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Distance learning courses available from Open College UK Limited an established home study course provider with over 30,000 students on our Company books. Hundreds of home learning courses on site to choose from for both UK and International students. Enrolment is open and ongoing. Enrol at any time without any entry requirements.

Here are a few of the many popular course subjects that are available. Counselling Courses, Distant Learning Level 3 Writing skills, Human Resources Level 3 Diploma, Supervision Skills, Level 3 Diploma in Health Care, Level 2 Diabetes Care, Canine Holistics, Customers Care Skills Level 3 & 4, VRQ Dementia Level 3, Level 3 Proofreading, Diploma Level 3 in Hygiene & many other homestudy, correspondence teaching courses are available through the Open College™.

The Open College™ is 'currently' offering our Professional OC Accredited Diploma Courses in complementary therapy medicine & alternative therapist subjects for as little as £165 for a short give away promotional period only. More here

We have over 700 Courses on offer 'through' the Open College™ with Qualifications and Accreditations available from various recognised Colleges & awarding bodies. Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA). Approved external national awarding bodies. The OCN, NCFE, Aset, Ascentis, Sage etc. Qualifications vary from Diploma, Certificate, A Level, AS, GCSE, City & Guilds, NVQ, VRQ to name a few reasons to choose us. Please see each course title to the left of this page for further details.

We are totally committed to providing you with the very best educational distance learning therapy related courses in the UK. Each correspondence course is constructed in a way that offers you an enjoyable and stimulating rapid learning self growth enhancing experience.

All training courses come with a free 6 month Membership Certificate with the College. A route of eligibility is open to all correspondence students of our Open Learning Diploma awarded courses for Free Membership & UK Registration with the National UK Therapists Register. S F T R

Distance learning, homestudy is an ideal way to study in your chosen subject if your lifestyle is busy or whilst working full time. With all our open learning Diploma awarded courses you study as and when it suits you at a pace that is right for the way you live.

We make sure all students of the Open College™ reach an acceptable level and pass with the success you wish for. All our health & therapy related courses and products come with a 'Quality Assured' no questions asked money back Guarantee & excellent Student Support.

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    Brand New Courses

  • Career Coaching Level 3 Diploma Course
  • This level 3 diploma course in career coaching is externally awarded upon the successful completion and submission of coursework study units. This course in career coaching is ideally suited to those who are people orientated and currently working with people. Career coaches assist people to make changes in their lives and help to create detailed plans and strategies in order for their clients to attain their chosen career goals. This course is open to anyone with or without any background training and experience.

  • Starting a Childminding Business at Home Diploma Course
  • This Open College™ Diploma awarded course in how to start a childminding business at home makes way for further specialist study. This course is a first stepping stone to the next layer of training which you will need to undertake as a mandatory requirement. To become a registered UK childminder you would need to be officially qualified and register with OFSTED. You will also have to undertake a mandatory paediatric training course in child first aid which lasts approximately 12 hours and is a practical hands-on workshop training course that you will have to attend in person.

    This first aid course is mandatory and part of your local authority approved training course which you will also have to undertake. This Open College™ course is however completely independent of any recognition and accreditation that you will have to apply for. Finally you will need to be police checked and cleared so you can obtain your CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Certificate to practice as a childminder. This Open College™ course will take you through the complete procedure.

  • Business Consultancy Level 3 Diploma Course
  • This externally awarded open learning diploma qualification is recognised by employers and some UK universities as a level 3 entry-level qualification making way for further specialist studies in this subject. This qualification also carries UCAS points. Upon successful completion of this programme the accreditation that this course offers will enhance any application for employment within the UK. This qualification is highly recognised by employers around the UK. Please contact us for further details if you're heavily relying upon the level of recognition and or university entry points needed. Further details can be found on the product and course description content page.

  • Community Mental Health Level 4 Diploma Course
  • A large part of the population is suffering from emotional and psychological or mental health issues without realising it or are hiding it. An emotional or psychological issue could be extreme anger management issues such as aggression, violence and outbursts or domestic home violence issues such as control and harm towards a partner.

    Then there are those with psychological problems surrounding eating disorders and self harming, heavy drinking or even controlled alcoholism as it's called, not to mention medication for all sorts of emotional and psychological mental disorders on a grand scale, everything from anxiety, stress related to various levels of depression. Therefore if these are not mental health issues then what are? This level 4 diploma externally awarded course provides in-depth instruction in community mental health care and provides insight into the mental state of many people in society today.

  • Asperger Syndrome Level 2 Diploma Course
  • Enrolment for this course is ideally suited to professional healthcare workers working in and around as Asperger Syndrome and autism. It is also suited to family and friends who want to learn more about Asperger syndrome and also the complete novice and beginner in studies. Enrolment is open and ongoing. People with Asperger syndrome find it difficult to tell people how they feel or express emotion. They also find it very difficult to socialise and make new friends or even understand the feelings and needs of those around them. A good example of someone with Asperger syndrome is the difficulty they have in being able to tell the difference between someone telling a joke or making a statement as both seem to be the same thing. For further details please see product page above.

  • IBS Studies Diploma Course
  • Upon successful completion of this course in the studies of irritable bowel syndrome therapy the successful student is entitled to the use of designatory letters Dip.IBS after their name. This course provides a comprehensive in-depth study on the causes and effects of irritable bowel syndrome which includes an overview of the various approaches and therapy interventions that are valuable in an attempt at alleviating the many symptoms of IBS irritable bowel syndrome. The course is currently £245.00 and full details can be located on the product page as above.

    More New Courses Continued Here >

    Popular Courses

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment Course
    Cognitive behavioural therapy can enormously help us change the way we think, feel, act and behave. CBT therapy aims to do just that, which is change the undesirable and negative patterns of thinking to produce more positive and productive ways of thinking thus eliminating the negative feelings that our previous patterns produced.

    This CBT course shows you how you can change the behaviour and thought patterns within yourself and others. Every stage of this cognitive behavioural therapy course is about positively enhancing what you already have to improve your mental health and well-being or to assist with guiding your clients into making those changes with you. This course is currently only £190.00 and further details and instructions on how to enrol can be found on the CBT product page

    Anger Management Diploma Course
    This course in the management of anger for teens and adults aims to change the underlying causes of the anger that arises within you and teach you the skills needed to put a gap or pause between that which arises into your mind and you actually acting upon those impulses and surges which lead to the conflicts, external outbursts and anger. Remember overall anger is a more manageable and capable way of dealing with the emotion that lies beneath it.

    Basically anger is a more manageable way of dealing with emotion and the feelings which usually revolve around a sense of losing control or control loss over that situation that you are in. This course will help to change and transform your attitude and behaviour including the choices you make instead of exploding or imploding anger in and around the situation and triggers that you find yourself engaging in leading to the problems of anger and all its associated consequences. This course has been running for 13 years and is currently priced at £190.00 enrolment details can be located on the anger management product page.

    Popular Articles

    Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    With regards to the treatment of the symptom irritable bowel syndrome, the medical profession treats the symptom but it cannot cure or remove that symptom. The medical profession only treats the symptom usually with medications but not always successful. GPs do not work with or treat the mind, they treat the body and the symptoms within the body. They cannot remove or eradicate the symptoms. Curative hypnotherapists however can and do remove the symptom by treating and correcting the underlying cause which always lies within the unconscious mind. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome disorder can be permanently removed for the rest of a person's life with the use of curative hypnotherapy. This article explains more.

    Anxiety Reduction Treatment
    Anxiety sickness or free-floating anxiety as it is normally called is being driven by the evolutionary fight or flight response to environmental threat or danger. This can be a real or imagined, either way the unconscious mind produces the response and the unconscious mind cannot tell the difference, it just produces the response to stored up information that you have located within your memory banks.

    Based on the information you have stored up and in association to the environment that you are within, if your unconscious mind believes that there is a threat then it will produce an anxiety response whether you like it or not, so unless the original root cause of the anxiety is treated, the anxiety will continue. This anxiety reduction treatment article provides a few step-by-step instructions on how you can at least reduce your symptoms of anxiety.

    Meditation for Inner Calm
    Learning the skills of meditation or self mind control is not an easy task and can take many months to develop special techniques required to control the wandering mind. For those interested in learning the skills of meditation and going on to teach it to others, we offer an open learning home study course in meditation teacher skills which can be located here. To find out more about meditation instruction, in particular Zen and Zazen meditation skills and practices, we have a tutorial on how to practice located here.

    Treatments for OCD
    OCD or obsessional compulsive disorder is related to anxiety and other anxiety related psychological symptoms. At least one in 10 people suffer from obsessional compulsive disorders or intrusive thoughts and that most people have experienced some small amount of urge, compulsion or thought intrusion to carry out a task or ritual against their conscious wishes or commonsense and logic.

    Open College UK Limited provides Diploma Courses both within the UK and now overseas Internationally to all Countries.

    In the light of course content improvements the Open College reserve the right to alter and change all course fees, course contents and all descriptions as and when necessary without giving any prior notice.

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