How to Reduce High Cholesterol

There are no obvious directly visible symptoms of high cholesterol except to say if you have accompanying diseases then you run a higher risk of developing further serious health complications.

Any doctor will tell you that you run the risk of heart disease if you have high cholesterol especially if you don’t reduce it.

Can high cholesterol be reduced?

The answer to this is yes and you can start on it today.

Bearing in mind that heart disease is the largest cause of death in the UK by far. The question that has to be asked is what on earth are we doing to ourselves to have a statistic like that?

Why is heart disease the biggest cause of death?

Simply because of lifestyle and diet choice or in other words the bad and delicious foods we all eat.

The body produces a specific type of fat called lipid and it is required for maintaining good health, however high levels of that fat can increase the risks of not only heart disease but stroke.

Most doctors and GPs will advise against a bad junk food diet and although they will not be able to confirm this as a solid fact, high cholesterol is often the result of bad diet and they will only indicate it plays a part.

It would be unwise to state that a full-time junk food diet is the sole cause of high cholesterol however many people in the know are convinced that high cholesterol is the result of the nasty foods we place into our bloodstream such as very high amounts of salt, various unhealthy fats and sugars that are concealed with food.

Let’s look at this another way around, just to change one’s thinking for a moment. Instead of trying to convince people that bad diet is definitely high on the list of causes or reasons for high cholesterol, let’s look at it this way.

It has now been scientifically proven that villages and tribes in other faraway countries such as the Amazonian jungles, deep African tribes and even Australian aborigines deep in the bush, who possibly have never seen western food or western ways of life have no high cholesterol and not only that they have no dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and most importantly no such thing as strokes or heart attacks including many other symptoms and diseases which is rife in the Western world.

Why is this?

High cholesterol is worst in the UK and America and France. We eat the most richest food that are high in butter, unhealthy fats such as the lard, trans-fats, sugars and salt not to mention the thousands of other additives and ingredients within our food.

We are as a nation addicted to junk food and now with the full-time access of Internet in the last 15 years our children are at risk of obesity due to zero exercise from sitting for hours in front of a smart phone or computer as opposed to children running around in the streets or fields a couple of decades back.

Health Complications

There’s a very high risk of the following health problems developing as a result of high cholesterol in this order:


Heart attack


These are the three killers and because these are so serious they make other health complications look minor in comparison.

It has been medically proven that there is a link between these outlined diseases and health conditions and high cholesterol, therefore it’s very important that anyone with high cholesterol reduces it with the advice and guidance of their GP.

Among the list of these outlined health conditions, high cholesterol can certainly increase your risk of circuitry problems and remember the entire body is dependent on the quality of your blood.

High cholesterol is commonly called the silent killer because unless you have a blood test, it often goes undetected. As a rule of thumb to know where you are in this picture, are you eating a bad diet?

When was the last time you had a whole day of eating thoroughly nutritious and healthy food?

If you are concerned at the possibility of having high cholesterol and your diet is mainly filled with junk food then you might want to consider booking a blood test at your local doctor’s surgery for peace of mind. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

And here is the annoying and preventable thing, you’ll often see overweight people with walking difficulties or mobility issues possibly walking with crutches and supports with high blood pressure, bright red faces, excessive weight, bursting protruding stomachs, breathing difficulties, wheezing and huffing and puffing eating extremely healthy food because they recently received a scare or they received confirmation from their doctor that their health has now been confirmed as being in a very bad way.


It is not rocket science to look at the high probability that your junk food diet is playing a large part in maintaining your high cholesterol therefore a transformation of diet will certainly help if not resolve the problem.

Many people with health conditions have reported that a transformation in their diet removing junk food to healthy wholesome food, have seen high cholesterol stabilise and type II diabetes disappear!


There’s an element of stupidity or even madness that there are many people who have high cholesterol that are on prescription drugs to lower their cholesterol levels whilst living an unhealthy lifestyle centred around the complete 100% consumption of junk food.

This is either madness of stupidity or it could just be ignorance possibly even addiction to delicious junk food!

What can cause high cholesterol?

If you telephone a high cholesterol medical hotline and ask the question of what causes high cholesterol somewhere in their reply they might point out that an unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t help or contributes but because no one can prove it, medical healthcare professionals have to tread carefully with what they say because in some cases it might not have anything to do with lifestyle or diet.

Let’s look at this, another way.

People who are into cardio exercise, who regularly visit the local gym don’t have cardiovascular problems, blocked arteries, strokes or heart attacks or high blood cholesterol.

The answer to high cholesterol, although unofficial can be found or hinted at within the contrast of looking at other health-conscious lifestyles such as those that go down to the gym, people who dance, go swimming, runners and so on.

Apart from the few have actual medical conditions not caused by diet, the majority of high cholesterol sufferers are not yet healthy people but are, respectfully – unhealthy people – defined by the intake of bad and risky foods along with other substances such as alcohol and drugs all of which are waste products to the body.

Your diet and lifestyle does affect the amount of fat in your blood which travels throughout your entire body all of which will affect your cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol is the result of:

Eating too many bad fats

Being excessively overweight or obese

Being physically inactive – no exercise


Drug or medication/prescription use

Excessive alcohol

Excessive sugar intake

Excessive salt intake

Having a large waist is dangerous

Please note: Information on this page does not include the reasons for high cholesterol as a result of other medical, physical and psychological conditions and medications that are being administered to manage those medical conditions such as using antidepressants and medications on these lines.

By making significant changes to the food you eat will almost start straight away to reduce your cholesterol levels to you start heading in the right direction.

Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medicine and lifestyle.

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