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Here are some serious health reasons why you should look after your bloodstream. You look after yourself in many other ways?

On a daily basis you take care of your appearance, clothes, make up, your hygiene and all manner of personal grooming. You take care of your family members and loved ones, you spend hours polishing your car on a sunny afternoon or thoroughly cleaning your house or even spending hours on your favourite indulgences or hobbies but you don’t take care of your bloodstream.

Failure to take care of your bloodstream now may result in serious health conditions in later life.

If you ask anyone in the medical profession such as nurses and doctors if the eating of such and such a bad or junk type food will cause a stroke or heart attack they will often reply with something like ‘it certainly won’t help’ or ‘certain foods are okay in moderation’ but what they won’t say is yes because they can’t for legal reasons.

The medical profession generally will use words like lifestyle or lack of exercise or lack of healthy food as all contributing to the causes of stroke and heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes or things that contribute to name a few on a long list of serious life changing conditions.

One of the main reasons people don’t take care of their blood is because we can’t directly see what’s going on in it.

On a daily basis we are pumping nasty substances into our bloodstream, morning, afternoon, evening and night, seven days a week for your entire life.

3 spoons of sugar in a cup of coffee, 15 cups a day = 45 spoons a day.
10 spoons of sugar in a large can of Red Bull, 3 cans a day = 30 spoons of sugar a day.
7 spoons of sugar in a small can of coca cola, 4 cans a day = 28 spoons of sugar a day.
One large pizza has half a block of cheese on it = half a cup of pure artery blocking animal fat in your bloodstream.
One Indian curry take away has a cup of oil FAT in it.
One full lamb kebab has 4 spoons of salt in it = 2,000+ calories.
One large bag of crisps has one large table spoon of salt in it.
One large block of chocolate has 20 spoons of sugar in it.
One loaf of white bread has 8 spoons of sugar in it + 4 spoons of salt. Wholemeal bread is not safer (JUST THE SAME) and has a similar amount in it. The wholemeal flout is good-ish, but any good is cancelled out!
One large tin of soup has 4 spoons of sugar in it and 4 spoons of salt.
One large bowl of (that we give to children) sugary cereal contains 10 spoons of sugar in it = ONE bowl. Coco pops, corn flakes and similar.

Wheatbix contains high amounts of salt and several spoons of sugar in it and still needs more on it when served.

ALL processed tinned, packaged foods are laced with sugar, fat and salt which is dangerous and the health food agencies and governments say it is safe.

For most people the pushing of nasty substances into the bloodstream is literally non-stop since early childhood until you reach 40, 50, 60 and then you develop serious problems which may need medication otherwise you risk death.

These nasty substances are namely artery blocking animal fats, sugars and salt not to mention all the other toxic and synthetic laboratory fabricated substances to totally stimulate our senses through our taste buds.

Everything you place into your mouth has to be carried away from your stomach into your bloodstream and it is your bloodstream which carries both the welcome nutrients and unwanted bad toxins or the waste products out of your body in the form of your urine and faecal matter.

Everything that you eat that is bad for you has to be carried out of your body through your bloodstream and only your bloodstream.

Every single substance you place into your mouth is broken down in the stomach and released into the bloodstream through the stomach walls and through the intestinal tract and eventually passes through your liver so that good nutrients are used up and bad products are removed.

Bad products are nasty fats, sugars and salt and these three substances will play havoc in your arteries and organs especially over your lifetime.

You take care of your pension so that you are financially secure to some extent in later life but not your bloodstream.

Every human, laboratory created medicine such as pharmaceutical pills and potions/synthetics are poisonous and toxic to the bloodstream and will also add or cause further damage to your blood such as making it irregular, thick or sticky. Just that alone is dangerous to health.

As the saying goes – everything is okay in moderation!

In some respects regarding food, there is no such thing as moderation simply because of the ‘accumulation effect’ over time, which will result in a slow non-stop bombardment on the bloodstream with nasty products and substances which will cause untold harm to your body and organs.

For example, is it okay to put contaminated, infected fuel into your petrol tank with impurities in it, the car still will run okay, some may argue it will be sluggish but it will still run and you may not know the difference but over a period of time your engine will deteriorate and develop problems or even fail.

This is why some high-performance cars must not use anything less than premium fuels and that supermarket petrol stations must be avoided because the cheaper standard fuels contain impurities and this will affect your engine and certain cars cannot use it.

Anyone purchasing cars like RR, Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis and so on should never ever use cheap supermarket petrol station fuels but it’s still been sold as safe for your car!

Everything bad that you eat will affect every single organ and cell throughout your entire body and will affect most people after 40 or 50 years.

Eating fatty, sugary junk food will not harm you in the short term because your body will handle it and remove it as a waste product but over a period of time, decades, there is a high chance you will be harmed by the delicious mouth watering and comforting food you are eating now and all the other substances such as medicine, drugs, pills and potions, cigarettes and alcohol that you place into your body also will damage you. These things will harm you eventually.

Along with NO exercise, we as a nation are on track to serious heart and blood related medical complications such as very high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke and not to mention how many other symptoms, disorders and diseases are caused by bad diet.

There are not many people who don’t enjoy junk food. We all love sugary, salty, savoury, spicy and fatty foods.

Although the medical profession and the NHS cannot and will not fully admit it, most people in hospital are in there because of a lifetime of bad diet, dodgy food, no exercise and other harmful substances such as drugs, smoking and alcohol that have entered the body.

Of course not everybody is in hospital because of bad diet and common sense and intelligence is required on this.

However, just sit in a busy hospital ward for an hour and observe the amount of people that walk past you and you will notice that they are middle-aged, 40s, 50s and 60s and you will see they are out of shape, overweight, carrying excessive body fat, high blood pressure swollen hands and ankles, red faces, huffing and puffing, breathing difficulties, face grimacing, aching, walking with sticks or walking aids to name a few, which are simple descriptions to describe the health conditions of a high proportion of people navigating through the hospitals.

Their fitness and health is gone and in most cases it’s because of a lifestyle which includes bad diet and no exercise.

This is the argument.

Over 70% of people are in hospitals because of a lifetime of bad food indulgence and related.

Sugar, animal fats and salt is more dangerous and destructive than people now realise.
Take for example chip shops or KFC. Most people standing in a chip shop queue or sitting in a KFC restaurant are not lean and fit healthy people with abs to die for!

They are unfit and overweight customers heading for a fall which is bad health with medical complications just round the corner. This is a fact for most.

KFC is beautiful delicious food dripping in fat, sugary, salty flavourings and spices and one of the most suspect things in this food is chicken skin.

Chicken skin is a deadly fat and harmful fat to the human bloodstream.

It is not safe to eat and if you eat it you are putting your health at risk and we all do it because it is delicious.

The skin of a chicken or duck has evolved over millions of years to protect the animal from the environment by producing a layer of fat which is not meant to be going through the human bloodstream as it will place a new layer of fat on top of your existing layers of fat that line your artery walls and will over a period of time reduce the passageways in your arteries which will result in a stroke and heart attack. Another fact!

Eating KFC will not harm you as a one-off but eating this type of food regularly week in week out or over a lifetime will kill you and it will take your health and fitness away.
Common sense and intelligence is essential in understanding this. It is the accumulative effect over a period of time which is problematic to health and not individual consumptions or one-offs.

The medical profession announces that a person has a stroke every five minutes in the United Kingdom and that they state strokes are the third most common reasons that people die.

The medical profession/NHS specifically state that this is the third most commonest cause of death and in all their descriptions on the causes or reasons for strokes, they are focused on OTHER advisory matters as opposed to warning you directly about eating animal fats, salt and sugar which is absolutely bonkers – it is the other way around.

It’s the eating of these foods which is causing heart attacks and strokes and although it is difficult to directly prove, a good 70% of people who are having strokes and heart attacks are having them because of food and related substances that people have consumed over their life.

Under the microscope

Within the bloodstream there are various things taking place when someone has a stroke which can include a blocked artery or a burst blood vessel which is called a hemorrhagic stroke.

The two main kinds of stroke which are ischaemic and haemorrhagic.
Ischaemic are the most common strokes. These are the result of a blood clot which restricts or stops blood and oxygen flowing to the brain.

And these are the types of strokes which are the result of blocked or narrowed arteries which have become narrowed and blocked over a period of time due to the build up of fatty deposits also known as plaques. This is an official medical description of this type of stroke.

How did those plaques or fatty deposits build up in the artery?

How did the arteries become narrowed or blocked?

Because you ate animal fat for the last 40 years on a regular basis. It’s as simple as that in most cases but not all.

Who gives a care about your health when you are 20 and in most cases this is the way it is and this is probably always going to be the way unless things change through education and proof of the dangers of the food we are eating and specifically what is in it.

The medical profession state that as you become older your arteries can naturally narrow.
Whether they naturally narrow or not, if you didn’t eat the food you eat then it would make no difference whether they narrow or not because in other cultures there is no such thing as strokes even if old age brings this natural narrowing. In most cases a stroke is the result of a lifestyle and bad diet and we as a nation are absolutely blinded by this way of living and this way of thinking.

Blocked arteries or narrowing of the arteries due to fatty deposits is known as atherosclerosis.

According to the NHS certain things like smoking, high blood pressure or hypertension, high calories, diabetes and alcohol and obviously obesity all contribute to the clogging up of arteries.

There are other causes of strokes which may not be the result of lifestyle or bad diet such as ischaemic strokes which involves an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation which can cause the blood to clot in and around the heart and break apart and travel in the bloodstream and cause blockages thus stopping the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain thereby developing permanent or temporary paralysis. This type of stroke can be caused by the ‘other things’.

Common sense must prevail.

Other cultures and races in places like the Amazonian jungle or the aboriginal outback’s in Australia or Africa have no strokes whatsoever and no problems related to blood complications because they don’t eat out processed junk foods.

Strokes and heart attacks are in most cases the result of your lifestyle and your diet or in other words anything that is unhealthy and not safe to eat.

The medical profession and the NHS do not go as far as this explanation because they can’t prove it, no one really can, yet, but will.

There are other kinds of strokes as well such as accidental injury or traumatic situations. These are not being discussed here because they don’t fall into this category.

The medical profession also talks about STRESS as contributing to high blood pressure BP or heart attacks. This is a back to front nonsense!

It is stress or tension and anxiousness that is ‘psychological’ and caused by many environmental, life learned or incorrect situations, reactions but not by food intake and it is the stressed, tense and anxious types that are more prone to comfort eat or change their feelings/awareness and satisfy cravings with high stimulation, bad sugar, salt and fatty foods.

Stress reactions are natural and have evolved over millions of years to keep us safe, stress relates to fight or flight and that stress reaction will not kill us unless we are in a bad health way with a prone ticker already due to our lifestyle and bad eating habits.

Foxes amongst many animals are highly stressed; persecuted and super nervous creatures and that stress will keep them and us safe and will never kill them. However if you gave them a daily diet of high amounts of fat, sugar and salt with no exercise at all (confined them to a pen/like your armchair) and then subjected them to severe stress or a fox hunt chase then they may die of that stress via a heart attack.

Don’t accept the mixed up information you are being fed by professionals. It is not always correct.

Maybe we should start looking at it this lot the other way around and that it is stress-related or anxiety related states which results in or leads us to indulge in more stimulating and satisfying foods because at the end of the day these types of foods are comforting and the more stressed and anxious or tired and worn out we are the more we indulge in self-medicating or self comforting foods. You know they work!

An apple is not going to satisfy and stimulate the senses like a sugary or salty and fatty butter laced cake or pastry is. Because bad carbohydrates and sugars give us an immediate lift, the same as coffee and tea does.

Let’s face it, bad food is delicious and it’s very stimulating and satisfying on the senses in every one of us.

Can we turn things around?

Changing your lifestyle can help and this includes exercise daily, drinking home-made fruit juice or vegetable juice, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, eating at least one salad and fruit meal a day would build a good foundation. Just this alone will set you up to be in a better place.

It goes without saying reducing or eliminating smoking and all the nasty and harmful substances you are putting into your bloodstream.

Becoming fitter and healthier is paramount, however, no one can tell you to do it as it’s got to come from inside you and you have to be motivated and inspired to make change.

Often change comes when it’s too late and that change is the result of unquestionable final warnings from your doctor that if you don’t do something about it now, then your current situation could be fatal.

Often this change to diet and exercise/lifestyle comes as a result of a shock, fright, stroke or heart attack or discovery that you have an illness or disease and that’s where most people’s motivation comes from especially later on in life and too late.

The bottom line is very few will make a change until they have to.
Living a life in our current society brings us all sorts of stress and tension and without stimulating foods or alcohol and drugs, medication or even other stimulating behaviours or entertainment we would go nuts or die of boredom.

The things we put into our mouth are to satisfy multiple arising needs within us both physically and mentally, psychologically and emotionally due to the amount of pressures we experience each day.

It would be fair to say without bad junk food as described, our food would be very bland but this blandness would not be known if mankind hadn’t of naturally explored new ways to make food nicer and more enjoyable and the more we experiment with food the more our brain centres need more of it thus need produces demand and demand produces more need and we all now know the difference between plain and bland boring healthy food and delicious unhealthy delicious foods and we will always choose the unhealthy delicious foods over the healthy stuff until we have a reason to keep away from it.

Even a child, a baby knows the difference between healthy food and junk food and they will tell you without using any words.

If you think this is all on the extreme side, then you would be correct and agree with you, it is extreme and for the average person it doesn’t really apply, not too much anyway!

BUT, there are millions of people around the world who are like this and eat to extremes, as described herein and for them this description is accurate.

If the average person eats any more than 2000 cal per day without exercise they will store up the excess unused energy in fat cells around the body but some people are eating in excess of 6000 cal a day because they’re addicted to bad carbohydrates and sugar at that extreme level.

There are people eating so much junk food in a day and drinking fizzy sugary drinks which when all counted amounts to over 50 spoons of sugar a day entering the body. For them, they are in a very dangerous place.

When a person is so extremely overweight that they’re having difficulty breathing and walking and every part of their body is moving from side to side with the amount of fat that is stored under the skin then can you imagine what damage has taken place inside the body especially inside the arteries. To some extent, like-for-like the outside condition of the human body may reflect the inside working condition.

This is going to take decades to fully come to light and slowly but surely the powers that be will have to make changes to what we eat or even to what we’re allowed to eat and one is allowed to be made and sold to the consumer especially what’s placed in it.


This information has been provided as a form of guidance and for information purposes only. The information in this document must not be relied upon as being accurate and current up-to-date. Please undertake your own research to validate this content.

This information has been provided to assist with self-development or has an eye-opener to help you consider changing your way of thinking in order to improve your health and well-being.

Please consult your doctor or GP before making any changes to your diet and medication intake. Please consult a qualified and professional health care physician before taking on board any of the advice and suggestions in this page. This information is theoretical only.

Whenever in doubt always seek professional medical advice.
We accept no responsibility in any form whatsoever.

You are welcome to link to this article. Please do not copy it. Its owned!

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