Do you know what’s in your tap water?

There are over 330 identified man-made chemicals detected in UK top water to date – 2016.

You should know what’s in the water that comes out of your tap as it contains some nasty things that you are drinking!

Of course for most this is going to sound alarmist or even exaggerated but worth considering undertaking your own research to find out more on this subject.

Here is just a taste of what’s in your tap water.

Our tap water comes from reservoirs, stocks of water which have been treated before it reaches us. The question is, is it completely clean and contaminant free?

The contamination of water is reflected or parallel to the level of contamination in our surrounding environment. Any contaminants in our water are the result of human life in the environment and what we do in that environment.

Firstly there are what’s called airborne contaminants all around us within our air. There are particles of pollutants and chemicals and in some places these contaminants are deadly such as in high built-up areas with over the top or unacceptable levels of lead from car and factory emissions.

Take China for example where most the population in heavy built-up areas cover up with masks when out and about to minimise their risk of airborne pollutants entering into their lungs.

Airborne pollutants are all around us in the UK including things which we are not even aware of possibly from factories churning out tons of poison but of course these are safe now due to regulations and monitoring, aren’t they?

It was us that damaged the ozone layer so can we still trust what’s in the air?

Rainwater cleans and flushes pollutants from the skies as it descends onto the ground and depending on the level of rainfall the ground is saturated with water which runs into our drains, lakes and rivers and reservoirs also carrying everything that crops and farm land are sprayed with.

So now we have contaminated water at this stage.

All human life private, commercial and industrial using every material you can think of that generates any form of airborne discharge such as smoke, steam or other energy discharges will enter into our skies and will all find its way back into our water supply as it lands on trees and buildings for rain water to flush it down.

It is absolutely impossible for the authorities to monitor and control ALL of the pollution that enters into our skies. This has already been proven and it continues to date. Do you think that everyone’s activities are monitored?

Do you really know what’s in your top water?

Our tap water is treated with chemicals and the amount of chemicals that are used to kill bacteria’s and other nasty microorganisms is a LOT!

That means MANY chemicals are used in our water and we are told this is safe!

Ask most people what they think is in their tap water and they will say fluoride and some may know that there is chlorine in it also!

In your top water we have the following main chemicals:

  • Liquified chlorine
  • Sodium silicofluoride
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Calcium hydroxide

In its original form before it was cleaned, your tap water is linked to the water from the sewers, which of course is now being treated safely so X sewer water can now be drunk and is considered 100% clean!

As soon as our treated and cleansed water leaves the treatment plants it travels through underground pipes for hundreds of miles and many of these pipes are leaking underground since the Victorian ages.

Whether it’s just all round alarmist thinking or not, it is just not possible to trust that the water that is travelling through those old Victorian pipes for hundreds of miles cannot become contaminated by something else such as other new bacteria’s and living organisms which would have a disco under the microscope.

How do we know this water is safe once it leaves the treatment plants after it travels through contaminated pipes? Because they tell us so?

There are certain agencies checking and treating the water for legal reasons among others to name a few.

How many homes now in the UK still have lead pipes feeding our taps? Is your home 50 years old or more? Have you had your pipes changed from lead? Have you been drinking water through those lead pipes for the last 20, 30 years?

This will result in heavy metal contamination into your blood stream.

There are over 330 identified man-made chemicals detected in UK tap water – 2016.

Water companies only test a small amount of these chemicals around 30 of them. What about the rest?

‘Simazine,  Atrazine, DDT, Benz pyrene – weed killers’.

There has been lots of research done on both chlorine and fluoride in our tap water and the findings are not good!

There are many people who have raised fears about the links and association to cancer, weight gain, depression including thyroid conditions, tiredness, lack of concentration all due to the content of our tap water.

These fears have been denied by Birmingham city health chiefs after a recent study was conducted here.

Birmingham West Midlands in the UK is considered to have one of the highest amounts of fluoride in our water supplies than anywhere else in the UK and an examination of GPs surgeries have identified an increase in the above symptoms 30% more than other cities in the UK.

Other studies have shown that certain chemicals benzotriazole and tolytriazole that are found in dishwater tablets are making its way back into our water supply.

Additionally high levels of female hormone oestrogen contaminate water supplies as it returns to treatment plants from millions of contraceptive users including HRT therapy.

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of factories pumping out thousands of tons of chemicals into the air and into our waterways.

It is just not possible to regulate and control the amount of factories or commercial and industrial units that carelessly allow chemicals to enter back into our water works such as canals, lakes and streams.

The fluoride argument

Around 10% of the UK’s tap water supply contains fluoride and its main purpose is to prevent and reduce dental decay.

One could argue that there are millions of people in the UK who drink tap water and their mouth is full of tooth decay ANYWAY!

Would that tooth decay have happened sooner or got worse if they had not drunk the tap water?

Does the adding of fluoride to our water outweigh the benefits?

The human thyroid gland has been proven to be affected by fluoride which results in hypothyroidism and a lower immunity.

This causes the gaining of weight, depression, ageing skin and memory loss and concentration difficulties.

However, this list is much longer and does border on the far-fetched as to the causes of the symptoms but if you undertake your own research it won’t take much to find this list of symptoms that fluoride is apparently responsible for.

Fluoride in our water supply has been banned by other European countries.

Why have they banned it?

Do we know more than them?


Research conducted by Birmingham University shows that the chlorine we have in our tap water is included for the sole purpose of killing bacteria and dangerous germs which are of grave concern to pregnant women.

Birmingham University researchers found that the chemicals that are formed during the chlorination are called trihalomethanes and there are links between three specific birth defects including cleft palate, anencephalus and hole in the heart defects in babies.

This isn’t some unofficial Internet research – this is Birmingham University research!

Additionally if you put fresh tap water into a goldfish bowl or a goldfish pond, ALL the gold fish will die in days because of the chlorine and the heavy metals in the water. This is why goldfish water has to be treated before ANY fish can live in it. None can survive in tap water!

Additionally you may remember when you used to go to the swimming baths as kids that there was always that one kid who had red sore eyes because he was the one who swam with his eyes open?

That’s because the chlorine and in the water temporarily flushes away the protective film you have over your eyeballs and it’s the same with tap water.

If you wash your eyes out for around three minutes continuously in a bowl of water or an eye bath your eyes will sting and become sore and you will have a haze over your vision for around five minutes before the chemicals are flushed away.

Chlorine usage has a high acting disinfectant effect for the sole purpose of killing bacteria’s and disease-causing pathogens such as viruses and protozoans, which actually grow in water supply reservoirs and on the internal walls of all water tanks and old water mains pipes.

Chlorine is a chemical element, a corrosive and poisonous green/yellow gas with a suffocating smell, is much heavier than air and belongs to a group of elements called halogens and is mixed with drinking water and swimming pools or public bath water to destroy the bacteria’s that grow in the water.

There are now links to cancer risks associated to drinking tap water due to the ‘by-products’ that are formed of chlorination.

Until recently chlorine was considered safe but not anymore. Chlorine destroys all microbial and animal life.

The bottom-line is the chemicals are placed in the water and are there to protect us. The water we drink cannot be supplied without these chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.

At the moment whether other problems occur as a result of these chemicals is another thing to be explored. It is literally the way it is and not much can be done about it except to deal with the problem at your own end.

If you have concerns about drinking tap water undertake more research online before coming to a decision. You will be surprised on what you find because this post is just the tip of the iceberg.

Without the chemicals that are placed in our tap water we would be in a dire state of contamination from bacteria’s and diseases that would affect us severely but it’s still not safe.

There are many home use filters available on the market which can cleanse water and is cheaper than buying bottled water.

In 2016 the weight of the evidence that is now available on this subject demonstrates that chlorination by-products at least possibly pose significant risks to our health on many levels.

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