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Matrix Re-imprinting Explained

Is Matrix Re-imprinting an Energy Psychology technique that actually works? Or is it a placebo effect or just a belief that it works?

Matrix Re-imprinting is an Energy Psychology technique which uses quantum physics and science for a quick personal resolution to the ‘effects’ of past trauma and pain that we carry around within us to this day and was created by Karl Dawson.
Matrix Re-imprinting is a group of techniques that combines Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT along with various parts taken from epigenetic and quantum science along with the understandings of biology to produce a very quick change or release from the effects of your past negative or traumatic events in your life.

This is based on the knowledge or theory, whichever way you look at it that we ALL retain within our energy fields our past troublesome and stressful events or PAINFUL experiences which have hurt us.

According to Matrix Re-imprinting these aren’t just unconscious programs or memories but are specific Energy Bodies which are called Energetic Consciousness Holograms also known as ECHOs.

The theory is as follows.

Similar or associated experiences in your current and present life now are reactivating old painful and troublesome memories which are evoking associated feelings and emotions and consequently your old ways of negative thinking towards the original problems or traumas that were developed to cause stress and tension within your mind and body.

By using the techniques within Matrix Re-imprinting you are able to work intimately with ECHOs, to correct or resolve the negativity or negative energy charges around them allowing positive memories to take their place.

By proceeding with these techniques and travelling this path the practitioner is able to change the relationship or the associations we have with our past issues and reduce or remove the actual effects our past events have on our current mental and physical health.

Here is a list of the benefits and the success that Matrix Re-imprinting practitioners have:

Safe and gentle in its use with clients.

Easily locate negative troublesome issues associated to certain beliefs and past trauma.

The techniques allow rectification of early trauma which is outside of the client’s recall or memory.

Create positive feelings and beliefs.

The techniques used have increased in notoriety and popularity among therapists around the world. These techniques have been classified under the title of energy psychology leading to very quick transformation and turnaround on both the physical, psychological and emotional levels.

An amazing new life changing tool or therapy which was created by Karl Dawson and stems from emotional freedom techniques with much more to add.

Emotional freedom techniques has a long history of successfully resolving emotional and psychological problems including physical health problems with near 90% to 100% success.

The procedure or techniques involved work in a way that allows the client to bring to mind specific concerns or problems that need to be addressed and as the trauma or the pain is recalled and brought into awareness or thinking certain tapping points on the body, on the meridians are tapped with your fingers which can be done by yourself alone or with the guidance of a therapist practitioner.

The actual tapping on the meridians releases the energy which is blocked or trapped in relation to the trauma within the body’s energy field thus releasing the negative energy and allowing the body and the mind to return to better health or to a previous emotionally positive state.

It is often reported that emotional freedom techniques EFT produces outstanding and very fast successful results by removing and/or reducing the effects of pain or trauma resulting in high levels of healing.

One specific area of great success is post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD with superb results with soldiers suffering from the serious negative effects of war damage and is being extensively used around the world by healthcare professionals and therapists from many fields including GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists not to mention general members of the public who have no therapeutic training or background, because it is so simple and easy to practice.

Matrix Re-imprinting differs from the established emotional freedom techniques as it contains advanced processes unlike EFT which would take the intensity out of the past memory. Matrix Re-imprinting actually transforms the memory, it goes further such as transforming or rearranging the internal picture you have of that memory.

In a recall of memories we actually view them as individual or a collection of pictures within our body energy field and are held as negative and painful traumatic experiences and each time we recall the picture, along comes the feelings, emotion and pain to some extent. This energy is held within the mind and body until the day you die. This practice releases and changes it.

By changing these negative pictures, you start the process of healing both emotionally and physically and it allows us to attract more positive energy or experiences into our life. This process is increased when we actually tap on the meridians at the same time.

The methodology or the psychology surrounding this practice of Matrix Re-imprinting specifically states that this is not actually denying or blocking off what has actually happened in the past, it is more a case of understanding that from a quantum physics perspective we have an endless or infinite array of possible past experiences and that we are actually accessing more positive one’s while removing or discharging the bad energy we hold in relation to the past traumatic events.

Whatever words are used to describe the process, enough people are reporting amazing success even though some of the words used such as past lives and quantum physics can seem to some people outrageous or woolly to say the least.

The bottom line is, it works whatever angle and description is used to describe its processes, it actually works and thousands of people are saying this. Check out YouTube and listen to the actual people’s feedback before you make a judgement on it.

Matrix Re-imprinting is transforming fears and phobias, various addictions to drugs and alcohol, removing allergies and past traumas including updating negative central and core beliefs related to your very own psyche.

The wonderful thing about Matrix Re-imprinting is that it fits into other therapeutic interventions or practices. It can be easily integrated within your consultations with clients and added onto your existing therapy practice as and when required.

Obviously there will be some critical clients and therapists who will not entertain such a practice as tapping on the face and hands to release invisible energy which could ultimately lead to a reduction or removal of past traumas and emotions as ridiculous or nothing more than the placebo effect, bearing in mind that the placebo effect or belief it works is more powerful in healing than most people know or realise.

Placebo is more than just mere causal belief or a ‘hope to work’ or even suggestion. It is the most powerful healing tools that can appear all on its own in the process of recovery.

Please note:

Open College UK Ltd is neither supporting nor dismissing the techniques herein, we are simply presenting one of many therapeutic techniques which have been claimed above and beyond the norm as being quite good.

Whatever the claims, theories or mechanisms and or words that are used to describe how it works is irrelevant to some extent if it works, it does work well and that is all that matters.

Until sound unbiased psychological lab experiments under controlled clinical conditions are carried out to demonstrate how it works then it will remain a theory in its description at least.

Go see for yourself!

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