How to Reduce Driving Test Nerves

There are many tutorials and instructions available on how to deal with driving test examination nerves and fear. Many of these present themselves with the idea that you can beat or conquer your fears with positive thinking which in itself is ludicrous simply because it gives false hope and leads a person to believe that they can when they can’t. … Read More

Junk Food Addiction – 4 Things you must do!

There’s a very good chance that you and others are looking at this page to determine the first few lines to see if it really does match up to the title or you may be looking to become dismissive and critical of the usual content related to dieting which is often far-fetched, non-applicable to you, absolutely will not work for … Read More

Gorilla Shooting of Harambe

The shooting of a silver-back gorilla called Harambe has set off a chain reaction of complaints and outrage against the zoo and the parents. There have been thousands of complaints and outpourings of upset from criticism to rage and even threats from animal rights activists and campaigners against the zoos actions to shoot the animal dead along with its imprisonment … Read More

Conspiracy Theories on 911

The definition of a conspiracy theory is that it is a belief that a secret, hidden and influential group or organisation has carried out or was responsible for an unexplained event or tragedy. According to applied psychology, people who believe in conspiracy theories otherwise known as conspiracy theorists carry a sense or lack control over their own lives. The amount … Read More

Fracking Extraction Dangers

Most people would now have heard of fracking and what it’s about. Most people would have got the gist of both sides of the argument where one side is saying it’s safe and it has been approved to go ahead and the other side is saying it is dangerous and can cause long-term deadly effects on the environment. The government … Read More

Ways to avoid a Speeding Fine?

First and foremost the police are essential to our everyday life, safety and security and this includes everybody in all walks of life irrespective of whether they agree with this or not. There are people who do like and respect the police and there are people who hate them for various reasons, often for good reason and many just because … Read More

Climate Change Argument

Are we really destroying the planet, or is it happening naturally anyway? We know that the billions of years the planet has gone through amazing catastrophic changes including the ice age, incredible heat events, meteorite damage, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis to name a few. Most publicised political and scientific reports regularly confirm that the human race is destroying our planet … Read More

Managing the Menopause Naturally

Natural menopause relief without the use of medicines or pharmaceutical products! Black Cohosh On the market today within health food stores is one of the most popular natural remedies for hot flushes otherwise known as the hot flash is a product called black cohosh. This is an ideal natural replacement for hormone replacement therapy and even antidepressants to treat menopausal … Read More

Do you know what’s in your tap water?

There are over 330 identified man-made chemicals detected in UK top water to date – 2016. You should know what’s in the water that comes out of your tap as it contains some nasty things that you are drinking! Of course for most this is going to sound alarmist or even exaggerated but worth considering undertaking your own research to … Read More

What is it like to come off drugs?

There are three sides to every story. Your side! Their side! And the truth! The truth is the way it really is and not always freely available to be seen known or understood by non addicts. There are thousands of reasons that drug users become drug addicts. All drug addicts did at one point in their past take that very … Read More