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Popular Snazzy Articles!

Straight to the Point!

Too Many Calories In & Not Enough Out!

Dieting and weight loss problems

Healthy Eating Problems

Dieting doesn’t work for many in the long run as it leads to a deprivation of calories!
You’ve done all the exercising, you bought the exercise bike or the treadmill, you went to the aerobics or dance class and you joined a with a yearly gym Membership but you still put the weight back on and now you are further away from any kind of motivation than you ever were! The problem for many dieters is far too many calories in and not enough out which leads to a very problematic and long term fat storing process!

Effective Clicker Training Techniques for Dogs!

Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker Dog Training

The problem for dog owners is they don’t understand how dogs learn bad habits.
The dog is constantly taking on-board information throughout the day developing likes and dislikes. What inexperienced dog owners do without knowing it, is reinforce and strengthen the faulty behaviour thus making it worse. This is where the other half of the dog training problem develops, the dog is doing one thing and the owner is doing another.

Anger Management Tutorial – FAST Results!

Reducing anger fast

The extremes of anger!

When you’re angry, all the techniques in the world won’t work because you NEED anger!
Most people have experienced serious and dire consequences as a result of their anger at some stage in their life and as a result of those consequences they tend to be able to make changes to their situation so that it does not reoccur again, but most people with anger issues can’t and become a victim to the serious consequences of rage which can be life changing for those with uncontrollable anger problems and emotions!

Hidden and Secret OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour!

Obsessions and compulsions unless treated can become worse

The Unseen Hidden and Secret side of OCD

Do you touch the wet paint when the sign says ‘Do not Touch the Wet Paint’
What appears to be simple stress related troubled thinking or even everyday worried and anxious thinking or behaviour is actually far worse than people think or know and could be OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which can become worse over time for some sufferers without treatment. More on obsessions and compulsions here.

Can the mind really heal the body?

Ways to heal your body

Healing the mind & body!

Proven psychological techniques to heal your body & mind using your unconscious mind!
The hidden part your mind is working for you all the time in the background, non-stop and it is controlling all your body functions including your breathing, blinking, blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature without your knowledge or involvement. Can the mind heal the body and the answer is yes as long as you can set up a pathway of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind. Here are some ways to heal your body and mind!

Reasons to look after your bloodstream!

Reasons to look after your blood

Healthy Heart

Take care of your bloodstream now or you may suffer BAD health in later life!
Although the medical profession and the NHS cannot and will not fully admit it, most people in hospital are there because of a lifetime of bad diet, dodgy food, zero exercise and other harmful substances such as drugs, smoking and alcohol that have entered their body. Of course not everybody is in hospital because of a bad diet and common sense and intelligence is required on this. Strokes or heart attacks may develop if neglected.

15 Super foods to improve your skin

15 super foods for reducing the ageing process of your skin

Food for better skin!

The benefits of eating healthy food for improving your skins appearance!
Wild Oats, rated number one super food will certainly help to increase your bodies immune system and defences against everyday attacks from infection such as colds, flu, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Oats help to maintain good eyesight. Reports on the reduction and risks of type 2 diabetes are also very promising. Oats may also improve sensitivity to insulin. Additionally oats helps to reduce, stabilise and control blood pressure.

What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic Training Skills

Tranquil Relaxation!

Learn how to achieve tranquil states of the most DEEPEST relaxation!
Autogenic training is simply a series of psychological, practical and physiological changes and approaches which will lead to mental emotional and physical healing. If practised correctly it will be with you for the rest of your life and at deeper levels it can remove many symptoms and disorders by changing the unconscious platform on which these things arise and are built on within you. Learn deep tranquil relaxation skills.

Dangers of Sugar Addiction!


Sugar is dangerous!

Sugar is death in a bowl & if you eat it you are at risk of bad health!
If you eat foods with high amounts of sugar in them then you are unknowingly addicted to sugar and it is the body’s demand of more sugar that you are chasing after when you get hungry. Diets don’t work in the LONG RUN otherwise people would not be overweight. Dieting is very difficult for some and leads to failure mainly because of the addiction to sugar that needs replacing! Learn how to cut down on sugar.

Ten Effective Ways To Stop a Child Tantrum!

10 ways to reduce a child tantrum

Skills to reduce child temper tantrums!

Conditioned behavioural responses!
Setting up a situation that can work for you with the successful reduction of child anger tantrums takes considerable effort and forethought on your part but with some practice, patience and perseverance you will have excellent results if you can just break the cycle of the child tantrum/needs/demands/angry/want it now/ignoring them and not feeding it etc. Here are some effective and productive ways to stop a child temper tantrum.

Twenty Effective Ways To Treat Depression Naturally!

Natural ways to reduce and treat depression and low moods

Treat Depression Naturally!

Treating depression minus nasty drugs!
It is the most ‘simple things’ that can cause psychological symptoms and if the unconscious mind believes you NEED that symptom then that symptom will be put in place by yourself unconsciously without you ever knowing it and if you take drugs or medication or antidepressants, your unconscious mind will fight to put your symptoms back. Here are 20 natural ways to reduce depression without all the harmful effects of toxic medication!

Is Cannabis Really Harmful to Your Physical & Mental Health?

Cannabis use will cause Mental Health Problems in most users

Cannabis will cause paranoia and anxiety!

Alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis will ever be!
Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and alcohol is sold legally to millions of people all over the world and does more harm than cannabis will ever do. It goes without saying that the consequences of drinking alcohol are ill health such as liver damage, addiction and alcoholism and more, not to mention crime and thousands of people ‘casually’ ending up in hospital. Read on to find out how good or bad is cannabis for mental health.

How to Write a Perfect Curriculum Vitae!

How to Write a Perfect CV the correct way!

CV Writing Skills!

Learn the psychology of creating a perfect curriculum vitae!
Are you one of those people who have sent out hundreds of applications with a copy of your CV and had no luck or interview response? If so, then there’s certainly something not quite right especially if all the positions being applied for have been taken by other applicants. Your CV will be viewed and if it doesn’t aesthetically please the eye, it will be put in the bin there and then with attitude! Learn how to create a perfect CV.

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