Meditation healing for problems of the mind!


You must consult with a doctor first before embarking on any changes or practicing meditation or hypnotherapy. Meditation or hypnotherapy is not for everyone and can be problematic for some people with serious psychological disorders.

Even though your mind is in pain, the basis of your day firstly must be around achieving some deep relaxation state of the body and the mind will follow. Deep states of relaxation twice a day is essential especially if you have emotional and psychological problems commonly called stress.

Once deep relaxation is achieved daily, you would be wise to get in touch with the internal pain. Any wounds need to surface and be healed by you or another such as a therapist.

If you cannot do this yourself, you may need professional help to do this.

If funds are available, a Curative Hypnotherapist can help as they will take you into a safe, gentle, deep relaxation state and work with the unconscious ROOT causes of your pain, grief, guilt, fear, anxiety, self-punishment, anger, blame, worthlessness, despair and so on to correct this.

This treatment can lead to liberation of your issues as they are in the subconscious/non thinking part of the mind, not the conscious mind.

Most people who started healing, self-healing, meditation and turned inwards were once in much suffering – at the end of their road basically, they learnt this natural healthy practice and now have states of peace, bliss and freedom.

Meditation – if its right for you, can lead to life changing states of mind and happiness and requires long term work to achieve this. It’s all natural and is healthy and safe providing there are no psychiatric problems.

You have all the healing tools inside you but a door needs to be opened by you to access them.

Many have accessed an energy source which exists within you (Chi or qi).

It’s a healing energy and its pure love beyond your understanding of the labels we commonly call love associated to loved ones, parents, wife, husband and lust etc.

This is a pure love/energy, a compassion and empathy state that can become your daily default state as a meditator.

The gratitude and appreciation one can feel once its experienced is beyond anything you ever knew.

You take this love state once found and apply it slowly to past your memory content, to whatever surfaces during meditation such as past memories of hate, revenge, fear, shame, guilt, low worth, criticism, violence, disgust, past slights, wounds, remorse, others harm done to you, harm you did to others etc.

All this negativity surfaces bit by bit and you apply love, compassion and empathy to it, to yourself and your brain rewires itself to forgive and heal itself and others.

Each of these negative states dissolve one by one until acceptance appears and no matter how bad things were, you are free because you have achieved that default state of love, compassion and empathy for all things, understanding of how the mind works and wisdom and true acceptance and it’s all done within you.

This is ultimately pure healing, cleaning the self and can take months or years depending on each person.

Inner help!

Close your eyes and look into the dark of your eye lids. You have to ask for it and you have to be sincere, honest in your request. Keep expectation very low and only do this if this is what you want and something will awaken and be activated in time. This is only for those who are looking for something clean, pure and true outside of this 3D social system we are in.

There must be no ego, arrogance or disbelief. Only true intent and you will then be like millions of people who did this off the back of pain and loss suffering.


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