How to build muscle fast

Fast Body Building Tutorial

This is a general overview on how to build muscle fibre fast.

Generally speaking, it would be fair to say that most people who build muscle fibre the quickest are those that start lifting weights around 17, 18-years of age.

17, 18-year-olds or around this age build muscle fibre quicker and faster than anyone else and at any other time in their life naturally without any assistance from anabolic steroids or growth hormone.

The reason muscle fibre grows quicker at this age than any other age is because of the newness of it. Or in other words the body and mind has not become established or familiar with adaption yet.

One of the things that will happen to all bodybuilders is an unwanted process called adaption appears fast. Adaption is nothing but a hindrance to those who wish to grow muscle fibre.

Adaption is the body’s way of trying to assist you. When adaption starts to take place muscle fibre production or hypertrophy slows down and stops. So the more you lift weights and the same Weight the more it will become harder to build muscle fibre.

There is a saying in the weightlifting and bodybuilding world that the more you train the less you gain and the less you train the more you gain which is very true.

Brief and intense is the route most people take to general bodybuilding.

Returning back to 17 and 18-year-olds who may never have lifted weights before in their life and then join a gym and start lifting weights with the sole purpose of building muscle is a period when they grow the quickest which then later starts to slow down and this is the case for everybody.

There is only one way to avoid this adaption to get the most out of muscle growth.

After a period of abstinence or a de-conditioning period which is a period of at least 9 to 12 days and no more than 16 days away from weightlifting, the brain ‘signal’ for adaption switches back off.

In other words after a period of weightlifting, if you leave a period of a minimum of nine days before lifting again you will grow more than if you did not. It would be true to say that those people who do one workout every nine days will grow more in one year than they will naturally do with any other routine.

If you were to do one workout every nine days you would constantly grow muscle fibre every nine days however when you repeat the workout with the same weight day after day which is where most people will be pushing to their maximum then this is when adaption takes place.

The way to avoid adaption is to allow a period of abstinence or de-conditioning to take place then start to lift weights at a lower weight and contradictory to belief you will build muscle fibre by lifting lighter weights as opposed to over the top heavyweights.

Every second day and no more than 48 hours you lift weights on a body parts and you increase the weight in increments. This is called Progressive Load where you are progressively increasing the weights every workout and if you get your calculations correct you can progressively increase weights over a five or six week period creating constant muscle growth without adaption taking place, simply because you are increasing the weights every time and not staying with the same heavy weight.

When you reach your absolute maximum per weights per body part, per set this will bring you to a five or six week period where you will be exhausted and it is then you would have to lay off a minimum of nine days or 12 days ideally before starting the cycle again.

This is called HST hypertrophy specific training and HST will teach you how to calculate your own level of weights and the increase in increments you need to do over a five or six week period.

It is a matter of lifting weights on each body part to your absolute maximum and finding that weight per body part where you can comfortably lift in good style and it is from that point you calculate certain levels or increments backwards.

Once have gained all your workout weight calculations you can spread these over five or six week period where you will start off the first workout at the lowest weight which has been previously calculated and every second day you increase the poundage up to your maximum for that given set per body part.

The first week will be called the 15s where you will do three sets of 15 repetitions on that particular body part and the same on all the other body parts in that one workout every second day.

The next workout you will increase to the next level or increment in poundage and repeat the same again three times that first week then the second week as you increase the poundage further you will only do two sets of 15s per body part.

Get it?

You are increasing all the time!

By the way this workout will take you about an hour and it will absolutely bake your noodle. As they say you will be fried!

Now you’ve completed two weeks on the 15s you then you move on to the second section which is the third and fourth week which is the 10s and for the first week on the 10s you start off your pre-calculated poundage and progressively over that week you do three sets per body part increasing the poundage each workout and then you move on to the second week of the 10s which will be the fourth week and then you will do two sets of 10s to reach your maximum for each pre-calculated body part.

The fifth and the six-week you then drop down to the 5s which is now very, very heavy and again you do three sets of the fives and then on the six-week you do two sets of the fives and then you are done. This is called Progressive Load over 3 two week periods (6 weeks in total) where you are never lifting the same weight as you are always increasing the increments every single workout from day one up to the sixth week till you reach your absolute maximum annual exhaust all your capabilities. You can only do this if you start off with a light weight which is proven to work!

Every single workout will produce muscle growth/muscle fibre and it will help you avoid adaption.

This is the only way that this can be avoided and there is no other natural body building method of building muscle fibre quicker than HST because we are never lifting the same weight per workout thus avoiding the dreaded adaption.

Visit the ‘HST’ website to find out how to calculate your weights. This must be done properly and cannot be guessed.

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