Meditation can change your life

Still the mind and body and you will have million-fold Ayahuasca!

Practising daily meditation for just 30 minutes a day can be life changing. As is often said by the mendicants and yogis of India, the Japanese Soto Zen masters of Buddhism and the esoteric teachers in Hinduism that no amount of DMT, magic mushrooms, LSD or the shamanistic Ayahuasca brew can come anywhere near true natural benefits of meditation.

Still the mind and body and you will have million-fold Ayahuasca!

From the moment we are born to the moment we die your mind thinks at the speed of light and it never stops, not for a moment.

From birth to death the mind does one thing constantly and that is addition and multiplication. It never subtracts. It stores everything experienced. Every nano second of every experience is stored in your memory banks at an unconscious level!

Everything (data) from the world that is received by the mind through your 5 senses is added to and multiplied and grows and develops at the speed of light. A simple thought appears and disappears at the speed of light!

The process of thinking is called analytical, dualistic and comparative thinking. And you are part of this receiving and storing up process, constant and intimate for good or bad.

There may be times in your life where you have been drunk, sedated or drugged BUT you have never been able to separate yourself from this analytical, dualistic and comparative process of non-stop thinking and feeling. You are not only part of it, you are it with no escape from it.

Meditation done correctly slowly separates you from this process or activity and a new awareness will appear and develop so that you are more observant of the thinking process in front of you as opposed to being part of it and this has a dynamic mental and physical positive effect on the meditator and is life changing.

This process is often likened to travelling on a busy freeway or motorway in a car amongst thousands of other cars moving around you at high speed.

Starting the sitting meditation process would be to pull over your car, step out of the vehicle and go down some steps to sit under a bridge and now you’re no longer travelling in a fast vehicle with other fast vehicles flying past you, you are now relaxing your mind under a busy motorway bridge, still hearing the sounds of speeding traffic BUT not going with it, with it, but separate from it at the same time.

For the novice this is the first stage of separation awareness from going with thoughts and where they take you.

This description is a good starting point to describe something that is very difficult as each person will view this differently.

The mind is super busy, your mind is thought, you are thought, whatever you call this, feelings emotions or states, it’s still all moving passing thought and the meditation done for just 30 minutes a day will separate you in a healthy way from this flow or force of motorway traffic by developing this awareness or state that you have separated from it, but you’re not being swept along with it all and you are not serving it, you are not feeding it, not adding to it or feeding off it and once realised this daily sitting is incredibly powerful.

There are many ways to describe this and this is just a quick introduction to what meditation can do for you as a beginner.

We are not talking about opening up the pineal gland or focusing on chakras or bodily energy, psychic or supernatural or paranormal activity, nothing like that at all.

We are just becoming aware of this new developing and emerging awareness to separate from your passing flow of nonstop thoughts. Just this!

We are just looking at the healthy benefits which some might call relaxation or early release from the flow of the internal thought traffic.

This article is not a tutorial on how to meditate, you can find that online or in our meditation teacher course located below.

The purpose of this guide is to present you with a sudden burst of hope that you can free yourself from a troubled mind with a little bit of guidance and with six months practice from now you can change your life through daily sitting without being involved in any practices of religion or spiritual organisations, just a simple psychological scientific and natural process of learning techniques that you can do very easily.

The number one thing you can and will achieve through meditation is acceptance of past hurt and pain and emotional and psychological issues which we carry all our life.

You carry the effects of past stored up and forgotten experiences.

One of the first things that will happen when you meditate for the first time is you may become restless and fidgety and the very last thing you pushed away or blocked out in the way of mental or emotional pain may surface and may come to the fore of your mind.

Acceptance of what surfaces is the cure to all, the key to all. Of course, it’s easier said than done but you have to start
somewhere. Meditation is considered the best form of instant psychotherapy!

Everyone who has deepened the meditative state and become successful in their practice whether that be a Zen master a Buddhist, yogin, lay person or an atheist, it was their ego or troubled ego that brought them to the practice of meditation.

Just remember this if you’re considering taking up the practice of meditating.

Sitting for 30 minutes a day as a beginner will have a dynamic and powerful effect on your psychology and your emotional structure including your physical well-being and physical body.

Finding true peace of mind is a lifetime practice but just to separate the fast flow and rush of thoughts and to quieten things down will change your life.


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