Mental Health Stigma

Mental Health Stigma

Why do mental health symptoms or mental illness have a stigma to them? And more importantly why do people keep it quiet? Even the most simple of mental health symptoms produce the same. Just the mere mention of a symptom that everyone has experienced from time to time, such as anxiety, depression or even obsessive-compulsive cleaning and phobias. It doesn’t … Read More

Ways to Improve Health Fast

Improved Health Advice

Here are some ways to Improve our Health Fast. Our physical body, emotions, feelings, well-being, mental health, thinking and mind are not separate from each other. We may think and believe they are separate but they are not. Nothing separates all parts of us except our view or opinion which is totally incorrect. We work as a complete whole at … Read More

Gamblers Fallacy

Gambling Addition Treatment

Gamblers fallacy is an erroneous belief that if something occurs frequently within a given period of time, a time more often than is considered normal then it will occur less frequently in the future and alternatively if something occurs much less frequently within a given period of time than is considered normal then it will happen more frequently in the … Read More

Confirmation Bias Explained

what is confirmation bias

See, I knew I was right all along! We all do it! Once a person believes a thing, it’s very difficult to change the mind even when the facts or proof shows otherwise! Many people hold strong beliefs based on flimsy background information and are reluctant to change their minds even when this new and emerging information shows that they … Read More

Common Cold Prevention Cures

cold prevention cures

Healthcare professionals in and around the medical profession will clearly tell you that there is no known cure for the common cold. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure! One could argue that to some extent there is a cure for the common cold also known as the Rhino Virus! And that cure is improving one’s … Read More

Psychological Projection onto others?

Psychological projection

There is a saying within ‘projection’ and that is if you spot it, then you have got it! If you can see it in others, then it is in yourself! When we see irregularities or discrepancies within people’s personalities this is a need being expressed and reflects our own insecurities and the more we do it the more we are … Read More

New Puppy Dog Problems

puppy rearing issues

There are thousands of new puppy dogs being bought across the UK every month and many of these purchases are by inexperienced first-time dog owners with little or no experience of owning a puppy or a new dog. Subsequently many dogs are then given away to dogs homes or sold on because the inexperienced dog owner comes to learn that … Read More

Is There Life After Death?

Is there life after death

What you can be sure about is what you DON’T know about death! What you can be guaranteed of is that you will die, this experience of dying which you see and hear of others along with seeing funeral cars with a coffin in its rear passing you in the street is going to happen to us all, we are … Read More

How to Reduce High Cholesterol

How to Reduce High Cholesterol

There are no obvious directly visible symptoms of high cholesterol except to say if you have accompanying diseases then you run a higher risk of developing further serious health complications. Any doctor will tell you that you run the risk of heart disease if you have high cholesterol especially if you don’t reduce it. Can high cholesterol be reduced? The … Read More

Dangerous House Flies

Musca domestica, house fly

The danger of the house fly is real! Question: Why do you think the common housefly is called a common housefly? Answer: Because it commonly lives in your house! Musca Domestica is the flies real name! Once you learn about the bacteria’s and diseases that the common housefly can bring to you and your family you may think differently about … Read More