Dangerous House Flies

The danger of the house fly is real!

Question: Why do you think the common housefly is called a common housefly?
Answer: Because it commonly lives in your house!

Musca Domestica is the flies real name!

Once you learn about the bacteria’s and diseases that the common housefly can bring to you and your family you may think differently about the dreaded house spider only because the spider is the one thing the house fly fears the most especially when it nears its silvery spider web!

It’s not that big visual things that can harm you it’s the hidden microscopic and literally invisible microbes and bacteria that is our biggest threat and whilst we do our best to remain clean and hygienic it is the dreaded housefly that is the biggest risk to our safety and physical health.

It would be fair to say that there are not many people who actually go out of their way to say they like flies!

Do you know anyone who likes flies?

Flies are the most disgusting dirty little creatures that can cause you some serious gastrointestinal illness, diarrhea and even disease.

How many times in your life have been seriously ill and put it down to food poisoning such as bad eggs, salmonella or under cooked chicken bacteria when in fact you didn’t really know. It could have been the result of the common housefly.

If you’re sitting in your kitchen eating your food and you can tolerate two or three flies in your kitchen then think again, you may want to move the goalposts as regards your toleration point of flies.

Flies are without a doubt one of the biggest bacteria carriers in the UK and can transmit bacteria’s and viruses fast and even serious diseases to grown adults, children and especially babies.

When a fly enters your kitchen window or door you can guarantee it will land and walk on the cutlery in your open draw, on the plates you’ve just laid out prior to placing food on them, on the rim of your glass or cup just seconds before you place it on your lips, on the edge of your cake, toast, biscuit and so the list goes on.

It only takes two or three seconds for a fly to land on your food or eating utensils or even on the knob of your water tap, your door handle, cooker buttons or dials, cupboard handles and so on which you touch after the fly leaves behind nasty threatening bacteria’s all which can lead to serious infection or disease.

Or to be less dramatic, to err on the side of caution just a little bit of a tummy upset and vomiting or a little diarrhea thrown in!

Prior to a fly entering into your kitchen and walking on the rim of the glass that you just placed down, the law of average is that they have just come off something rotting and decomposing such as a dead animal like a rotting decomposing rat or mouse corpse or a half eaten bird that the cat killed, the edge of your dustbin or wheelie bin, you’re outside drain, an open sewer manhole cover, last night’s drunken platter of pavement vomit, a fermenting patch of dog urine which has already been peed upon by five other dogs already that day and I have saved the best for last which is a dog poop otherwise known has doggy faeces lying in the road or garden grass and so the list goes on.

This disgusting little creature will be carrying these germs, bacteria’s, viruses and diseases on its little legs and prior to you placing the drinking glass rim to your lips it had a little three second walk there depositing any one of the above microscopic substances for you to unknowingly place onto your lips and subsequently bring down into your intestinal tract for the little microscopic blighters to take resident or set up home in your colon or gut and reproduce thus making you ill.

This is just one example of how the bacteria’s WILL enter your organism or commonly known as your body and you will be their host no different from an alien invasion movie!

There is no small risk of this happening to your children as they do not have our awareness of flies nor do they have any care or concern and worse still your baby won’t even know, their lips, dummy and the plastic toys that they play with and subsequently place in their mouth.

Flies transport microscopic waste products that stick to their legs and spread it around everywhere in your house as they actually live with us full time, did you know they leave and return on a regular basis?

Absolutely everything that they make contact with is with their legs and every single thing they touch spreads bacteria’s.

Flies are excellent at transmitting diseases from one human being to another and from one pet to another via our homes.

Additionally they can carry cross infection which leads to multiplication of viruses and diseases, a sort of cross pollination process with bacteria’s similar to bees moving from one flower plant to the next.

Whatever a fly lands on throughout the day including the vast array of disintegrating and rotting food remains stays on their legs and they carry that with them everywhere which is why people often place cling film over their food when it’s left out in the open.

Apart from the usual insects, the fly is of the greatest and most annoying of all the house bugs. Even wasps are nowhere near as disgusting as fly activity due to the way flies need to survive.

Some of you may remember the Hollywood movie called the Fly with the lead star Jeff Goldblum who was eating a doughnut and as he was eating it he vomited back onto it.

This is exactly what flies do, they regurgitate and vomit the food they had just eaten, back up which is a form of liquidation and they bring this liquidation or vomit up onto the food surface that they have just landed on which just happens to be the food you’re about to eat.

This has been demonstrated under a microscope as one of the MAIN things flies do and you can see this on u-tube videos if it takes your fancy.

Liquefying the food they had just eaten or chewed, bringing it back up and spewing it out in front of them to suck it back in is what flies do and they do it when they’re standing on your food they also contaminate the food they’re standing on by rubbing and scraping their legs together thus distributing more bacteria’s germ infected particles of dirt onto your food to spread further horrors.

Whilst most people find flies obnoxious and disgusting creatures they actually spend most of their time cleaning themselves similar under a microscope to how a domestic pussycat cleans itself, by licking and wiping itself using its own juices and limbs to prune itself.

Because a fly settles onto the most disgusting bacteria ridden substances, its eyes and body and especially its antenna can become laden down or blocked up with dirt which in itself could harm or threaten its ability to make a hasty escape when they see any form of movement approach it therefore part of its cleaning process is a constant detaching and distributing process of particles of dirt onto other surfaces including your food and eating implements.

A fly might just simply land on the rim of your glass or eating implement for only a few seconds and it is within that few seconds it uses its legs to wipe substances off its entire body which then land onto the rim of your drinking glass or any surface it lands onto.

It’s not just a case of landing and walking for a few seconds to contaminate a surface but it also produces a double whammy effect by also removing microscopic particles of dirt from its body.

This has been proven and demonstrated under the microscope that this is what flies do constantly!

You may see a fly land on any surface before your eyes and if you look carefully you will see what appears to be its elbows and joints moving around quite fast, moving in and out, up and down lifting up its front leg and rubbing and wiping it over its head.

Flies have a nasty habit of constantly landing down on any surface so that they can engage in a fast cleaning and pruning action as they have a high need to periodically clean themselves and remove dirt off their body so that they can function properly, this cleaning process is essential for their survival. It gathers and attracts dirt a lot due to the substances it walks and lands in and then detaches the dirt particles onto the surface onto which it lands.

Fly bacteria

Scientific studies have shown there are at least a couple of hundred nasty bacteria’s carried by a common household fly.

Here are just a few main ones!

Salmonellosis is common for food poisoning!

Shigellosis is common for causing diarrhoea in humans!

Have you ever had diarrhoea and just wondered how, why, where or when you got it and just accepted it must be something you just ate?

E.coli is another lovely and we’ve all heard what that can do to us!
Parasitic worms in the human is rife especially tapeworms or pin worm which is also connected to dog poops.

There is a long documented list of bacteria’s that flies carry onto us and whilst the human being can fight off most of these, it’s not something we should be doing because of the flies habits.

Most people have good immune systems however many people can be affected by dangerous bacteria’s and viruses.

Wiping all the services of our kitchen and especially bathroom on a regular basis definitely does help protect us. Good all-round hygiene and prevention is key!


Did I mention toilets?

Yes flies will often walk on and around the rim of the toilets then fly straight into your baby’s room and land on their little rattle or toy that he or she places in their mouth!

Do you think this can make your child ill? Or do you think adults and children have immune systems which can keep us safe all of the time?

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