What Are the Akashic Records?

There are many different explanations for what the Akashic Records are. In essence, they are supposed to be a comprehensive compendium of the thoughts, words and deeds of every person who has lived; in the past, the present and the future. There are no punishments listed in the records, they are merely a record of the journey of each soul.

Another way of looking at the Akashic Records is to view them as a mirror that reflects our decisions and desires back at us, helping us to understand how these actions have impacted on our lives.

One of the earliest references to the Akashic Records comes from Helena Blavatsky. In the late nineteenth century, she founded the Theosophical movement which combines elements of eastern religions with the belief that Truth is the highest of all religions. She claimed to have learned about the Records from Tibetan monks, who informed her that they could be found in the ‘akasha’, the fifth space element and the source of material reality. The word ‘akasha’ comes from the Sanskrit language and translates to ‘ether’, ‘sky’ and ‘atmosphere’.

Another early believer in the Akashic Records was the metaphysician, Rudolf Steiner. He proposed that every deed, word and thought of every person who has lived, who is living and who will live in the future is preserved in etheric realms.

The physicist Ervin Laszlo attempted to analyse the Records from a scientific point of view. His conclusion was ideals such as harmony can find their roots in the akasha. He presented his findings in his Akasha Paradigm,

Reputedly, the Akashic records can be accessed by certain individuals, typically mediums who conduct seances. According to the belief of occultists, if you can access these records, you can see, hear, feel and otherwise interact with things that have happened in the past.

You can connect with the soul of another person. Those who claim to be able to read the Records say it is a very personal and spiritual experience, a conversation with one’s Higher Self.

Another view which is common to those who subscribe to the existence of the Akashic Records is that accessing them assists us in understanding ourselves. We are thus able to confront the various phobias and fears that affect us in our lives.

They also supposedly help us to identify the reasons why we seemingly attract certain types of people and situations in our lives. Based on the knowledge the Records provide, we can begin to take steps to modifying our lives and making better choices.

It should be noted, however, that no evidence exists to prove the existence of the Akashic Records. Even those figures, such as Blavatsky, Steiner and the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who helped to popularise the notion of the Records, wrote reports that contradicted one another.


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