16 Tips to Bring Your Partner Closer

A key way of developing and deepening your relationship to bring you closer is by putting some well thought out effort into improving the strengths on the way your partner feels about themselves and then in turn you.

Most people have things they are unhappy about in themselves and although this applies to males also, most females are concerned about their appearance and the way they look.

There is no question about this area of self-image. Just take a look at the image industries, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, jewellery, fashion and hairstyles to name a few.

All these industries cater for our appearance and our need to make ourselves as appealing and attractive as possible, all to make us ‘FEEL GOOD’ about ourselves.

People need to feel good about the way they look and complementing your partner in a natural and sincere way is a good starting point.

16 Tips on increasing the strength of your relationship!

1. Complementing an area of your partner in a way that is natural and surprisingly unexpected.

The idea is to deliver a comment that is genuine and heartfelt that helps your partner see a part of them differently in contrast to what they thought.

When you’re alone with your partner unexpectedly tell them how to do you think that body part, such as their nose, their lips or their fingers and so on. By doing this you will be helping them to develop a stronger bond with you and an appreciation that even something as mundane as that particular body part is accepted by you as attractive and appealing even though they don’t think so however make it sound genuine and not phoney!

2. Tell them how valuable they are to you and how much they mean to you and that you’ve never felt this way about anyone like you do them.

3. Tell them how important a particular action they carried out made you feel good and how much it meant you.

4. Compliment them on how good they look in that particular clothing and how it suits them really well.

5. If you don’t do it already, go online and look at some poems for inspiration and ideas and write them a unique poem, it could be a love letter, ideally a poem to sum up how you feel about them. Make sure the poem centres on their feelings!

6. Book a surprising meal at a restaurant as an out of nowhere surprise and don’t tell them and just take them there.

7. Buy them a CD of their favourite song or band and or make it yours together.

8. Complement your loved one on at least one thing a day that they do for you.

9. Ask them to do something for you like to tell you a joke as you love it when they make you laugh.

10. Whether you’re male or female, touch their face in the most unexpected out of nowhere manner. Just gently stroke or place your palm on the side of their cheek as you gaze into their eyes with a loving look or a reassuring expression of appreciation for their presence. Make the contact natural but very brief just like parents would a child and remember the child is within and we all appreciate that gentle loving contact.

11. Spring a surprise visit to go somewhere together. It could be a place you’ve booked that you know your partner will accept, possibly on the spur of the moment such as a weekend away.

12. Give them a hug if you don’t normally do that and if you normally do make it last longer.

13. Don’t criticise them for anything if it is possible or if you do tone down and find other ways of expressing your negativity instead of directly on them.

14. When they come home from work and settle down, surprise them with an out of nowhere wrapped up present and make it a no reason at all present. Wrapping it up in wrapping paper the same as you would a Christmas present and just tell them you care for them.

15. Give them a massage or a foot massage!

16. Select a time such as 12 o’clock noon and tell your loved one that at 12 o’clock noon you will be thinking of them at that precise moment for say, one minute and then if they also remember to look at their watch they also are to think of you for one minute at that same time when you’re apart, no matter where you are in the world, tell them that you will be both connecting almost telepathically at that precise moment once a day or once a week or whenever you agree to do it and no matter what is going on in life you are both connected in thought at that exact time.

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