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You tried everything and failed miserably and you’ve given up. Nothing works, you’ve yo-yoed on all the diets and you are as miserable as sin eating rabbit food.

Can’t lose weight? You’ve done all the exercising, you bought the exercise bike or the treadmill, you went to the aerobics or dance class and you joined a gym but you still put the weight back on and now you are further away from any kind of motivation than you ever were! Nothing works, you’ve done it all!

What’s the point?

These are the views and experiences of many overweight people.
We justify our reasons and make up excuses as to why we can’t do it.

What is the truth on this?

What’s the default reason were overweight? Is there one?

Too many calories in and not enough out!

There are more calories coming in than you’re burning off.

It sounds simple and it is but that’s difficult to accept because we need a more complex and profound reason, there has to be more complex and profound ‘reasons’ to justify our failure at dieting.

So why do so many people keep falling on the diets and keep putting the weight back on?
Because we like eating, we love our food and we keep eating all the delicious wrong foods and we just enjoy food too much as it stimulates and satisfies our needs which are emotional and psychological and physical = our feelings.

Food makes us feel something!

In fact, food can take away stress or feelings of tension, our edginess or worry and even quieten down anxiousness after a hard day’s work. As soon as we eat a high calorie junk meal we start to relax and settle.

Pushing against these reasons can make dieting difficult because we would be doing something that we don’t want to do, a sort of going against the grain.

Why can some people do it easily and others can’t?

Some would say it’s a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism or some have a thyroid problem who are overweight or it could be an inability to exercise and so on.

Within your lifestyle you eat a certain way and a certain type of food at a certain time of day and the type of food you eat and enjoy is connected to other things in your life, in other words your body and your mind and the way you feel, the way you enjoy food is all regulated and if you try to change that, your body and mind will push back against the changes to reset you to how you are programmed to be according to your lifestyle and your needs which again is psychological, emotional and mental.

And all these things affect the amount of calories you take in.

If you try to alter the balance of your body’s needs or in the case of an overweight person, the imbalance, your body/mind/regulation/system will drive you back bit by bit to your set regulation, your default state.

An example of this could be giving up takeaways which are really high in bad carbohydrates, sugars and fats and these foods hit the spot fast as they stimulate and satisfy and fulfil you and if you haven’t got that food type and try to use another type of food, you will be in effect going against the grain on how your body is trying to regulate you based on your preferences, your particular taste, hunger triggers, blood sugar levels, your particular calorific needs, motor activity, emotional and psychological structure etc. All these things play a part in your choices and your needs.

Everything within your lifestyle and your choices are all regulated by your entire system and everything is working together.

Your system working together may very well be imbalanced and inaccurate and it is this imbalance which is your actual balance point, although faulty, whether it’s hindering you or working against you it is still your default balance point. In other words your regulation is all off canter or offset.

If all of a sudden you go onto a high fruit and salad diet, you will be in effect de-toxing, by eating these healthy foods your body will start to clean out as the high-end nutrients in the fruits and salads will cause you to have blood sugar crashes very fast which will result in cravings which will lead you to want to put back the bad carbohydrates, sugars and fats that your body was feeding off, storing and burning up, by causing you to have hunger triggers firing off all over the place misbelieving you’re hungry.

It would be fair to say that a complete balanced lifestyle change is essential if you want to maintain a lower body weight and it all has be done in balance and harmony so that you avoid one of the biggest problems you have as a dieter which is the feeling of deprivation of calories.

And it is this which is at the centre of your weight problem if you go onto a diet.
If you start denying yourself delicious and pleasurable foods you’ll feel deprived and it will only be a matter of time before you go back to eating that delicious food again and it always starts with a thought, just a tiny little thought, a longing, a desire for that delicious bite of food that you so want.

You may fend it off and you push it away for a while but it returns and then you may give into it and you then justify it by making up excuses and resetting your goals and then you feel regret or guilty and you may positively get back on track again for another week or so and then do the same all over again and within no time at all you are back to where you started, eating all the wrong food again but at least your happy now as you no longer feel that feeling of denial or deprivation, that feeling of being without the food you enjoy and most importantly that feeling you get, the satisfaction and stimulation you’ve got that back now.

It’s not wise to take all the calories out and replace them with different types of good high quality calories in one go when your body is addicted to bad ones including sugar as it results in blood sugar crashes, blood sugar drop cravings and unnecessary hungers which you’ll be fighting and battling against.

Once that initial motivation and determination of going on the diet drifts off or disappears, your body will start to reset itself, your entire system would try to restore its balance point of where you were before you started slowly, bit by bit creeping up on so that you return to all the things you want.

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