Ways to avoid a Speeding Fine?

First and foremost the police are essential to our everyday life, safety and security and this includes everybody in all walks of life irrespective of whether they agree with this or not.

There are people who do like and respect the police and there are people who hate them for various reasons, often for good reason and many just because they hate the police power and authority that they hold which could hurt them in many ways!

Even when criminals lives have been affected by crime such as when a criminals loved one has been harmed or their house has been broken into, then the first thing along with grabbing a baseball bat is to call for police assistance and yet they may still hate the police they just called for help and then used. The point being, we all need police at some time in our lives whoever we are.

Speed cameras and speed traps are there for two main reasons, one is to catch speeders and keep people safe and the other is to bring in money to the local council authorities by hitting car drivers hard.

Most speeders exceeding the speed limit by maybe 10, 15 or 20 mile an hour run a high risk of receiving a penalty ticket and some demerit penalty points on their licence, however these minor speeding offences can be got out of if you play the game right.

This is not an attempt to support speeding or dangerous driving, it is simply manipulating that which can be manipulated and capitalised upon if the door is open to do so!

This content is not supporting speeders or anyone who could cause injury or death through reckless driving. It is simply showing you how to be intelligent in the face of your mistake and foolishness!

Most police officers are very strong characters and if they weren’t they wouldn’t make the grade, they would never have graduated as police officers.

Trying to lie or fob off a police officer is often futile as their level of perception is higher than yours and they capable of spotting lies instantly, they are all incredibly perceptive.

Additionally, most police officers have a ‘natural’ and healthy level of suspicion and distrust in what people say and do especially when they’re on the spot for something they did possibly do!

Most police officers have ‘paranoia’ as their default accompanied by a heightened vigilance of human behaviour and naturally an instinctive ability to detect deception or attitude straight away!

From morning till evening throughout their daily shift they are met with constant non-stop BS, attitude from all manner and walk of life. In every single incident that they attend they encounter many different personalities making excuses, telling lies and blaming others and so on to save their own skin at any cost.

Police officers are also met with harassment, disrespect and constant abuse and threats of violence on a daily basis, so when you get pulled over in your car for speeding or any miner offence, any attempt at demonstrating anything other than an open straight up front honesty will just make things worse yourself.

Usually within the first five seconds a police officer knows what you’re going to be like towards them as they are hardened and conditioned to the vile attitude of people towards the police and the way they are treated usually for no reason other than their uniform represents power and authority which could inevitably dominate them especially if they are on the spot for some wrongdoing. Make sense?

If you are pulled over in your car especially late at night, most police officers will be easier on you for being easy on them, so shouting, ranting and raving, lying and deceiving and making up all sorts of excuses saying you didn’t do such and such will bring their authority down on you as hard as it can hit you.

This is the point to remember

A police officer became a police officer for many personal and professional reasons but deep down ALL police officers need power and control, dominance and authority over you especially if you’re stepping over a line, the line that the law says you should not cross. This is definitely the structure of most police officers whether they realise it or not. They need to have and demonstrate power, control and authority over others.

All police officers personally need power over you and will gain power over you if you break the law, step over the line or make things difficult for them when they question you. They will express that power over you in the form of allowed authority and or punishment in whatever situation you’re in that warrants it.

Keeping this in mind, when you get stopped in your car for minor speeding or a similar minor offence you can quite easily turn this around by understanding the following.

Firstly the police officer is already vigilant, ready and prepared that you or anyone they approach may be negative and disrespectful and although that police officer may be calm and relaxed, he is ready to adapt and adjust to your manner and your attitude within seconds.

Wherever you go with your language and attitude towards the police officer through dialogue and communication, the police officer will move and shift, alter and adapt until he finds the right ground to pull you down and put you in your place as far as he/she sees it in the situation you are in. This will happen if you demonstrate argument or disrespect in the face of your wrongdoing!

Remember this

If you demonstrate any form of attitude when you get out of your car for the reason they stopped you, you are in effect drawing out that police officers NEED to place his authority and power over you even harder than you would have experienced it if you kept your mouth shut and stayed in control of your own emotions and feelings.

Any display of awkwardness or argument and attitude will evoke the very thing that that police officer needs to do which is exercise his power and control over you. Get it?

In other words you just had the book thrown at you because of your mouth which is the result of your emotions and feelings and things deep within you – such as you’re wish to resist authority, order or control over you because you felt threatened by their dominance over you.

If this is not it, then what is it that makes you angry and argumentative when they are just being pleasant with you?

Whether the police officer is aware of it or not, the more defiance and resistance he/she experiences the more their superiority and dominance will develop, but if you reverse your manner and attitude you will reduce or completely remove that police officers NEED for power and authority over you, therefore giving you a better chance at being let off the hook with a caution or a warning for whatever it was you got stopped for.

Simply because the more in control you are of yourself, the more you are showing you are not affected by their presence which is their uniform, authority, power they can demonstrate and or exercise over you etc.
On one hand this is just simple common sense when car drivers are pulled over there is an element or sense of a threat and harassment that arises within you which is contributory to your need to come back at them negatively!

Up to a certain point minor driving offences are at the discretion of the police officer. Obviously if you are doing 100 mile an hour in a 40 zone then there is no police officer going to let you off anywhere.
What you should do:

If you are pulled over for a minor offence such as speeding over the limit by a small to reasonable amount then as soon as you open your car door, immediately acknowledge that you’re in the wrong by saying something like this:

  • ‘I am so sorry officer, I am completely in the wrong and I know I was speeding, I wasn’t paying attention, it’s my own fault and I accept any punishment or fine, I deserve it, I respect the police and you’ve got better things to be doing than pulling an idiot like me over. I am so sorry for wasting your time, I accept the punishment, I’ve just got my mind on other things and I wasn’t paying attention’.

Obviously most lawyers will say to you at this stage possibly say nothing or say no comment but in a situation like this, if you know you have clearly broken the law by speeding and being pulled over is the result of this offence then common sense prevails as you most likely have been recorded speeding.

You’re not being asked to admit anything else, this is clearly about crossing that line and you are probably going to be prosecuted for the offence anyway!

What you are in effect doing is taking the power to punish you away from the police officer by getting in there first. How can he slap down a ticket on you now? It won’t affect you, will it?
Well, he still might it just all depends on his mindset but the majority will let you off!

Of course he can still issue you with a ticket if he doesn’t care either way, but he won’t get any satisfaction in doing it because you’ve just admitted the very offence he stopped you for therefore you are indirectly demonstrating that you won’t be affected by his delivery of punishment of penalty points or tickets and a fine.

Now here is the main issue

If the police officer has a personal need to see you cringe or suffer for your sins then this will take the wind out of his sales, because you’ve just taken it away from him by showing you are not unaffected or threatened by his presence/power and what he can do to you!

Of course there will be some police officers who won’t give a hoot to the way you plead but there’s a good 70% of police officers who will let you off because you are demonstrating that you not affected or threatened by the punishment even if it hasn’t been presented to you yet, you’re already demonstrating your unaffected by what power or punishment that police officer can dish out on you therefore the only way that police officer can regain his control, regain his power and regain authority is by making it crystal clear to you that he is now going to let you off by warning you or giving you a caution. He now has the power to do that and that’s where you want to take him, that’s where you want to steer him.

It’s a similar technique that salespeople use, to steer you to a certain place of feeling, emotion, need and ego within you etc.

He is now adjusting and repositioning himself so that he can re-deliver his power and authority in a ‘different’ way by demonstrating his leniency and consideration for your wrongdoing by letting you know you are being let off and he is NOW being super nice to you.

This will clearly be a demonstration of his power and authority by letting you off.

Lesson delivered!

Now put yourself in another situation with your husband or wife, your girlfriend, boyfriend or friend in the pub and you enter into a little bit of an argument where each of you is trying to point score or gain the upper ground and gain some one-upmanship or final say.

The next time you’re in that situation just look at the things that arise within you and how you behave and conduct yourself towards your friend or loved one – just so that you can have the final say, just so that you can WIN in the war of words.

If you were truly capable of examining all the components in what took place you would see that there are some nasty toxins there which we all engage in at times where we define our boundaries and borderlines and we push or knock people down to raise ourselves up, to-ing and fro-ing with words to be the winner or to have the last say or to belittle another and so on, all to feel better in ourselves at the expense of hurting the other.

Police officers are only human after all and the next time you get pulled over, if it’s not too serious there is a very good chance you can get off as long as you immediately recognise your wrongdoing, you’re acknowledging your wrongdoing, your apologising and you are verbally indicating that you accept the possible pending punishment or penalty for your deed, then you run a very high chance in reducing or removing the police officers power over you in that given moment therefore this will force him to regain his control that you are taking away by – letting you off.

This is in no way trying to belittle the intelligence and perception of any police officer, it’s just a simple fact that we all have a role to play and some people may be overzealous in their role and need to keep that going, it is the knowing they can hurt or upset someone that gives a person a buzz. A bio feedback circuit is formed and one feeds off the other, breaking that circuit alters the outcome.

If you think this is in any way exaggerated or inaccurate just take a look at uTube videos. There hundreds and thousands of them related to power struggles between the police, car drivers and civilians walking in the street having been stopped demonstrating the power and authority of the police through language and communication versus defiance and arrogance and argumentative comebacks and in most cases the police will always win.


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