How to build muscle fast

Fast Body Building Tutorial This is a general overview on how to build muscle fibre fast. Generally speaking, it would be fair to say that most people who build muscle fibre the quickest are those that start lifting weights around 17, 18-years of age. 17, 18-year-olds or around this age build muscle fibre quicker and faster than anyone else and … Read More

The health benefits of garlic

Garlic contains vitamins C and B6, selenium, manganese and alicin and is said to be a super food with great health benefits. Current scientific evidence now shows that garlic is beneficial in reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, strokes, common cold and certainly high blood pressure. As a rule of thumb the benefits are going to be small but nevertheless … Read More

Dangers of Hypnosis

Generally speaking there are no dangers with the correct use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for therapeutic applications.  Most hypnotherapists conduct themselves correctly with the client and their well-being in mind at all times. In the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy there have been very few deaths in the last 30 years. Obviously from time to time there is always going … Read More

The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

If you have a lifestyle that consists of smoking and drinking, drugs and eating nasty junk food with high levels of animal fats, sugars and salt and avoid healthy wholesome foods such as fruit and vegetables then this article will probably be of no use to you or even scare you! This type of food intake or lifestyle is toxic … Read More

Stress and Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs have feelings, emotions and fears and can suffer depression too!  Just like our own defence mechanisms, dogs are also subject to fight or flight but more so! Depending on the environment the dog lives in it can easily become stressed out or be prone to stress-related responses. Often when a dog is barking at the front door it is … Read More

How to write an essay

A brief Guide to writing an essay for college or school! “the pen is mightier than the sword” – is yours? First rule of thumb is to not worry, however this is easier said than done for many. Essay writing and worrying or exam nerves are very closely related therefore for those who tend to be a worry wart, coming up … Read More

The dark side of insurance

Does the dark side of insurance relate to insurance or human nature? Insurance companies today are regulated and required by law to comply with strict codes of ethics and good practice on many levels. Whichever way you look at it insurance practices have a dark side that members of the public don’t see. Take for example typical car insurance. Prior … Read More

Will Artificial Intelligence Awaken?

Will computers become self-aware? Is self-efficacy within AI a real concern? Will computers with a consciousness be realistically created? Stephen Hawkins believes we have something to be worried about and he fears this will happen! There are arguments for and against this possibility coming about! A possibility or fact – who can say? Artilects, artificial intelligence, self efficacy, self consciousness … Read More

Benefits of Coconut Oil

23 Benefits of Coconut Oil Here are several valid reasons why we should all be including coconut oil in our diet! Coconut oil is now considered a super food that can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke along with improving your blood and cholesterol levels. There are currently over 1,000 studies into the benefits and effectiveness of coconut … Read More

Healthy Curry Recipe

Authentic Indian restaurant curry sauce recipe. Most people enjoy an Indian curry but they are loaded with bad calories often due to the sunflower oil and coconut cream. Here is a unique recipe that will allow you to enjoy the full flavour of a restaurant curry without all the bad calories. Follow this recipe and cooking method exactly and you … Read More