bad carbohydrates goes hand-in-hand with the deadly sugar cane or sugar beet ingestion. Contradictory to believe and irrespective of what you have been told sugar is not safe to eat!

Sugar cane should not be in the human bloodstream!

People who live with diets of category three and four type foods also live with the physical and to some extent mental or psychological side-effects of this food choice.

If you try to lose weight and keep failing on your diet it is because you are craving sugary foods and craving bad carbohydrates and the reason you are craving and subsequently failing your diet is because of the very foods you are eating.

Total transformation of the food you are eating is essential before you even consider dieting. Your system needs to be calmed down, settled and retrained to eat healthy balanced wholesome whole grain foods which can be life changing, totally transforming and weight loss will be a positive side-effect for this healthy eating.

You’re tired all the time

If you’re tired all the time and have low energy often called fatigue, it may just be because of the diet you are on. (Warning – Always consult your doctor or GP before making any changes to your diet).

Excessive bad carbohydrates eating often shows itself in the form of fatigue as it is putting so much stress or affect on blood glucose.

Due to the process of insulin entering the bloodstream in excess and blood sugars dropping very fast, not only will energy levels take a drop but mood also lowers and that includes motivation, sense of well-being and personal worth, self-esteem, body image and possibly then enhances states of depression in those already prone to depression.

Due to the vast rise and fall in blood sugars, energy levels, fatigue and mood, there is evidence that mood disorders may develop as a knock-on effect.

Experiments undertaken with highly tuned fit athletes who ate nothing but chocolates, pizza, bread and white rice for a day felt absolutely dreadful for 48 hours after, sluggish, lethargic, groggy and tired with excessive toilet bout trips and that is saying something about this type of food!

Brain fog

Lab research has shown through experimentation the sudden and excessive highs and lows of what’s going on in the body can lead you to develop low concentration spans of forgetfulness. Researchers who investigated the effects of junk food on the mind have discovered a link between excessive carbohydrate and sugar consumption on brain and mind impairment.

Long-term health damage

The bottom line is this, if you eat category three and four foods especially category four foods every day, you are heading for an early grave. There’s enough evidence around to show the link between food related diseases, ill-health hospitalisation, medication needs, strokes, heart attacks and all the accompanying diabetic symptoms that follow on all because of bad food choices.

The solution

Vast amounts of books are written on the subject of healthy, diets, remedies and solutions but still the addiction continues.

The answer can be very straightforward and that is you make a choice to start eating healthy food, you just make a choice.

Take a look at how bodybuilders eat, athletes eat, long-distance runners, weightlifters, sports people need, those who practise meditation, or yoga. Take a look at their diets and see how healthy they are. They are not addicted to bad carbohydrates and sugars because they’re not eating them.

If you eat them you will become addicted and dependant on this junk food.

It’s the eating of bad foods that causes all these problems.

It’s the eating of these bad carbohydrates and sugars which sets your body up to demand more and more of the same which leads to more and more of the above.

The solution is you just make a choice to eat healthily.

The health industry will still tell you it’s safe to eat their products especially in moderation!

If you’re craving and gorging food all the time it’s because of the food you eating and what it’s doing to your hunger triggers. Your hunger triggers or hunger signals are being magnified because of this type of food.

What’s it going to take for people to make better choices? The amount of information freely available on the health risks of eating this type of food is huge.

How long did it take for health campaigners to get warning labels placed onto cigarette packets and for members of the public to realise the dangers of smoking?

50 years it took for warning messages to be placed on cigarette packets that state ‘Warning, smoking causes lung cancer’.

Eating junk food seven days a week for decades will cause disease and illness within you because you are addicted to that food.

The health and food industry agencies that approves all foods on sale as passed and being safe for human consumption!

Please do your own research! You have a choice.


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