We create our own monsters!

Donald Trumps Success

We do create our own monsters! What is it going to take for politicians to change the way they treat members of the public, their voters? Most politicians would argue that they don’t need to change much and that they believe they’re doing a pretty good job to the best of their abilities. Politician’s world over and especially in the … Read More

Fast Relaxation Technique

Deep Relaxation Skills

Fast DEEP Relaxation Technique Deep relaxation in 10 minutes! It is easy for most but not all to achieve a very deep state of relaxation within 5 to 10 minutes even if you are stressed and tense. Following these instructions exactly without deviating and you will enter into a deep state of relaxation in 5 to 10 minutes. If you … Read More

Self Harm Management Therapy Course

Self Harm Management Course

NEW DIPLOMA COURSE Self Harm Management Therapy! This Self harm behaviour course teaches that harming the self can be anything from harming one’s body skin, self poisoning to extreme self destruction such as suicide. Self harm otherwise known as self injury is an anxiety driven behaviour of purposefully harming one’s body usually the surface of the skin such as penetrating … Read More

Types of suicide

Open College Blog - Suicide

According to Emile Durkheim’s (A Study in Sociology, New York, The Free Press, 1951) theory on suicide, he concluded that there are four different types of suicide. Durkheim’s studies revolved around him trying to understand what makes a person actually commit suicide and what influences or factors may have led that person to that final decision or act. Durkheim believed … Read More

How to burn body fat extremely fast

Open College Blog - Workout

A high-intensity 10 minute cardio workout each day will burn off over a stone in 30 days if done correctly. Diets generally don’t work long term because they often lead to a sense of calorie deprivation or denial of your favourite foods and if that is the case with the dieter, it is only inevitable that it will end with … Read More