Reasons we overeat are within the unconscious

Many people with serious overeating and long-term weight issues often start early in childhood when our relationship and need for food is first established.

Overeating is a problem of the unconscious mind and not the body!

Being overweight as a child can bring problems such as taunting, teasing and bullying which reinforces the need to eat even more.

As you know food is very comforting and fulfilling especially when there is much emotional pain or hurt caused by peers who reject a person because of their increasing size.

Irrespective of a person’s circumstances something starts off excessive eating in the first place. Initially in itself it may not be a problem, it’s just a little bit more food than is required but the repetition of this eating pattern and the storing of high amounts of un-burnt off calories leads to excessive weight gain fast.

Most children go through different levels of overeating due to emotional pain stemming from our sense of rejection, abandonment, being unheard, being different and not fitting in and that delicious junk food does tend to hit the spot, satisfy and fulfill us in our time of need.

This is a very addictive cycle for many people and it is impossible for many to break.

Without realising it we actually teach ourselves to self soothe, self-medicate with food or in other words comfort ourselves, like wrapping ourselves with a nice warm big blanket hug of nasty junk food.

We learn how to feed ourselves with the attention and love we may lack. These are just some of the elements that play a vast and deep part in over eating.

The bottom line is we are overweight because we are eating too many calories and the amount of calories were ingesting cannot be used up or burnt off by the body therefore the body has to get rid of it somewhere so creates fat cells around the body in order to store this excess leftover fat or energy. And the more we eat, the more fat cells are created on top of the stored fats cells we have already stored.

It would be fair to say that the fat around our bodies especially when it’s excessive is actually converted food, the energy – fats and sugars from that food is what we save and store up.

It’s through a daily repetition of overeating that ultimately leads to high levels of fat storage around the body, leading to obesity which contributes to severe health conditions ultimately leading to more dissatisfaction and unhappiness and consequently more comfort and satisfaction eating.

Its feelings, feelings, feelings and more feelings that leads us to overeat or reach for the wrong high calorie food every time – sound familiar? Is this you?

Each individual’s circumstances are absolutely unique and our fat storing problems and reasons for overindulgence is person specific.

Overeating and storing of calories is a worldwide epidemic in every society and culture around the world experience the same needs to satisfy and indulge in the delicious experience of fulfilling ourselves with high sugar and high fat products.

If a person who is overweight has a strong need to keep experiencing the pleasure and satisfaction of that food then it is going to be near impossible for that person to have success with some of the techniques and suggestions that are available out there such as using a smaller plate to eat from.

In other words controlling portion size by putting one’s food on a small plate is not going to work. All this sounds logical and helpful but it just doesn’t work similar to saying to a depressed person, pull yourself out of it and stop being so silly, it just doesn’t work albeit temporarily with some people.

All the techniques in the world such as keeping a diary, preparing and planning in advance, loading up your cupboards in the fridge with healthy low calorie foods will all eventually come to an end and then slowly we will find ourselves going back to where we were because the one thing that is never taken into account is our unconscious programming to keep us incorrectly regulated.

The unconscious mind operates in an invisible way and if you do not know the unconscious mind then you’ll find the influences or effects of it hard to accept.

The unconscious mind is responsible for regulating all our behaviours and needs especially our eating habits through programming and every time we try to change, our unconscious mind puts it back again. Most hypnotherapists know this as they specifically deal with the unconscious role.

The medical profession and many other fields or therapies are not aware of the influence and effect of the unconscious mind as in eating issues because it literally operates outside of conscious awareness or in other words doesn’t even exist to some – it works outside of conscious logic and reason.

If you want to cut down on that additional eating your unconscious programming needs to be addressed and with the help of a hypnotherapist this can be achieved easily.

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