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Why Does Motivation Disappear?

Successful motivated positive people surround themselves with successful motivated positive people.

I will either find a way or make one!

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen!

The definition of motivation is simply a reason for behaving or conducting oneself in a specific way. Motivation means incentive, inspiration, inducement, stimulus and impulse for drive or action, to move forward in a positive and productive way usually to achieve a task, goal or chore.

Are you struggling with an issue around motivation?

Do you lack motivation and need more?

Motivation is positive, optimistic energy or drive to move forward in a motor function way to get something done. Motivation can also be negative but it is mainly a positive state of mind or energy which may include physical actions to achieve an end result or make something happen.

If you are struggling with this and want more of this wonderful mental energy then you may need to be aware that there could be one or more things causing the problem of low motivation.

Procrastination is the big enemy in reaching your goals or in achieving your mental and visualised aims.

Mentally you want to do more and to get such as such a task done but it is the doing of it which is the problem, the actual putting the drive into action or gear.

So that is what we will look at now.

Firstly if you are struggling with a lack of motivation and it is a repetitive reoccurring problem on a regular basis then you will need to look at what may be causing this or making you feel a certain way.

Are you depressed or do you get low in yourself? If the answer is yes then it’s not a problem you have with motivation but a problem you have with either depression or something else which is affecting your motivation. If you are depressed then it needs to be addressed or treated and then the issue of low motivation will either improve or the clearing of the depression will make better way for addressing and dealing with the surrounding areas of lacking in motivation.

So assuming you’re not depressed you may need to take note of the following:

We need good sleep. Irregular or interrupted sleep will affect our mental energy levels. For example, after a restless night you may be getting up for work when your body clock is saying you actually now need to sleep because you’re sleeping patterns are disturbed and you may be getting up when you are entering into another sleeping pattern and going into the day with this.

We also need a good diet however we all love junk food and rely heavily on fat and sugar laced junk to satisfy our cravings. This sort of food provides bad or empty calories which is temporally high in energy but it’s the wrong type of energy and results in sugar crashes or sudden energy drops which will result in lethargy and tiredness, both this combined with irregular sleep patterns is enough to interfere with your motivation and drives to get things done in the day. Make sense?

So you see already we’ve only covered irregular sleeping patterns and poor diet and you have two very strong reasons as to what may be negatively influencing your overall sense of well being and enthusiasm or motivation to get things done. There are always things or reasons hanging around to pull you down.

Try to get at least six hours of undisturbed sleep and try to eat a better diet. Incorporating at least one salad a day and a few pieces of fruit will make a difference along with the removal of deadly energy sapping sugary drinks.

Don’t underestimate these two areas of poor interrupted or irregular sleeping patterns as this alone plays havoc on your balance and harmony and bad diet with poor nutritional content. Next is emotional and psychological well being.

Do you have things seriously playing on your mind? Constant worries over family members along with workplace struggles or arguments and pressure from others will need to be addressed. There are other things influencing your lack of motivation which people constantly overlook or even just don’t believe. Many people will dismiss this because they can’t see it and just because it can’t be seen doesn’t mean to say it’s not influencing or affecting you. It absolutely is and absolutely will, you just don’t know it.

People will often look at advice and guidance as to why they have low motivation or lack of motivation and the advice that is given is usually good common sense and thought provoking but after a short period of time of putting it all into practice wears off and you go back to your old patterns of lacking motivation again because you have these other unresolved things going on around you and they are all connected and will influence or lower your motivation.

Our natural balance and harmony is affected by these things or stressors in our lives and for most of us, we have had these things for our entire lives right back to when we were in early school and we may have never experienced our own natural harmony and balance.

If you don’t address the negativity and problems in your life which is never easy, your motivational problems may be a by product or even a symptom of other unresolved conflicts in your life.

Mental suppression or the pushing away of things which we often and quite easily do simply because that’s how we manage negative things in our thoughts and feelings, push em away. Mental suppression or the pushing away of things is huge in all of us. Therapist’s study the things that are outside and around your known awareness but you do not do that therefore you cannot see the influences and the effects of other things upon your motivation, so please don’t dismiss this absolute fact.

What is the difference between having negative and unpleasant people in your company, around you and having negative and unpleasant states of mind or unresolved issues and worries in your mind? Both are there close by and appear to be out of harm’s reach but they are both affecting you or how you feel.

Successful people driven to succeed with very high levels of financial turnover are surrounded by positive and energetic, highly motivated people. There can be no room for putting it off. These types of successful highly driven people would not do well in the company of negative, lazy, critical and nitpicky people to say the least for long.

Can you see a highly successful motivated person spending long periods of time or even small periods of time in the company of miserable, negative and/or depressed people who do nothing but moan and groan about anything and everything? Absolutely not.

Therefore, whenever possible surround yourself with positive inspirational and energetic people who are driven to succeed. Secretly be their follower in how they do things and copy them. Keep away from negative things and negative people if you can. To sit with thieves you will become a thief, to sit with drinkers you will become a drinker, to sit with prejudice or racialist people will bring out your prejudice or inner Hitler, to sit with gossipers you will become a gossip. Point made!

However boring and pointless you may feel this is, write a to do list or a list of goals and make them realistic and achievable. This can be a daily or weekly list of things to do or more long term over a period of months, but just do it.

Controlled psychological experiments carried out by psychologists have shown we are positive about thinking what we need to do but not as good at actually carrying out our goals because we are missing the following component from our thinking. When certain subjects who participated in psychological laboratory controlled experiments were told of negative or unpleasant events and it was then suggested to them to not feel negative or unhappy about these unpleasant events the results showed they felt worse within themselves, more than the people who were not given any suggestions about how they were to feel about these unpleasant events.

In other experiments subjects who were considered anxiety sufferers who were actually experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic disorders, were guided into a state of relaxation using relaxing background music and relaxation CDs which resulted in their pulse rate and heartbeats increasing considerably. In other anxious suffering subjects who listened to just the audio content without the background relaxing music or even suggestions of relaxation were the same as when they started.

Mental suppression affects most of us more than we realise. Suppressing thoughts and feelings is shown to have negative effects on us.

For example, try not to think of an elephant, in order to not think of an elephant you have to visually see internally that elephant and then think about the removing of the thoughts or the idea or the visual image of the elephant and then experience no elephant in your awareness which can’t be done because you’re actually still thinking of the elephant by trying not to think of it and gaining contrast for your efforts at the same time. You will fail in not thinking it.

Experiments show that most people participating in experiments most important step forward in increasing motivation and work or goal performance has very little to do with the actual role or goal itself but more about how we feel about ourselves in surrounding ways or on other levels. Internal views of our self must be increased and self image must be improved. Feeling good about ourselves motivates us to move forward positively and optimistically and enthusiastically.

Feeling negative about ourselves as outlined will inadvertently affect us.

Experimental studies and research as conclusively shown that over a period of time are various behaviours and habits are strongly influenced by the positive and negative people around us. Being in the team or being around highly driven motivated and positive people will lead you to take on the same awareness and sense of importance or seriousness in reaching your goals as them.

The people around you, the people you associate with mould and shape the person you become. Being amongst more motivated people is a good place and direction to take for change. Being around positive and healthy people will make you feel more positive and healthy. Being around negative and unhealthy people will pull you down whether you realise it or not. It will affect you, it will weaken you.

When you’re amongst people who can make things happen brings the potential for positive change and motivation to occur and makes it more realistically achievable.

Whatever your maximum positive motivational driving potential is, the single most powerful opposite of it is negativity in any form. Negativity is fundamental for pulling it down and tearing into your motivation.

Remove as much negativity from your day, from your life, from the people around you and the space that you’re in.

1. To help motivate yourself, think of something that makes you feel emotion associated to what the consequences will be if you carry on procrastinating.

2. Give yourself a reward. When I have completed this task I am going to have such and such a reward.

3. Make a deal with a friend and give them an amount of money such as fifty or hundred pounds in cash and then if you don’t accomplish such and such a task they get to keep the money. You must make this a concrete arrangement where both are committed. You can do the same for them also. It is very effective and you can increase the stakes once you see the benefits of such a risky arrangement. Simply explain your intentions and the reasons why you want to set this up and explain how this will work for both of you. It works!

4. If you’re struggling to get motivated or carry out a task then try acting as if you were positively motivated and that you are enjoying this tedious task and that you say to yourself the opposite of what you’re feeling. It will take you out of that plateau, that flat draining spot.

5. Positive self affirmations, auto suggestion work with some people but not all, try it though. Today I feel wonderfully positive, I feel fantastic and I feel so positive about the day and I will get everything done today that I set out to do because I deserve it and I definitely don’t deserve the procrastination or the negativity that bogs me down.

6. Do things differently today. Approach things if you can from a completely different angle so that you are making your approach as brand new and as fresh as possible.

7. Look at the little things you can do first and wherever possible get those small things done so that you can see an accumulative effect at work for you. Next thing you’ll notice you got more things done than you thought you would.

8. Did I mention surround yourself with positive and motivated people? Wherever possible do so.

9. You could start the day by doing the most difficult or cumbersome task first when you’re most fresh and alert.

10. Try to look at others who are better or more productive than you as teachers, as people who you can learn from as opposed to frowning upon them for outdoing you or showing you up.

11. Try to have fun, positively and mentally approach things in a fun easygoing way, act it.

12. Recall one or more of your successes and the benefits and outcomes of success and try to feel it as well as think it. It’s the recalling of the feelings that helps more than just thinking it.

13. Today I may fail, I may not reach my goals or my targets and may feel inferior or outdone by others around me who are better than me at accomplishing tasks at hand but I will use the outcome of my failed attempts as positive steppingstones to improve my progress tomorrow. I’ll turn my negativity into positivity and carry it as a precious lesson to becoming better at it tomorrow. And I will soon be as good as everyone else.

14. It took you 700 failures to find the success, therefore 701 times are required to make it happen. The 700 failures are no longer failures; they are your steppingstones to success. Your failures are steppingstones to success. That failure just now is a stepping stone to my success from here on. That’s how successful and positive people think.

15. Find out, research, learn about how to carry out deep relaxation techniques and visualisation techniques. It will take 20 minutes a day and they will set your day up in the right direction. Visualisation techniques are incredibly powerful and they are used by all professional sports people.

Literally every single professional athlete and sports person around the world will engage in visualisation techniques and relaxation techniques. Why do you think they do this? There is literally no professional sports people who don’t engage in sports psychology and techniques of preparing and planning for the goals that they are going to reach.

All football teams at professional level have sports psychologists who take the members through regular techniques of visualisation and pre preparation of the tasks and goals ahead.

16. Monitor your daily progress and make a celebration of that progress and success no matter how small it is, celebrate it because there is nothing more motivating than positive progress. Make each step and stepping stone a platform to the next stage of positive turnaround and success. Critical, negative failure is just a stepping stone to success. Okay, there are quite a few steppingstones to step over but they are on the path to your success or at least to feel that success.

17. Don’t look at procrastination, instead look at what motivates or drives you forward. Rewarding yourself makes you feel better, self criticism or penalties put you down. Psychological experiments have shown that rewards both inwardly and outwardly are responsible for 70% of why we do things irrespective of what them things are. Have you noticed something which is now dull and boring and has become a chore, used to give you such a positive buzz? Why did that change? Because you no longer gain a reward from it.

You need to feel things, just that, you need to feel things, positive things, as these things will make you want to do more things.

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