Junk Food Addiction – 4 Things you must do!

There’s a very good chance that you and others are looking at this page to determine the first few lines to see if it really does match up to the title or you may be looking to become dismissive and critical of the usual content related to dieting which is often far-fetched, non-applicable to you, absolutely will not work for you or is just another ridiculous fad diet.

There are four things that need to be taken care of in order to have successful weight loss and if any of these four things are lacking or in question then there is a higher chance of not having success with your weight loss plan.

If you’re overweight and have excessive amount of body fat then there is a good chance that you’ve tried everything or at least that may be your way of thinking, that you’ve tried everything, you’ve done all the diets and you have failed miserably many times over and you have possibly yo-yoed many times too, took the weight off and then put it back on and you are now hopelessly disillusioned or reluctant to have to go through all that again.

Many nutritionists will tell you things which are sound and make sense but they won’t work for you which is the mistake many make in telling you what’s right for them or what they think is right for you based on them and miss the key area on how the food makes you feel because your reasons are unique to you!

Most nutritionists, weight loss experts or even personal trainers along with therapists are educating people who need help based on what they think is right for you or what they know works for them and so on.

Of course this doesn’t apply to all nutritionists and therapists but it does apply to many.

If you’re seriously overweight and hold a view that could be described as – you’ve tried everything and nothing works which is a common sentence that comes out of the thinking of many overweight people.

The reality is you haven’t tried everything but it just feels like you tried everything and as far as you may know there is not much more you can do.

But WHY, is the question that has to be answered, why are you not successful in your weight loss or why are you failing in your endeavour to slim down, when you know all you have to do is stop eating bad food and exercise more?

These following four things must be taken care off before you can even begin to lose weight.

Firstly, one of the worst things you can do as a dieter is come off high fat, bad carbohydrates, salt and sugar laced foods and go straight onto high-quality healthy food such as fruits and vegetables or salads. Yuk!

The heavy sugar and fat foods that you are used to are needed on several levels and that includes physiological, psychological, mental and emotional and unconsciously.

Make no mistake, your mind plays more of a part in your need for food then you actually know.

If you start to eat high-quality healthy food your body will start to experience unpleasant sugar crashes or in other words serious cravings for the very food you just got rid of.

If you’re eating crisps and chocolates along with cakes and drinking litres of sugary drinks like cola or lemonade which is loaded with fake sugars like sucralose and aspartame along southern fried chicken, pizzas and curries with daily fry ups along with greasy fat on the bacon and cheese on toast dripping in more butter or fat not to mention the sugary sweets and all the other little tit-bits you eat in between and then go straight on to apples and oranges with bananas and pineapple, vegetables and proteins such as fish and chicken or beef then all you will do is crash to the floor and crave sugars along with feeling seriously deprived.

The one thing that type of food is doing for you it’s giving you a big comforting hug.

Food gives you a hug.

Junk food and its near relatives are giving you a daily hug. That delicious fat laced pizza or sugary food is providing you with such a sedating, relaxing and comforting feeling of such deliciousness, you want more of it!

And it is this very food which could give you a heart attack or stroke because it is blocking arteries.

Or at least if you are lucky you may only develop type II diabetes among the list of nasty physical symptoms that await the junk food addict!

An understanding must be placed on the seriousness that you place on junk food. Heavily overweight people place such emphasis and importance on high calorie junk food and it’s easy for any nutritionist to just tell you to stop eating it without dealing with the emotional or psychological dependency you have on this type of food.

Before you begin any weight loss plan, you need to drop off some of the types of food your eating and work your way down slowly so that when you do start your diet plan you’ve only got some things to remove as opposed to everything in one great go.

You must replace the nasty junk food with high amounts of healthy wholesome food and not replace the junk food with rabbit food or just low calorie fruit and vegetables. This must be done slowly and proportionally so that you don’t feel deprived.

You must replace the high calorie junk food with high calorie healthy food and if you’re heavily overweight then eating as much as you want on and off throughout the day of the healthy food is KEY, this is the way to go because this way you are still furnishing your body with high calories but not with the nasty and empty junk food calories. This way you are minimising or avoiding the sugar crashes.


This is number one – avoid food that causes sugar crashes and eat plenty of good wholesome food regularly AND be sure to exercise too.

Eat plenty of healthy food throughout the day and frequently throughout the day without allowing yourself gaps to get hungry.

Bodybuilders and fitness fans eat all day long and their body goes into fat burning mode along with the exercise in their daily working out.
Fuel the body to lose weight not starve it!

If you feel dismissive of this advice then the question has to be asked is how do bodybuilders eat six or eight meals a day and still remain lean?


Number two is you must have a solid reason or a goal to lose the weight. You must actually have a sound reason which is strong enough for you to refer to when you start having thoughts of eating junk food again, which you will!

Most people such as fitness addict’s and bodybuilders have one powerful reason or goal that keeps them away from the junk food, which by the way they would also love to eat junk food but they won’t because they’re chasing after that perfect body.

Even athletic types have goals in trying to reach or to increase their performance and success in their sport.

The point is they have a very strong reason to keep training and pushing to reach their goal without ever allowing fat to store around their body but eat really well.

The people who are into cardio, fitness and body building often have body image issues or are seriously concerned about being anything less than has as attractive as they can be.

This is why it’s so important to have a reasonable and realistic goal and that will be what you refer to when you have doubts or thoughts of returning to the junk food.


Thirdly your mental state, if you’re feeling depressed or low in yourself. This will get in the way of any weight loss plan because the food may be acting as a comfort and it’s satisfying both conscious and unconscious needs and provides fulfilment.
This may need to be taken care of first.


And fourthly being browbeaten or encouraged to eat by others especially in social gatherings or situations.

If you’re eating out or at a family gathering others will try to push food onto you has though they don’t want to be the odd one out and they will make you feel odd or guilty for not joining in with their intake type of food!

Disclaimer: You must consult your GP or doctor first before embarking on any dieting, exercise or weight loss plan. We accept no responsibly. This information is for information and motivational purposes only.

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