Fracking Extraction Dangers

Most people would now have heard of fracking and what it’s about. Most people would have got the gist of both sides of the argument where one side is saying it’s safe and it has been approved to go ahead and the other side is saying it is dangerous and can cause long-term deadly effects on the environment.

The government is telling us it’s safe and it is been approved and tested. Surely this must be true, the government would never lie to us would they? Does the government ever lie to its people; they always tell the truth don’t they?

The government will place whatever they need to place into the minds of the population whatever it takes often looking at the overall picture and financial gain of things several years down the line.

When something has to be put in place, especially if it results in billions of pounds turnover they will present us with an agenda and put it in place no matter what.

The government and all the independent bodies are telling us that fracking is safe and it has been approved as safe and a new way to provide fuel for the future which we would all rely on and use, let’s not forget that.

Then there are others such as Greenpeace and organisations that care about the planet and the environment and they are telling us that fracking is deadly, dangerous and a toxic nightmare.

Also there are those in between such as the ill informed general members of the public who know nothing more than read a few articles or stories and have taken on board information which has been passed to them through the media or from concerns through certain organisations that are saying that fracking is safe or dangerous.

Also let’s not forget the public do like conspiracy and the drama around it. It is in our nature to make a mountain out of a mole hill over the slightest thing especially when there could be potential consequences long term for us all. It is in our nature to be alarmist, dramatic and believe in conspiracy and it is these developing ways of distrust about the powers that be that keep us on our toes to keep this vigilance.

Being dramatic, alarmist or engaging in unfounded or partly founded beliefs such as conspiracy, paranoia and agendas are just another inbuilt way of remaining vigilant as a society and enjoying the process of exploring things at the same time which may not be true – this keeps us safe as a species!

It is in our nature to engage in all sorts of justification and theories and even argue that the theories are not theories but real and then breaking down the narrative into various components and exploring each individual component to give it meaning and justification. The population does this collectively especially when there is a real justified concern or issues that we need to take notice of such as fracking.

Can the government be trusted?

The law of average is the same has a throw of the dice that the government can’t be trusted on what they tell us. Just as a rule of thumb there is a high chance that we would be wise not to trust the government and the investigative agencies that inform us that things are okay when they are probably not.

Who would you rather listen to – the government or Greenpeace?

The truth

Fracking is a deadly and radioactive toxic nightmare!

High levels of water play a big part in the process of fracking and this water becomes toxic and radioactive causing a nasty contamination to the surrounding soil.

Additionally, chronic air pollution is another by-product of this process along with thousands of deep wells and hundreds of miles of pipes placed underground with drilling wells/working stations destroying the beautiful untouched countryside along with aesthetically changing the landscape forever. Do we care?

Some will also argue that this is contributing to climate change all to produce a fuel which will only last a few decades.

Fuel is running out so fracking is the new easy energy extraction method.

Energy extraction from the planet is high on the list of must haves, it is essential that we find more fuels and unfortunately at whatever cost to wildlife and human life/health including the planets condition.

Anyone living in the vicinity of fracking will be blighted by a toxic shadow with irreversible consequences for many years to come even after the fuel has run out.

Make no mistake, those that are arguing that it’s safe or it is safe to some extent are wrong, there is evidence now mounting to show that this process of fuel extraction called fracking is the first of several methods of extracting fuel from the planet and as we as a population become familiar, accustomed and desensitised to the drama of its appearance we will then be presented with further extreme extraction methods worse than fracking which will include the removal of mountains, deeper deepwater drilling, methane hydrates and oil shale to name a few to extract the last energy from our planet and again at whatever cost.

All processes of extracting energy from the planet involve placing unsightly wells across the countryside that are interspersed at various locations and involve extreme drilling processes using high volumes of water which will contaminate the ground around.

It is now being reported that just to replace one offshore oil well in the sea will require hundreds of fracking wells/drilling stations to produce the same amount of fuel.

Millions if not billions of gallons of water will be blasted into the earth with chemicals and sand injected using huge amounts of pressure to draw out the fuel.

Is it really safe?

Have no doubt that all man-made constructions such as steel constructions will eventually leak due to rust, cement degradation and rotting or decay of all man-made structures and through natural deterioration due to the surrounding elements and whether, this will happen.

Where is all this radioactive and toxic waste going to go? Who is going to dispose of it and where will it be disposed of or will it just be left in the ground for decades to come? What will happen then?

Even now people have breathing difficulties around other similar industrial plants, even people living next to electric pylons often associate ill-health and cancer towards them.

Evidence is showing that brain/neurological/cancer and reproductive problems in both humans and animals are highly likely as chemicals will be released into and then from the ground and up into the air. Will it not?

How can these organisations stop this from happening?

How can they stop contaminated water getting into our drains and into our water works, farms, crops which is also all connected to our drinking water?

We will have to prove it will stay quiet! Blessed are those who believeth before the proof, has the saying goes!

Climate catastrophe or just conspiracy?

Alarmist thinking or making a mountain out of a mole hill?

When contaminated toxic water is injected into the ground under extreme pressure the wastewater of this process is being sent deep underground to be left there.

Do you think it will stay there?

The government is telling us this is safe, surely they would never lie to us?

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