Conspiracy Theories on 911

The definition of a conspiracy theory is that it is a belief that a secret, hidden and influential group or organisation has carried out or was responsible for an unexplained event or tragedy.

According to applied psychology, people who believe in conspiracy theories otherwise known as conspiracy theorists carry a sense or lack control over their own lives.

The amount of people who believe in conspiracy theories is staggering and there are more people who believe in unfounded or unproven events that were caused by secret organisations that were not.

The majority of conspiracy theories often appear after tragedies or events on grand scales. Usually at a time when there is fear as a result of terrorism, natural disasters and financial chaos.

Psychology suggests that when people do not have control over certain situations or events their energy tends to go into analysis on what they think happened and who may be responsible for such an event. People seem to put together links to find meaning in a fantastical sort of way.

Experiments have shown many times over that the more you give control to subjects undertaking psychological and laboratory controlled experiments the less likely they are to believe in conspiracy theories or in other words the more control a person has the less suspicious they are about the motives or agenda and involvement of people in the creating of events around them including governments and organisations such as the Secret Service and so on.

Remember the pre-2000 the millennium bug!

Because there was an air of or sense of impending or looming disaster, people were coming up with all sorts of amazing theories of what might happen such as planes falling out of the sky and whilst this sounds ridiculous people seem to have a need to have these fantastical beliefs running alongside normal everyday commonsense and intellect because it evokes a sense of heightened awareness and alertness that makes us keep our wits about us and this is directly linked to self protection of us all as a species both individually and collectively.

We are programmed both psychologically and genetically throughout evolution to run to save others’ lives without thinking about it such as running into disasters or accidents where we then knowingly risk our own lives to save others.

Holding certain beliefs creates better understanding and control and this is the result of literally the opposite. Make no mistake before you criticise this because it is not the content you may want to dismiss, it is the state that is evoked, it is the actual mindset we enter into or need irrespective of the content, sort of like the raw basics are at work and it is this mindset which is required when we are in a society or an environment which creates uncertainty about disaster or killings such as in the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

Things make things happen whatever the content is about, these things collectively produce certain states of mind and certain thinking follows which ultimately makes us more vigilant about ourselves and our fellow man. It is that simple in a nutshell.

Conspiracy theories that hit the top of the list are things like the Kennedy assassination, governments hiding the fact that there are UFOs and aliens among us and that 911 was orchestrated by some Secret Service or hidden side of the government to place an agenda on its people for some ulterior motive often linked to mass financial gain or possibly related to oil in other lands and so on.

Other examples are people believing that certain organisations are holding back evidence on the releasing of natural cures for cancer and the like and drug companies making grand profits out of the suffering and disease of the human race.

Again this link appears when we need to protect both the individual and the masses collectively where people believe governments and associated organisations who are given power to have the final say on matters such as stopping the public from benefiting from certain scientific discoveries because billions of pounds will be lost if certain medical cures were released into the public domain.

Conspiracy theorising is in our nature and that is universal across the globe, people have a natural urge to start becoming suspicious of groups and secret organisations which tend to have some power which could be sinister, evil or hostile if push comes to shove obviously for the greater good of course!

Whenever there is a feeling of forced control over us from other organisations which seemingly have a power to have the final say on us in what is and isn’t allowed or granted among the masses or which relates to any kind of denial of services or treatment, medication, support and help for the sick, impoverished and needy especially when it just don’t make any real logical sense to us, then there is often seeds of doubt that are sown which can germinate into universal and collective beliefs and grow out of all proportion with millions of people adding to that way of thinking thus reinforcing endlessly the conspiracies at hand.

The 911 Tragedy

The 911 event is now one of the most dominant disasters of this century and will go down in history as one of the most controversial events of all time. There is literally no one in the Western world who doesn’t know of this event which had produced a mass vigilance across the world at that time as to how this could have happened, a mere few men with an agenda caused all this by hijacking aeroplanes?

What amazing skill and planning these few men had to create such carnage and suffering – all for their beliefs!

The debate still rages on as to what really happened. It is estimated that over a quarter of Americans do not believe the official story and it has also been estimated that over 90% of the rest of the world also does not believe the official story!

When the events unfolded the media quite simply informed us that some aeroplanes had gone into a high rise building and it seems plausible that the exploding fuel would be enough to bring down this building until seeds of doubt were sown and other ideas were thrown into the mix and that seemingly logical reasons and causes were being questioned.

Certain growing evidence does still exist to disprove the official version of the story on what really happened.

Nano Thermite (volatile explosive – explosive evidence) was located in the debris at ground Zero.

Structural engineers and experts do not believe that the steel construction could have collapsed like it did without explosives and that the amount of fuel on the planes could in no way have brought down two buildings of such solid construction, part collapse yes but not total collapse of both the Twin Towers so accurately and timely.

Several hundred and credible firefighters with high levels of integrity have provided witness testimonies to bombs and explosions being seen at the event. That is hundreds of credible firefighters saying this!

Even three weeks after the attacks, fierce fires were still burning and that the steel girders were melting and running into liquid.

The architects who were involved in building the Twin Towers gave tremendous attention to many natural and man-made disasters including terrorist bombs, earthquakes and the possibility of airplanes crashing into them.

Trillions of dollars were involved in the building of the Twin Towers and do you think every conceivable and inconceivable possibility of an event wasn’t taken care of which includes the possibility of airplanes crashing into the buildings, bearing in mind that mathematically that actually could happen even as an accident especially in fog or the dark etc.

Jetliners according to the architects could not have caused the complete collapse of these buildings. These buildings were built to withstand these scenarios.

Many people who also had apparently solid evidence to say things had been mysteriously killed in one form or other.

There are two sides to this story and both sides are very powerful and it seems the arguments and battle rages on for the sole purpose of humans entering into that state of mind, that mindset where we collectively raise our levels of vigilance against harm to us as a species irrespective of the content.

Both sides of the argument question each other’s facts and evidence and neither will win the debate until unquestionable proof is found to show that 911 was deliberately caused.

Surprisingly no amount of proof to show that 911 was caused deliberately will put this to rest as you can see it’s the other way around.

  • If it was deliberately caused then the amount of people that would have been involved plus the tons of explosives that would have been needed to bring down both towers with such tremendous force and accuracy would just not have been possible and the secret and hidden amount of work that would have been involved in this along with the amount of people that would have had to have been silenced would have been impossible.

There are just a few simple views which show that it just could not be possible to make this happen without anyone knowing including by-passing all they natural everyday security that was in place and the thousands of people that came and went every hour, seven days a week! Could it?

Imagine how many people would have had to have been involved and bearing in mind how easy it is for any human being to crack under pressure especially after a decade has past and do you think for a moment that just one of these many people involved in this secret and sinister event would not have come forward to spill the beans or to reveal their guilt as to what they did or how they were involved in this mess especially when millions of dollars were put on the plate by the media or even a book deal for such a whistle blower to appear out of the woodwork.

If you were involved in such a terrible and sinister orchestration would you eventually come forward and make yourself a million with a new secret life as part of the tell all deal!

Not one person to date has come forward with such a revelation!

They would have, wouldn’t they? They just would have, wouldn’t they?

But they haven’t so the question is why?

It is in our absolute nature to crack or change our mind; it just wouldn’t be mathematically possible to keep all these people involved in this so silent.

How could anyone involved in such a sophisticated operation with such accuracy ever get away with it in the open with thousands of people passing by every day with high levels of security which were already in place including cameras and security teams and sniffer dogs?

Perhaps just a few men who are highly trained over a period of years did manage to do this but how and why?

It’s when you start asking simple logical questions, conspiracy theories start to fall apart.

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