Why diets don’t work?

If diets worked, there would be no multi-billion pound dieting industry in place!

Dieting does not work for most people and that is why there is a multi-billion pound dieting industry serving the needs of people who keep dieting and failing miserably!

The way you eat food is the result of many factors all working at the same time within you and for most of the time you may not even be aware of any of it. This includes your psychological and emotional make up; your anxiety and stress levels and so on.

It’s not just one thing where you feel hungry and you go and eat something. Your unconscious mind is playing heavily in how you eat, when you eat and what you eat, all your choices and selections are influenced by the information you have stored up within your mind or memory banks.

This is your survival programming running in the background all the time and any interruption or disturbance can produce resistance in your everyday eating habits, whether that’s toward good or bad foods, it doesn’t matter, any interruption or a denial of calories can result in cravings or unnecessary excessive hungers or in other words chasing after sugars and gratification, satisfaction and stimulation from the pleasure that food personally provides you with due to the balance that has been lost.

This is one of the main reasons why diets don’t work. To put it another way, this is one good reason that diets don’t work long-term because you are going against the grain, you’re entering into an unnatural different state even if you’re earlier eating habits were unhealthy and bad for you.

Your body and mind will put back what you’ve taken away if you don’t do it correctly. This is why we tend to overcompensate and crave other foods especially if we enter into a deprivation of calories state.

Our unconscious mind will find ways of putting our calories back by leading us to take notice of other foods, naughty foods packed with fat and sugar, slowly but surely it will.

There’s been some outstanding research over the last 50 years which proves without doubt that clinical and psychological experiments and sound studies reveal that diets don’t work and that 90/95%% of all the dieters weight loss will be regained within the following months up to a year.

Of course dieting is going to work for some people and that’s going to be a small proportion of the general public, if you are within that small category then good luck to you.

Going on a diet is temporary and so are the results. If dieting worked then we would all be slim and the dieting industry would disappear but have you stopped to think just for a moment how enormous the dieting industry is? How successful and affluent it is?

The dieting industry is worth multi-billions of pounds in profits and turnover per year simply because diets don’t work and people believe they do. People need to give it a try and although they worked temporarily the need is still there to fuel the industry because people are constantly battling with themselves, arguing with themselves over wanting to eat certain foods and resisting the urges and becoming ever more increasingly unhappy resulting in a return to old habits.

Most diets work only on a short-term basis because they’re not structured around a long-term weight reduction; they are focused on quick and fast solutions to getting the fat out of your fat cells and your body and mind does not like that.

There’s a whole array of reasons why you are the way you are, the size you are, the weight you are. Your mind and body are regulating and maintaining your weight by the influencing the choices you make which all stem from the need for satisfaction and the comfort or the happiness food brings you.

Dieting causes you to go against the grain which can lead to internal battles and struggles which you can only tolerate for so long – this is what we call yo-yo dieting.

One of the first things that will happen when you go on a diet is your body will slow down your fat burning processes.

People who exercise daily or even obsessively eat lots of food prior to the workout in order to fuel their workouts to speed up fat burning, that food is used to burn off the fat around the body – you need food to fuel the workouts.

Deprivation of calories will lead to the storing of fat. Now your body is working against you not for you.

Any sudden or unexpected reduction in calorie intake is in effect a perceived threat to our survival. Remember, your unconscious mind is looking out for you all the time, running in the background and if your normal intake of food has been interrupted it will slow down the fat burning process in an attempt to keep you alive.

It’s an automatic process.

For most people dieting is no fun and can make us grumpy and soon after when the stress appears we reach for the food again as food will always comfort.

Understanding this will help to burn off fat in a healthier way combined with daily exercise and good healthy nutritional food. You can slowly and progressively burn off fat and reduce the cravings safely. Keeping away from sugary foods along with bad carbohydrates and at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day is the way to go.

Reducing food and denying you the pleasure of that type of food and accompanying high calories without any exercise is almost doomed to failure. Dieting brings into play other things within you which will only result in a conflict which will lead you back to the foods you love.
There are many healthy ways of losing weight and for many people the obstacle is your mind which includes self-doubt, brick walls and lack of education and knowledge on the best way forward.

Taking the advice of anyone who is healthy and fit and trains every day will tell you how important it is to put in at least six days a week exercise.
You cannot realistically do this without at least 30 minutes exercise a day, ideally 60 minutes. If diets worked then there would be no dieting industry which is worth billions!

This industry exists because you do not know what is going on inside you when you diet. Denial of calories and no exercise is a short term fix, failure will follow and a return to where you where is inevitable.

To lose weight long term requires a complete life style change, daily exercise on an ongoing basis, good healthy amazing foods and plenty of it without sugars, bad fats and carbs.

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