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    Posted 30/3/15

    To Interview people is a skill that is learnt.

    Correct Planning and preparation when interviewing people for jobs

  • How to Successfully Interview People
  • This course is suitable for managers and recruitment for interviewing positions of employment in all walks of life.

    Teaches you how to successfully interview and recruit candidates suitable for the position they're applying for.

    This content is based upon proven successful techniques showing you, not only how to put yourself at ease but how to put your candidate at ease enabling you to dig deeper into their suitability for the position.

    Helps you to identify tricksters and liars along with creating tests to help you measure your candidate's suitability for positions or the abilities needed for the role at hand.

    Suitable for small businesses to managing directors and up to large corporations.

    Upon completion of this study you would be far better equipped at handling interviewers and the difficult questions that are thrown at you. You will also be better equipped as interviewer on how to actually carry out interviews successfully. Read on!

    Posted 22/3/15

    How to instantly deal with difficult people in the workplace.

    How to reduce the effects of difficult people on you in the workplace.

  • Ten ways to deal with problematic people at work.
  • Each person deals with situations differently depending on many factors including how you react to that situation or person based on your own psychological and emotional structure and your life's learned experiences, coping, not coping etc. It is how you put your strengths and capabilities into practice and correctly deal with the difficulties that you have in front of you by asserting yourself and confronting difficult people or situations correctly. You cannot effectively do this if other emotional parts of you are arising into your awareness.

    This is why all the advice available will not work for everybody, no matter whom you are and what you know because that advice is not addressing the unseen part of you, that part that makes you tick, your fears, insecurities, anxieties and so on. And not to forget, these are the things that must be hidden at all costs from others, lest we become deranked, dethroned, lost status, losing face, ridiculed, mocked and laughed at to name a few reasons. Face, rank, status, position, reputation, faulty self perception, EGO is everything for many! This is just one of the many reasons that people self medicate to cope or de stress and drink or take medications secretly when they get home. Read on!

    Posted 20/3/15

    Every single inanimate object in the entire world is experienced by thought, everything is thought. All matter of the entire world is stuff of the mind!

    Zen is pure mind

  • Your death is only a thought right now!
  • The whole universe is the sum total of your thought right now and that the universe cannot be experienced without thought. Even your death is thought. The universe is thought and thought is mind and everything within mind is the universe and everything within the universe is the mind. A lifetime practice of Zen aims to break the mind free from this world. The sum total of everything is mind and thought, in this moment now and no other. Read on!

    Posted 16/3/15

    Dangerous foods that you should avoid feeding your dog with!

    Toxins in certain foods that can harm your dog

  • Toxic foods that you should not give a dog
  • There are many other foods that you should not give a dog as it will result in death either over a period of time such as few months or instantly within minutes. A food that will cause death possibly within 10 minutes of ingestion are grapes as they will lead to kidney failure. In some dogs this may take weeks or months but there are many reported cases showing it can take 10 minutes after eating grapes because these are highly toxic to the kidneys.

    Likewise, human chocolate is toxic to the liver of ALL dogs and if given daily can result in liver failure and death within several months. And again there are those dog owners who will swear that it is harmless and that their dog loves chocolate and they have been giving chocolate to their dog for years without ever being a problem. Of course there will be some dogs that just appear to not suffer any ill health as a result of certain foods like chocolate which can be toxic to both the liver and kidneys. Read on!

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