Ways to Improve Health Fast

Here are some ways to Improve our Health Fast.

Our physical body, emotions, feelings, well-being, mental health, thinking and mind are not separate from each other. We may think and believe they are separate but they are not.

Nothing separates all parts of us except our view or opinion which is totally incorrect. We work as a complete whole at all times irrespective of what anyone says and that includes the medical profession, the so-called academics and research specialists especially around medicine and the pharmaceutical industry who know much about the body but little about the mind and its influence over the body and all its symptoms.

Mind and body are totally one

Every single part of the self and that includes everything within our mind, known and unknown is one and the same with the body or to put it simply, the body and mind are one and the same.

What goes on in the mind will manifest itself in the body. Everything that occurs in the body is the result of the mind specifically that part of a mind you cannot see.

The guidance on this page is not the be all and end all and it is certainly not an answer for everyone however bits and pieces of it may apply to you.

What is right for one person is wrong for another and what works for one person won’t work for another as it is in our human nature and survival to be different.

Nature will just not allow one solution or one treatment and cure for everybody. Random mixed up and sporadic is the way of nature and human race in our evolutionary path.

Our mind and body becomes bogged down through the buildup of physical, psychological and mental pressures and tensions of everyday stressful life through a process of accumulation and stacking of physical and mental material which leads to the build up tension and physical and mental problems later.

What doesn’t affect one person will affect another. What appears to be the same problem but yet one person may deal with it quite well and the other person will end up in hospital sick.

Give yourself a tonic.

To pick yourself up quickly from where you are now, in the way you feel both physically and mentally and follow this following guide.

Don’t make excuses or give yourself reasons not to bother. Depending on your lifestyle and your current physical and mental health condition some of these things may work for you to help improve the way you feel and subsequently think about life.


If you’re a junk food addict or if you just eat bad empty calories then today and tomorrow replace that food or some of it with 1 to 3 glasses of fruit/vegetable juice or a smoothy.

Do not buy this in a carton from the supermarket but actually make it from fresh fruit or vegetables ideally in a fruit juice machine, blender or nutra-blast type mixer.

Drinking 1 to 3 glasses of pure nutrition a day, made yourself will cleanse your system of toxins and bad sugars and empty calories and give yourself a lift in energy – at least.


Today and tomorrow, prepare yourself a delicious beautiful and highly nutritious salad containing everything you could possibly put into a salad.

What will this do?

It will to some extent clean your system out, again of toxins, bad calories and sugars and provide you with a lift in energy which will provide you with a boost in well-being.


Reduce your intake of caffeine especially coffee as this just messes with your sleep triggers.


Try not to nap in the day, distract yourself and occupy yourself with something to ensure you have one full night’s sleep, at least 6 to 8 hours. Sleeping in the day or napping messes about with your sleep trigger which can produce a jet lag feeling of exhaustion or lethargy which in turn promotes laziness and lack of motivation.

Sleeping in the day alters our body clock! Try to go to sleep later than usual so that you’re more tired.


Do some exercise, easier said than done! For many people however you can buy a DVD workout or even a dance workout off Amazon and then workout to it 20 minutes a day. This will certainly give you a lift and change your energy levels, clear out the cobwebs and removes some negativity, stress, physical and mental tension.


Combined with the above, drink much more water and if you think this is pointless do some research online as to the benefits of drinking several glasses of water a day.


If you are unable to exercise or have no interest in obtaining a DVD workout for home use then go for a walk or jog. If you don’t do it now, when will you? For many people – never!

Our heart needs to pump and the brain needs to know we need to be healthier especially when we push our body to push more blood round our system thus improving our skeleton and muscular system to work better for us.


Learn some deep yogic breathing exercises, deep, long and slow breathing changes states of mind and in turn has a knock-on effect positively throughout our mind.


Obtain a deep relaxation CD or DVD and enter into deep relaxation or even book a hypnotherapy session for a deep down relaxation session.


Book a professional therapeutic massage or use Yellow Pages to find a masseur, a professional one of course for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.


Learn how to meditate and find deep states of relaxation and calmness. The side-effects of 30 minutes of meditation a day offers improved sleep to say the least. Generally speaking, sleep after meditation is dynamic, colorful and deeply relaxing.


Grab a pen and paper and write down your pain, your fears, your inner thoughts especially the things which you cannot express to anyone. Write them down on paper, discharge them out of yourself and make at least one decision to tackle at least one problem with a view to letting it go or at least a start to working towards letting it go.


Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed and scream into a pillow non-stop to discharge your negativity such as anger, hate or pain. This is actually a therapy practiced especially in India where students enter a room and expend all emotion on many levels into cushions until deep relaxation is achieved.

This is for information and educational purposes only. Please consult a GP before making any changes to your lifestyle including diet or medication. We accept no responsibility for the advice given anywhere on the site.

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