The health benefits of garlic

Garlic contains vitamins C and B6, selenium, manganese and alicin and is said to be a super food with great health benefits.

Current scientific evidence now shows that garlic is beneficial in reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, strokes, common cold and certainly high blood pressure.

As a rule of thumb the benefits are going to be small but nevertheless somewhat significant and anyone with poor health should consider anything that will enhance your quality of physical well-being.

There are also suggestions that garlic links towards cancer prevention however this is something else altogether.

The bottom-line is garlic eating on a daily basis is certainly going to be beneficial to your bloodstream and anything positive and cleansing that you can put into your bloodstream should be aimed for.

If you’re going to ingest garlic then it’s better to consume garlic in its natural uncooked form.

Some people eat four cloves of garlic a day by swallowing the pieces whole with water.

The main compound within garlic is allicin and the amount needed for health benefits would be equivalent to 4 cloves of garlic eaten daily.

Supplement doses must be high to have these same desired effects.

Cooking garlic in any form destroys its quality and its medicinal properties the same with cooking any food therefore the best way to take garlic is to swallow them like you would a pill with water however this is not always easy to do especially if they get stuck in your throat which can make you gag!

The alternative is to use garlic supplements but again garlic supplements are going to be miles away from the natural wholeness of the original unaltered garlic clove.

Evidence now suggests that there is strong evidence that garlic will prevent the common cold over any other product you can buy on the market. Perhaps the common cold is actually the mythological vampire we’ve all heard about.

Scientific evidence also suggests that there is a beneficial link that garlic may protect against bowel and stomach cancers but further studies and research is required to prove this. Evidence is promising though.

Eating garlic daily will improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels which will all have a positive and beneficial knock-on effect in reducing cardiovascular diseases and all associated heart related and blood related disorders.

BP – High blood pressure!

If you’re reading this with an interest in blood pressure reduction, remember your blood pressure is in some way associated to not only your lifestyle and stress levels but is associated to your life diet, the amount of salt you have taken in and the bad food you have eaten throughout your life will never help.

Where we born with high blood pressure? Do babies or small children have problems with high blood pressure? Or is this maybe an adult problem?

Salt is your biggest problem and contradictory to false belief, salt should not be in your bloodstream for any reason and if you put salt in your bloodstream you are putting your health at risk but we all do it, we all eat processed foods and most processed foods contain high amounts of salt let alone anything else.

Try replacing salt with at least a low-salt, sodium reduced version or mix garlic, lemon and lime juice, chili and spices or herbs to your food instead.

Before considering incorporating pieces of garlic into your diet with the intention of reducing blood pressure, it is essential that you pay immediate attention to how much salt you are ingesting!

Garlic is a plant and a cousin of the onion family.

People either love garlic or hate it and even lovers of garlic can’t tolerate the smell on other’s breath however if you can swallow the garlic cloves in water you should bypass the smelly breath issue but be warned swallowing them can cause them to get stuck in your throat momentarily which can result in an overwhelming aroma in your oesophagus!

  • Garlic contains antioxidants and evidence suggests this may help prevent certain dementia’s.
  • Garlic also helps protect your body against ageing.
  • Garlic is helpful with lethargy and fatigue and is said to improve energy levels.
  • Garlic is also helpful for human bone health and growth!


If you suffer from any health condition such as high blood pressure and hypertension and are on medication then do not alter your diet or ingest large amounts of garlic without consulting your doctor/GP first.

This information is provided for information purposes only and must not be relied upon as being fact.

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