Self Harm Management Therapy Course

Self Harm Management Therapy!

This Self harm behaviour course teaches that harming the self can be anything from harming one’s body skin, self poisoning to extreme self destruction such as suicide.

Self harm otherwise known as self injury is an anxiety driven behaviour of purposefully harming one’s body usually the surface of the skin such as penetrating cutting or burning the skin.

There are many different levels of self harming where each individual practices their own unique and individual type of self injury.

From any non-self harming person’s point of view the act of piercing, cutting or burning the skin can be seen as horrific and makes no sense at all but from the actual sufferer’s point of view, there is more taking place within that person’s mind than can be outwardly observed such as extreme anxiety, overwhelming urges, fear with rushes and surges of energy, stomach turning or an adrenaline release.