Dangers of Hypnosis

Generally speaking there are no dangers with the correct use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for therapeutic applications.  Most hypnotherapists conduct themselves correctly with the client and their well-being in mind at all times.

In the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy there have been very few deaths in the last 30 years.

Obviously from time to time there is always going to be the odd client who has had a heart attack in a consultation room, a heart attack that they would have had that day anyway because it was just a matter of time due to their health condition and so on.

And then there is the occasional incident or accident on a stage where an annoying performing hypnotist causes a stage accident when someone falls off the stage or if someone had an epileptic fit and went into a seizure or similar.

Although we don’t agree or support stage hypnosis or parlour tricks, it has to be said that there has been occasional incidents in situations has described.

It is also important to point out that within the medical profession and the NHS in hospitals up and down the UK that there have been thousands of people that have died within the due to sheer incompetence, negligence, unforgivable neglect not to mention strokes and heart attacks due to medication and pharmaceutical products being incorrectly administered.

You trust the medical profession to look after yourself and your loved ones, especially the elderly.  Even the most competent and caring nurses have not only caused the death of elderly patents but many, many babies have died due to mistakes.

The records show thousands of people die each year within the medical profession. This is not a criticism, this is simply a comparison to hypnosis using contrast to demonstrate what is dangerous and what is not dangerous as regards the tool called hypnosis which is a natural state of mind which you go to sleep every night? You enter into a natural state of hypnosis just prior to going to sleep every night. THAT is the state that is used.

The medical profession do a great job on the whole and so do the nurses and the majority of them are special people which we cannot live without but things do go wrong in the medical profession on many levels right down to bacteria to infections, diseases, the issuing of the wrong medication or even skilled surgeons removing the wrong body part or leaving operating utensils inside the patient!

You get the point!

Therefore before people further jump on the bandwagon and start attacking hypnosis out of pure ignorance and fear or belief then please take a look at all the caring professions and what goes wrong with them first.

In comparison the dangers of hypnosis are not even a fraction of 1% to the huge and dangerous mistakes that are made daily seven days a week on an ongoing basis within NHS hospitals!

It is more dangerous to ride a bicycle on UK roads than it is to use hypnosis. Around 20 cyclists a week are killed on UK roads. Around six motorcyclists are killed a week on UK roads.

Around 20 people a day are injured and killed in cars on UK roads.

Using and holding a mobile phone in London alone is more dangerous than hypnosis, as around 300 mobile phones a week are stolen from people’s hands by swiping them or by physical assault to obtain them and not to mention muggings.

It’s more dangerous to go into a pub than it is to use hypnosis. 50 people a week are knifed, stabbed or slashed in the face with beer glasses for doing nothing more than looking at person the wrong way!

The point is made.

Hypnosis in itself is safe, the actual word though is more damaged because of its association to all things unknown or feared such as the old black-and-white flick movies with Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and the like performing acts like dangling trance like states or pendulums in front of highly susceptible and vulnerable victims before Dracula places his fangs into the neck of the hypnotised victim. Nonsense!

This is just one example of why the word hypnosis is damaged and I don’t think it will ever change as there are too many negative and faulty associations to their word hypnosis and subsequently the word hypnotherapy.

There literally isn’t any practising hypnotherapists that have not been asked the questions,

  • ‘You’re not going to take me over are you?’
  • ‘You are not going to put me in a trance, are you?’
  • ‘Am I going to lose control?’

Or even references to Paul McKenna who is often frowned upon by most professional and ethical hypnotherapists.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy like any tool can be used for good or bad and that the actual bad or even danger mostly lies with the therapist or the person delivering the induction not unlike a bad egg of a doctor who might take advantage such as the renowned Harold Shipman crimes where he was killing elderly people in his doctor’s surgery.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool and there is very little that can’t be put right with it, changed or removed with the use of hypnotherapy.

The use of the word power is a misplaced one and in itself there is no power! There is however powerful results and extraordinarily beneficial gains with the use of it.

Literally every symptom, sickness and disease including cancerous tumours are all caused by faulty information stored within the unconscious mind and it is the unconscious mind that creates symptoms and disorders both physically and mentally and can be with a person for the rest of their life based on that stored and faulty information.

It’s not genetics or some hereditary gene that is causing a sickness or a disease; it is faulty reactions caused by the unconscious mind that KEEPS it there and stops the body healing or clearing it up.

This stored information is ‘just information’, a string of information put together by each of us resulting in a symptom.

There is literally no symptom that can’t be either removed, or corrected.

There is only one thing that can’t removed or corrected with the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and that is tooth decay.

Even hair loss, male pattern baldness can be fully restored with the use of hypnosis, cancerous tumours can be removed.

Please Note: This claim cannot be openly stated, promised or legally claimed nor can the word cure be legally used in this context and this post is for information purposes only.

Additionally, female breasts can be enlarged and so can the male member, muscles grown, skin disorders and diseases of all manner can be removed and corrected and all psychological and emotional problems can be put right such as fears and phobias.

Even hypnosis can be used in bodybuilding to great effect!

The body can mimic the same as steroid production in a natural and safe way such as producing more of the growth hormone and testosterone as long as the weights are lifted, however in some people their brake may not be applied and if there is a deep desire for a bodybuilder to build bigger muscles then an overproduction of testosterone and growth hormone can take place which would be similar if not identical to the way in which a symptom keeps producing an unwanted reaction even if he didn’t want it therefore one should only visit a curative hypnotherapist if this is one’s intention and tread carefully!

Can anyone be treated?

The answer is anyone could be treated but not anyone can simply because it’s down to the individual and some people do not understand what is required of them to enter into a deep state of relaxation which is the actual hypnosis or hypnosis state.

Hypnosis is a guided state of deep relaxation where we are all fully alert and awake at all times, however some people can’t follow the simple instructions to enter into this natural state so it is for that reason some people cannot be treated.

There are also other similar reasons such as people who have severe mental health problems such as schizophrenia or psychosis and people with suicidal risk must not be worked with.

Working with people who have severe psychological and mental problems cannot be treated because there are too many layers and would take years to work through them all with hypnosis.

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