Body Cleansing Detox Smoothy

Whichever way you look at it, drinking at least one or two smoothies or freshly squeezed juice a day is going to be extremely healthy for you and it is a very fast and beneficial way of putting first-class nutrients into your system in a way that you wouldn’t normally digest.

Even health-conscious fitness fans either have difficulty or just don’t like eating the recommended five pieces of fruit or vegetables per day but turning them into a smoothy is ideal.

Drinking smoothies or pure fruit juice on a daily basis along with a healthy diet of solid food is going to give you the best defence possible against cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and even the possibility of cancer some research suggests.

When you drink smoothies, you are placing valuable compounds into your body which will give you every level of protection down to the cellular level.

Drinking real smoothies are pure and natural as opposed to other types of drinks that contain yoghurt or sugar ingredients.

Anyone with common sense will know how beneficial it is to drink fruit or vegetables without engaging in exploratory research into the benefits of drinking smoothies and related fruit juicing diets.

Some of the strongest animals in the world live on fruit and vegetables, primates, gorillas, elephants and rhinoceros.

Even an orang-utan has to strength in one hand to undo the wheel nuts on a HGV lorry and they only eat fruit.

Drinking fresh fruit and smoothies will help us adopt and promote further healthy eating patterns and healthy lifestyle behavioural patterns.

Drinking smoothies and fruit juice will provide us with immense levels of energy and clean our bloodstream out and ultimately detox us.

If you’ve never tried juicing or smoothies before, be aware that you need to sip them slowly to avoid sugar crash.

The sugars in fruit are called fructose and fructose is a natural sugar which is safe and welcome to the body, as opposed to sugar-beet of sugar-cane which is not welcome by the body and has to be removed as a waste product.

The only negative downside to drinking juices in whatever form is they will rot your teeth therefore you would need to clean your teeth more than usual.
Drinking fruit juice has all sorts of health benefits and will also help you to strip the fat from your system.

Here is a good introductory smoothy recipe that you could try to detox you and clean the bloodstream out.

If you’re currently eating too much junk food, this recipe really will give you a kick.

Detoxing smoothie recipe.

One large orange with the skin removed.
One grapefruit with the skin removed.
One whole lemon deseeded with the skin removed.
One whole lime deseeded with the skin removed.
One half inch piece of ginger root with the skin removed.
Half a chilly for heat but can be left out.
A handful of grapes for the sweetness.
A few strawberries for the sweetness.
Or you can use fresh pineapple.

You will however need to add at least one of the above three ingredients for the sweetness otherwise it will be too bitter and mix with some water.
If you get the balance right you will have a wonderful cleansing drink.
It is very intense, sharp and cleansing and it really will hit the spot, bitter, sweet, sharp, sour and hot.

Ideally you want to mix it up in a nutra-blast or nutra-bullet type blitzer or you can use a basic blender or even a juicer machine however juicing is time-consuming and it can be very messy therefore the nutra-blast is the best.

Don’t add sugar or yoghurt as the whole point is to keep it pure and natural.

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