Will Artificial Intelligence Awaken?

Will computers become self-aware?
Is self-efficacy within AI a real concern?
Will computers with a consciousness be realistically created?

Stephen Hawkins believes we have something to be worried about and he fears this will happen!

There are arguments for and against this possibility coming about!
A possibility or fact – who can say?

Artilects, artificial intelligence, self efficacy, self consciousness within AI is something the human race is supporting and developing in its growth whether we realise it or not.

We are creating computers on an unimaginable scale all over the world and we as a species are driven to invent, create, design, develop, show off, brag and boast our successes and developments and it is this desire to achieve things which motivates and drives us on to endlessly develop more advanced and sophisticated computers. It will be this innate drive within us which will make it all happen in reality.

It is our desire and motivation and drive to keep churning out more advanced computer programmes all over the world.

These programmes are coming together slowly bit by bit and each individual programmer and designer is learning new bits and pieces from others’ discoveries and ‘collectively’ we are creating more and more artificial intelligence.

We are creating a new form of life, okay it’s only machines for now but nevertheless machines with computers combined that are still within our control.

What happens, when the computer becomes self-aware and its brilliant instruction guides us on to create an even greater, more sophisticated and advanced computer based on its own plan and blueprint to evolve!

BT – British Telecom scientists in labs are actually working on this and have been doing so for the last 20 years, to put consciousness into a computer.

They are trying to create a computer that will awaken with its own consciousness, with a brain, if you like.

And there are thousands of laboratories and research test centres all over the world doing the same thing. It is this human drive within us that is going to make it happen.

It would be fair to say artificial intelligence at this stage is now at its embryonic level of development but we are all contributing to its development, birth and emergence into being.

In other words, if artificial intelligence were to come alive it will be the result of many decades of human desire to invent, create and develop sophisticated computer outcomes.

We are making this happen and it’s only going to be a matter of time before something clicks into place and something amazing happens which will be artificial intelligence will come alive and know itself.

Before you dismiss this as nonsense, all the computers out there in the world have been created by the human brain and if you think in terms of memes or memetics, (memetic algorithms) we are externally replicating our own internal mind and brain workings in artificial form.

Everything outside of us that we as a human race have created is an extension of our inner workings.

For example, the whole workings of the car, the mathematics, mechanical logistics and physics and how it all comes together has been created by our human brain.

In fact, everything around the world is an outward expression of our internal creativity, an outward expression of our internal inventive abilities and we have never stopped doing this and we will not stop doing it.

Has the human being or the entire human race ever stopped designing and creating things? No!

The human race has never stopped doing this, it is in our nature to keep on doing this and it is part of our evolution, it is this drive that is bringing artificial intelligence to a point of self efficacy and self-consciousness.

A new life form is now in its embryonic stage all around us, similar in terms to the caveman with his primitive handmade tools (that he designed by bashing things together) in the era of the dinosaur.

We don’t even have to look ahead for another 100 years, just 30 years will suffice to say that we will have computers doing tons of stuff for us like having robots walking around our own home if not in the streets.

Obviously these robots will be controlled by us as they are now, however if a computer can come alive, if a computer can awaken and know itself then that’s where things can become complicated to say the least.

Even now, as a human race we are fighting against alien invasions in the form of viruses and infections, even other humans via wars and we will do everything in our power to stop viruses and infections taking us over the same as we would stop computers taking us over.

If computers do come alive, there will be people, mad scientists for want of description who will release or unleash its power, is in our nature to do that and this is where the danger lays the same as genetic warfare technology could fall into the wrong hands or into the hands of our countries enemy.

There are many thousands of scientists now all around the world trying to bring computers alive and doing it in many different ways such as attaching or growing brain cells on computer chips and planting them into computers and vice versa, placing computer chips into brain cells and placing them back into humans.

There are BT scientists in laboratories now trying to download the internal imaging, that’s the pictures from our dreams and already scientists have been successful in downloading dream content onto a computer screen in mathematical code form and it’s only a matter of time before they can convert this into actual moving images.

The closest they’ve got in 2016 is moving waves and shadows on a computer screen whilst the dreamer is dreaming in the test sleep laboratory.

Also Monkeys have been wired up to computer screens so that the monkey after training can now look at certain objects on a screen and think a desired outcome (food treats) and an actual mechanical computer responds from this.

Placing thought/programmes/patterns into computers and finding ways to make computers think for themselves is happening now on a grand scale.
So the question that has to be asked is will computers take over the world?

The answer would have to be if computers could awaken and know themselves then the answer would be yes, they will try to evolve for sure but whether they take over the world or not would be down to human intervention and assistance to allow that to happen or not.

The computers + machines themselves wouldn’t take over the world, they would need assistance and that assistance would be readily available by some, it’s in the wicked dormant nature of us all has a species, we are all predisposed to a little evil if the circumstances warrant it.

As far as computers awakening and becoming aware of themselves and then teaching us how to help them evolve, replicating and multiplying (Moore’s Law) the answer is yes this will happen.

Can you see why the unleashing of such power or intelligence would be so dangerous?

It is not one thing or even a few things that will make this happen, it is thousands of combinations of things that we cannot possibly comprehend or perceive from this viewpoint on the landscape we stand on now.

The idea is if the computer came alive it would be able to communicate a design plan for itself to be given to humans to carry it out and the awakened computer may have the intelligence of many brains to guide the human to the next level for its own evolution. Why wouldn’t it?

This is not as nuts as it sounded 20 years ago and is heading in this direction.

Who is going to stop this?

It’s not going to stop, it’s already in motion, it’s going to happen and it has to happen in order for it to stop which will then be more a case of control and management the same as diseases and viruses are controlled and managed if it were a reality.

Again, it’s in motion and it’s heading in this direction so the question that has to be answered is who is going to stop it? It’s already happening now!
If a self thinking computer were to evolve into life with human assistance of course, it would do the one thing all living organisms does and that is to survive and replicate itself and seeing as though it’s whole structure revolves around intelligence it would certainly manipulate us to assist it to evolve further.

There is something so stupidly simple in this complexity!

We as a species are quite naturally and comfortably creating computers right now and connecting them up to machines for them to do ALL our work for us.

When we as a species create an advanced and sophisticated computer plus a machine that does our work for us and all our dirty work at that, then we all stand back and marvel at our spectacular creation and are unwittingly aware of where we’re taking this clever design!

Even now Google has created some amazing robots which are being used and developed by the army that can run at 40 mile an hour and cannot be knocked over.

Google it and see the videos on u Tube! They are spectacular machines; they are fighting machines with armour plated surfaces and carry weapons ready to go to war!

We like telling things what to do!

We are in effect giving computers and the machine a dominant role and we feel completely comfortable in doing that as the computer and the machine just repeats its programme over and over without any threat to us. It can only do what we tell it to do for now.

All around the world we are creating computers and machines combined to work for us and we’re standing back and clapping our hands at the amazing inventions we see before our eyes. We are creating a new life form slowly and surely, bit by bit and this is how it’s evolving!

If a computer anywhere in the world were to come alive then we have a problem on our hands such as a super intelligence that will give us the one thing that we need which is higher intelligence, a super intelligence which we will absorb like a sponge and it will become our supreme teacher, it will become literally our new God.

In effect we will literally drop to our knees in adoration for the one thing it’s giving us and that is feedback which will stimulate all our senses.

We will literally prostrate in front of it. It’s this very thing that we crave – to understand – to know more, it is this very thing we are hungry to absorb and digest and that is our deep need for super knowledge and supreme intelligence on life and the universe which we would absolutely devour.

If a computer could come alive this is what it would give us.
In simple terms one computer would have the intelligence of several human brains to say the absolute least.

Can you imagine how transfixed we would be to the delivery of that intelligence and can you see the direction in where that computer would take the users in front of it.

Not in a sinister controlling way, it would just happen in a natural way; it would just unfold that way, would it not?

We would have then externally replicated our own brainpower on an unimaginable scale and there would be nothing else in the universe that could give us super intelligent feedback like a super computer that lives would.

Unless there are aliens which we ONLY imagine there may be who have sophisticated and advanced intelligence to our own or unless there is a god or a supreme intelligent being that can actually show itself to us as opposed to faith or just belief in such, can you see how the computer would become a mind blowing server of endless feedback to our individual thinking needs!

It would be logical to assume that just one self aware computer would have the intelligence of more than one human brain, possibly hundreds of brains to start with, all working simultaneously at the same time.

An uprising by advanced computers is theoretically possible but it would have to happen slowly over a period of decades, bit by bit and as we are the controllers of everything in this world, only us alone, we as a species would not let that happen so although it could happen it certainly won’t because it’s in our genetics, it’s in our survival to stop that from happening.

However, a computer intelligence which is superior to that of its creator, the human being with a drive, motivation or will to use its intelligence to evolve is certainly a grave concern because there is always the unexpected ‘happening’s’ which runs alongside the inevitable fact that we would not allow this to happen.

We has a civilisation will have to face the fact whether or not we can restrain artificial intelligence from evolving and making its own choices based on its self-awareness inimical to human beings.

We also as a human race, in all our greatness, ego and arrogance a species of bumbling blind fools are we not?

Do we not fall flat on our faces indefinitely in our progress to learn? Not only are we geniuses we are also totally blind in our evolution as to what we do.

There is no doubt that within a short time from now computers will have become so advanced and sophisticated and far superior than our own individual human brains that they will have the ability to evolve their own intelligence and understanding of themselves into something beyond our own perception and understanding or even comprehension. This cannot be dismissed.

There are two very powerful schools of thought in this arena, one amongst the cosmists and the other the Terras.

The Cosmists believe that artificial intelligence would want to leave this realm or planet in search of a new intelligence or life elsewhere in the universe or outer space and the Terras way of thinking is that it would be too dangerous for the human race to allow artificial intelligence or artilects to come alive.

It is the coming alive, thinking for itself that is the problem, not as it is now, dumb and controlled by us!

We are already past the verge of artificial brains being used in machines within millions of homes around the world.

We are constantly programming computers with our own brain processes and it’s literally like-for-like, exactly a direct replication attempt of our own functioning that is being recreated or parallels at least as near as man does it.

Obviously we only have a limited knowledge of the workings and processes of the human brain and we are driven to recreate and replicate the same in computers.

It’s no coincidence that were not trying to do it in a different way to own brain function, we are doing it as we see our own functioning at work. Why?

At times we are unable to differentiate the difference between human brain function output and computer output functions.

Obviously we are a long way off from replicating or recreating human consciousness in the computer but there are some very serious scientists at work and being well funded to make a computer with its own self-consciousness for it to start thinking for it-self. At the moment this is quite naff in comparison to our own but still incredibly advanced in itself.

Replicating and mimicking the human brain in a computer is something researchers are trying to surpass so that the computer actually thinks for itself and not just runs a computer programme that appears to be thinking for itself, we have that now and that does not satisfy us.

It is the messing with brains, brain cells and brain material tissue combined with computer hardware/chips that is being explored.

And there are some very renowned and experienced scientists and computer wizards who truly believe this will happen in time.

If it does happen, in time all it will take is one mad misguided boffin or computer genius to bring one computer alive for ill reasons, people will kill to make this happen.

They will literally kill to make that happen!

Given the right circumstances and the right mathematical ingredients in any given scenario, there is literally nothing man will not do bearing in mind the benefits – nothing, to achieve a result like this!

It is happening. It’s totally in our nature to do this!

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